'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Spouses Candice and John talk about tonight's big duel -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS


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EW: Candice, usually when you compete in an individual contest, all you need to worry about is doing your best, but in this duel you also have the distraction of worrying about how your spouse is doing next to you and if he is also doing well enough to stay in the game. Is that just impossible to completely block out?

CANDICE: Absolutely. Of course, Jeff is doing his part to narrate for viewers, but as a competitor, his commentary can be distracting. Now, make your husband one of your competitors in literally, a million dollar challenge (lose, and your shot at the million is over), and your anxiety level listening to his commentary gets exponentially higher. I was listening to him talk about how John was doing, listening to him talk about my progress, and listening to Gervase and others in the stands cheer on and give hints to Marissa. Without my own cheering/calming section in the crowd, it got pretty tense. I’ve never felt pressure in a challenge like that before. It was do or die, times two.

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