10 TV characters who never change their clothes (and why)


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Pretty much every animated character ever
It’s actually hard to think of one example of an animated character whose regular clothing has evolved (aside from a costume change that’s required for an episode’s storyline). I found some niche examples online like Avatar: The Last Airbender, and LaBarbara on Futurama, along with some lesser-known shows. Since there’s no actual body under the clothes, an animated character IS the costume. More practically, it’s easier on the animators to stay consistent. And since animated characters don’t age so there’s no pressure to make changes that reflect the passage of time. As Lisa Simpson once put it: “I feel like I’ve been wearing this same red dress forever!”

There are probably more so shout them out in the comments below. Also, one more thought: There is an opposite trope to The League of Eternal Outfits that may be even more common: The Alliance of Unlimited Wardrobes — characters who never wear the same outfit twice.


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