'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Spouses Candice and John talk about tonight's big duel -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS


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EW: John, is it impossible to block out the distraction of how your wife is doing while you try to compete and stay alive?

JOHN: The simple answer is yes, it’s impossible to block out entirely, but it’s absolutely necessary to try if you are going to succeed. I’ve always done my best to compete “inside the lines;” not competing for what’s going on in the crowd, what’s happening at home, who’s thinking what, but how can I crush this obstacle immediately in front of me. I had a lot on my mind at the time. I was pissed at my tribe for voting me out. I had a lot more game left in me. I was betrayed as a loyal member of my alliance. Then I was there at Redemption Island, competing against my wife, who gave up as much or more than I did to be out here, only to be voted out first and to have to fight tooth and nail to stay in the hunt. Only one of us could eventually make it. Thinking about all of that is enough to make anybody’s head spin and lose focus at a critical time. I just kept telling myself to “play within the lines” over and over again. I knew Candice would be able to do the same. That was the best chance we each had of moving forward together.

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