10 TV characters who never change their clothes (and why)


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Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead (kind of)
haracters on AMC’s zombie drama have uniquely specific outfits, but do evolve if they survive long enough. For instance, Dale wore that sweaty undershirt and floppy hat for his two seasons, yet Daryl got a new black shirt for the season 4 premiere (and briefly had a poncho period that is best forgotten). “It’s all about priorities in our apocalyptic world; changing clothing is not the main focus,” costume designer Eulyn Womble tells us.¬†“There are signature pieces attached to each character — e.g. Daryl’s vest — that’s for the comic book feel and the action figure.¬†They grab pieces along the way.” Rick may be the most consistent, having gone from a khaki sheriff’s deputy shirt to his current long-sleeve version that still evokes his former profession (with at least one dark shirt detour in season 2). Still, since zombies aren’t eating clothing and there’s so much gory slaughter, it’s a tad weird some of these heroes don’t more frequently grab fresh-looking clothes from stores or houses. You’re never going to repopulate the planet reeking of zombie kill!
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