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Any BBT scoopage? — Tina
As you may know, in the first episode back, Amy (Emmy nominee Mayim Bialik) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) go to a science conference together, marking one of the few times we’ve ever seen them spend some time together without Penny. She’s missed in spirit during their night away, and if I’m reading clues right, this outing may turn out to be an ego-booster. “I don’t want to say too much, but things happen that they are very excited to see happen without Penny there,” teases EP Steven Molaro.

SANDRA! Anything you can tease about the Magic Mirror’s return on Once? Love me some Giancarlo… — Ash
CRYPTIC, MIND-BLOWING TEASE AHEAD: “I think you’re going to see a moment that you didn’t realize you never saw but then realize you really wanted to see,” teases EP Eddy Kitsis. “It’s one of those low-hanging fruits where we realized, ‘Wait, we didn’t see this?! Oh my God!” Now taking your guesses…

Sons question: Are we ever going to get the happy-go-lucky version of Juice back? Or at least see it this season? Thanks, Sandra! — Jackie
“No” was EP Kurt Sutter’s one-word answer to this question when it was posed to him recently, and the deadpan delivery made me laugh at the time. Now that it’s sunk in? I’m not chuckling. (Poor Juicy!) But here’s some better news, Sutter reports that there are will be at least four, super-sized, 90-minute episodes set to air during the season. And, he shares, that’s not because his scripts have necessarily gotten longer. “A lot of the dynamics and relationship stuff  take a little longer to unravel,” he says. “Things just don’t happen as quickly. They’re much more complicated.”

Any Nolan scoop? The more I hear about this season of Revenge, the more excited I get! — Trey
Good, you should be excited because as Gabriel Mann puts it, this season is “really feels like a love letter to Revenge fans who have been with us since the beginning.” “It’s certainly a refocused approach to the show,” he says. And an integral part of making that a reality was making sure Nolan wasn’t behind bars too long, he adds. “I don’t think the story that fans came to enjoy involves a miserable, sociopathically depressed Nolan in a prison cell.” But what it will involve? Nolan having “his own Revengenda against the Graysons.” “How that affects him an Emily’s relationship is I think he’s 250 percent committed to seeing this go down and maybe picked up a few skills in prison,” he teases.

Any Parks scoop? How is Ron going to react to being a dad? — Laura
You’ll actually find out right away because the premiere picks up right where the show left off in the finale. Mike Schur previews: “He’s not at all freaked out. He’s nothing but excited or happy.” Meanwhile, as we’ve reported, Lucy Lawless will return in the season premiere but how often she pops up after that remains in the air. “She literally has to fly 19 hours to do one hour of our show so we have to be a little strategic about it,” Schur shares. “But obviously she’s going to be the mother of Ron’s child so we want her to be a real presence in the show.”

How is Parks going to deal with Chris Pratt filming Guardians? How often are we going to see him. We can’t lose Andy AND Chris and Ann!!! — Lisa
He is in the premiere, but after that, the show will indeed have to deal with Andy’s absence. And what takes him away, you ask? “He kind of gets an offer he can’t refuse,” Schur teases. “He’s back for good in episode 9 or 10, I’m not sure. And in the middle we’re going to grab him for one episode and maybe more. So hopefully it won’t just feel like he’s gone. We’re parsing out his appearances over the first nine or ten episodes.” And since Chris and Ann don’t leave until episode 13, you shouldn’t be dealing with too much change at once, Lisa. Also, breathe.

Any info on The Middle return? I want to know if Axl will be around this season. — Jessica
He will! After all, his college is only 40 mins away from his house, and according to EP Eileen Heisler, that was done on purpose. “We will be able to explore some great college stories but he will be home very frequently,” she says. “We have the best of both worlds.” In fact, you see a lot of Axl in the first episode because it’s ALL about taking him to college, where, by the way, he’ll make a new friend, played by Breaking In alum Alphonso McAuley. “It’s very different to be the big man in high school versus the new man in college,” Heisler previews.

SANDRA! Was that you on the set of Scandal?!
Yes, but I’m sworn to secrecy about pretty much anything more than that. Wait, I do have one thing…SPOILER ALERT: It was a freaking blast.

Any update on New Girl casting Jess’ sister? — Lucy
No update to report, but they have a little bit of time. Apparently the character, who is said to be Jess’ older sister, won’t appear in until a few episodes in, according to EP Liz Meriwether. But she teases, the loft better prepare themselves because the character will “wreak havoc on everyone’s lives.” Meanwhile, you have any bright casting suggestions? If so, hit the comments.

Most of last season on Grey’s was about the plane crash lawsuit and the hospital takeover. Any idea what the big arc of this season is? — Jane
“I can’t answer that right now,” Rhimes responded when I posed the exact same question. “It’s kind of a spoiler so I can’t answer that yet, but it’s a good question.” We tried, Jane! (Meanwhile, did you see this?)

Any early scoop on Suburgatory? — Kerrie
Grandpa is coming to down! A casting notice has just gone out for a character named “Emmett,” George’s FATHER, who will first appear in the third episode of the season after Tessa seeks his help in getting George out of a funk.


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