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Looking forward a bit: Now that that Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are out, and with talk of Jason Sudeikis leaving, how do you see things at SNL changing?
It’ll definitely be a shake-up. There’s a lot of shoe space to fill, so to speak. I’m just trying to be optimistic about it. It’s certainly on my mind, and I’m taking the summer to work and develop new material because there’s so much opportunity now. At the same time, there’s a sense of mourning. We had some really great senior cast members as role models and people to look up to. They’re really going to be missed. Now we have to step up. I’m just excited to go have fun because I’m very close to a lot of the cast members who are left like Bobby Moynihan and Vanessa Bayer. Because there’s a little bit more real estate, for lack of a better term, hopefully we’ll get to try some stuff that’s fun and new.

What about the old characters? Can we expect any more music video re-creations? More Mokiki? More Michael Cera?
For sure. I definitely hope so. I’ve been watching Arrested Development all summer, so I’ve been able to kind of re-break open my Michael Cera impression in mid-conversation. I would definitely love to do some more pre-taped stuff in the new season and try some moves that people haven’t even seen yet. I like to think that I’ve just scratched the surface, just barely cracked open my bag of tricks.

Seth Meyers only has another year left before he goes to Late Night. Would you be game for taking on Weekend Update if Lorne gave you the nod?
Sure. If that’s a nod that I were given, it’d be a pretty difficult thing to turn down. It’s such an exalted position. But I’m sure Lorne’s thought about that way more than I have, so‚Ķ in Lorne I trust. I will miss Seth, though.

Tell me about the season finale after party like.
It was definitely emotional but also very celebratory. It was kind of a magical night. The season finale wrap party is always at 30 Rock where the ice rink is. They block that off and open it up for us. Last year we had the Foo Fighters play live-band karaoke. Mick Jagger got up and sang some songs for the cast. This year was excellent as well. The Killers were doing a concert at the Barclays Center, and they rushed over and did a full set for us, which was amazing. It started to rain toward the end of their set, so there we were, at 30 Rock, dancing in the rain to The Killers. It was just, like, arms in the air, soaking wet, dancing to “Are we human?”

You were dancers in that moment.
Exactly. We were not human. We were strictly dancers.

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