'Dexter' producers explain finale, defend final season

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Some fans were disappointed by this season. Were you happy with the episodes leading up to the finale?
BUCK: Even if i don’t write an episode, I’m still in charge. I take full responsibility. We all work cohesively as a team. If people think the final episode stood out, it’s probably because it’s been sitting in my mind for so long. It’s a difficult question to answer.
COLLETON: I think some episodes worked better than others. But as a whole the Deb and Vogel story lines worked and we wanted to change it up and have the big bad hide in plain sight. Darri Ingolfsson, who plays Saxon, he’s fabulous once you realize [he’s the brain surgeon]. The scene where he comes to Dexter’s apartment is a wonderful scene. I try not to read any of the blogs because then I become paralyzed. If they knew how much we agonized internally about everything … if we then tried to factor in an assortment of opinions it would dilute the process.

My suspicion was you guys got kind of screwed by having to rush the season to get it ready in time for a premiere date that was months ahead of schedule in order for Showtime to use the show to promote Ray Donovan rather than air in the fall like usual.
BUCK: A little bit. It certainly affected us in some ways. We basically did two seasons back to back. Normally what happens is you take a longer break and come in filled with ideas. We did absolutely the best we could. Ultimately it was my decisions to do that, as well. [Showtime entertainment president] David Nevins asked if we could do this and I said we could. Hopefully the season didn’t suffer for it.
COLLETON: I think we rose to the challenge. Would we have liked to have more time? Yes. But we had arced out the two years, so it wasn’t like we had to start at the very beginning. We would have loved to had more time before we started shooting. But once we did start shooting it was the same schedule.

One point of contention was some of the supporting story lines. Like why spend time with Masuka and his daughter and Quinn taking the sergeants exam in the final season?
BUCK: We wanted to give some indication of where these characters were going. We wanted to give them all a bit of resolution toward the end. Masuka was a very small story, it took up a small amount of screen time. This is probably the most sexist character most of us have ever seen and for him to have his first honest relationship with woman and have that be his daughter felt interesting. As for as Quinn, we’re trying to spend time with characters that have been with us for a long time and we’re never going to see again.

Since Hannah’s a wanted fugitive, couldn’t she have at least put on a ball cap when walking around Miami?
BUCK: We played with the idea of dyeing her hair. In the research we did on fugitives we learned there are countless fugitives out there just walking around that nobody is really looking for. There aren’t funds to hunt down every one of them — particularly Hannah, as she hasn’t been convicted of a crime. She’s not high priority. We put her in sunglasses. Otherwise we didn’t want to call more attention to it.

So what is the spin-off concept that Nevins has been hinting about?
BUCK: No concept whatsoever.

BUCK: Absolutely not. I’m going to sit down with Showtime and discuss the possibility. But we haven’t said a single word about it.

The rumor for a while was the spin-off would star Deb. Was that ever a possibility?
: Never any truth to that. But we sort of played with that idea once that rumor was out there because I think it was beneficial for people to think we were going that direction.

Would Michael C. Hall have any involvement in a spin-off?
BUCK: No idea. Who knows what the future of Dexter is?
COLLETON: Right now there’s nothing planned. It couldn’t happen without Michael C. Hall wanting to come back. And I think he’s enjoying this new part of his life.

Scott, you referenced that we’ll never see Quinn again. So is it safe to assume any spin-off would not use the current supporting cast?
BUCK: I believe that’s most likely. We won’t see the current cast again.

What’s your plan for when the finale airs? Are you going to read viewer reactions?
BUCK: It’s always a little scary, but I think it would be disrespectful to not hear what people are saying.

What would you like Dexter’s impact to be?
COLLETON: If Dexter has made anybody really stop and think about their behavior, that would make me very happy.

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