'Bones,' 'Chicago Fire,' 'Suits,' 'How I Met Your Mother': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

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Any HIMYM scoopage? 
Having had a chance to see the first two AWESOME episodes, I do! Here’s a guessing game:
+ [character] tackles [character].
+ [character] has an erotic cake made to emulate [character(s)].
+ Hotel employee Linus is hired as Lily’s personal [something].
+ [character] saves the day when Marshall’s mom posts an incriminating photo on Facebook.
+ [Blogger] may have shed a tear during an incredible scene in the hotel bar that will have fans buzzing. (Answer: Me)

I heard Lily is the first of the gang to meet the mother. Any hints about their encounter? — Jen
It involves cookies, a hug, possibly some biting, and several peeks into The Mother’s personality, courtesy of Future Ted.

Castle, PLEASE!!! I CAN’T WAIT!! — Laura
Castle fans: Please set your alarm clocks for Monday at 8 a.m. ET. And follow me on Twitter. You won’t be sorry. #vague #somethingawesomethiswaycomes #whyamIusinghashtagsoffoftwitter #stopit

Thanks for the report on the Dexter panel but any more scoop to share? — David
Michael C. Hall is a much better serial killer than he is a episode teaser. (His tease of choice when we caught up with him on the red carpet? “The majority of the action takes place in a town called Miami, Fla. Someone might die. And Dexter will talk to us in voice-over at some point.” Thanks, dude.) But however it ends, he sees it as a proper ending. “I think there’ll be a lot of responses, but the series ends in a way that reflects the story we’ve always been telling and that I think will both be bold and dramatically satisfying for people,” he says, “but also invite a certain degree of speculation.”

Any fresh Revenge intel? 
First: It’s GOOD. REALLY good. Second: Emily and Nolan have a classic team-up that will send one character down an unexpected path… and to the hospital.

Can you PLEASE share some Jack and Emily scoop? I’m so encouraged by all the good things I’m hearing. — Lillian
If you’re hearing good things about the status of Jack and Emily’s relationship, your source is misinformed. Because he’s not exactly 100 percent pleased with her. That said, there’s a scene that will probably satisfy your appetite for GIF-able Jack-Emily moments.

There is much going on in the geek world, with the Batman-Superman movie and Star Wars, are we going to hear the BBT gang weigh in on that? — Victoria
“I’m sure they will,” reports exec producer Steve Molaro, “and you’re leaving out a new Doctor Who! That’s a big deal that I think Sheldon finds to probably be extremely stressful.” Speculation Poll: What casting will shock Sheldon more? The Doctor…or Batman?

Can you tell me whether or not I can still expect scenes between Vampire BFFs Caroline and Stefan? — Amy
I’m sure you can bet on it! But I wouldn’t expect it immediately, since Candice Accola reports that Caroline is quite focused on her new college life as the season begins. “She’s very hung up on her mini-fridge and small appliances she needs for her dorm room that she needs to, like, cook up quesadillas or something,” Accola says with a laugh. “That’s really what’s on her mind, in the forefront. She’s not thinking of anything else. She just wants to go to college with Elena and Bonnie and have Tyler come meet her and that’s it.” Of course, this being TVD, we’re sure other things interrupt the fun…

Got anything on Parks and Rec? — Jazmine
SO much to share!! But it’s all sort of major, so here’s what I can say… in the first minutes, someone’s life takes a shocking turn. Meanwhile, Andy makes a new friend who might be his soulmate (and we’ll learn exactly how the show plans to explain Chris Pratt’s absence while the actor films Guardians of the Galaxy), Tom deals with a betrayal, and Leslie has two truly amazing reactions to two pieces of huge news within the first half of the one-hour premiere.

Revolution!! — Mark 
Charlie may have spent last season running from Monroe, watching people get shot, and furrowing her brow for various reasons, but at the beginning of this season, we see her in a way we’ve never seen before… getting it on with a stranger at a bar! I like her more already! She deserves some fun.

Sandra! Any scoop on Awkward? — Michelle
Three scooplets for you on the premiere: Ming has a new hairdo, Tamara has a nasty case of word vomit, and Jenna gets a birthday surprise… that takes an awful turn.

I can’t wait to see James Franco on Mindy! Can I have a tease of the action? —  Nancy
Holy surprise hook-up, Batman! Yup, Franco’s Dr. Leotard (<BRILLIANT!) is going to get some action in the second episode… but the identity of his bedmate is going to cause some problems to say the least.

Sandra! Your Originals photo made me scream. Were you on set? PLEASE give me scoop! — Betsy
When we go back to New Orleans, Joseph Morgan reveals that Klaus is still experiencing “mixed feelings about the fatherhood thing.” “It’s a difficult one because as we know, he values family very highly … he has a weird way of being protective over them. And I think he’s [also] still coming to terms that it’s all happening and all still sinking in for him.” But ready or not, here it comes. And on the day I visited the HOTlanta set, they were filming one particular scene that had to do with the baby’s impending arrival. But I can’t say much more than that at the moment.

(Additional reporting by Katie Atkinson.)


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