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Will we actually get to meet Baby Ryan on Castle or only be told he/she was born? — @ToZiKa
I have no solid answer for you yet on that front — mostly because EP Andrew Marlowe reports they’re “just starting to explore that.” But, he adds, “my assumption is we will get to meet the baby and that that episode will be late this fall.”

I was SO excited about to hear about the Castle episode with Josh Gomez! Can we expect any more fun ones or will they be mostly darker episodes? — Marsiella
Same combo as usual. A few serious (the premiere) and a few funny (the Saved by the Bell-paroding episode). Plus some adventure, too! Marlowe told me that one episode during the first half of the season will have a “Da Vinci Code/National Treasure” feel to it.

I haven’t heard a lot about Jax and Tara this season on SOA. Can you help a girl out? — Karen
There’s a big curveball that gets tossed this couple’s way early this season. I can’t say much more that that, except that if you think you know what I’m talking about by the end of the Sept. 10 premiere, you don’t.

Hey, fellow Clone Clubber! Any Orphan Black scoopage? — Annie
You may or may not heard that the show is casting a character named Cal, a guy who helps hide Sarah and Kira in a cabin. Well, here’s a nugget (in case it helps you when envisioning him from your casting couch): They, indeed, have a passionate hook-up! I know, I know, my heart weeps for Hot Paul, too.

I need some Parenthood scoops!! I’m so glad this show is one of the first to premiere this year! — Terri
As Kristina fights for the Mayor slot against Bob Little (yes, THAT Bob Little), it will take a little while for her to get the eye of the local election tiger. But how she eventually ends up fighting the good fight? By calling on her experience as a mom, of course! Specifically, her experience in dealing with the sometimes frustrating school system will definitely give her an edge.

Now that we know Sandra Oh is leaving, any chance of Grey’s will give Owen a happy relationship at any point? —
Oh’s departure will surely be a sad one for fans, but even before the big announcement, exec producer Shonda Rhimes seemed to share your sentiments about poor Dr. Hunt. “I would love for Owen to be happy,” she told us prior to the bombshell. “I think Owen has been in love with a very complicated woman. And that’s what happens. Sometimes women are in love with complicated men and they get thrown around, but in this situation, Owen is in love with a complicated woman who prefers her genius to almost anything else and that is complex.” Complex, indeed.

SANDRA! I don’t think we’ve adequately freaked out about Timothy Olyphant on The Mindy Project yet! !!!! !!!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!! Ok. I’m good. Now, do you have anything else Mindy-related? — Courtney N
The show is officially casting Jeremy’s father, a boisterous, cigar-smoking Englishman named Alfred, who’ll visit in the fifth episode. I invite your casting suggestions? (Starting point: The cast has said they’d love Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr. Bean.) You go.

Sandra, I’m going to bug you with this NCIS: LA question until I get the answer. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO SEE WHAT’S INSIDE THE BOX? — Rosie
Persistence is key. And luckily, it sounds like Shane Brennan has a plan. “I can absolutely that you will see the box in every episode, where Deeks left it. It’s still there. There may be a moment this season where — because of what he’s been through and because of the kiss and because of the delicate nature of the relationship between Kensi and Deeks — that Deeks gets that box down, and picks up those scissors, and maybe opens the box or maybe doesn’t.” Tease.

What’s going on with Raj on The Big Bang Theory now that he can talk to women without being drunk? Girlfriend? Hot hookup? — Amanda
Probably not right away. As EP Steve Molaro explained to me, Raj is essentially in the same place Leonard was during the early seasons of the show and someone “who can still represent that mindset of ‘I really want to meet girls, but I really don’t quite know what I’m doing.'” “That idea has always been a part of the show and it’s nice we can keep it going through somebody else now,” he says.

Any Chicago Fire scoopage? I want Shay to get a love interest! — Lo
Well, I can’t promise that Shay will be on the receiving end of this, but Danielle Gelber tells me, “there’s going to be an emotional and romantic entanglement for one of our cast with someone from our spin-off — Chicago P.D., which will be pretty compelling.”

Not a peep about the new season of H50, Sandra! What gives? — Nikki

(Additional reporting by Lindsey Bahr)


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