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Is Tim Omundson going to be on Supernatural?!?!?! — Vivian
YES!!! I can confirm the Psych fave is headed to one of my favorite shows on TV, and I could pop from excitement. Furthermore, I bring you a little scoop on his role: I’m told Omundson is going to play Cain, of Cain and Abel lore!! Now, if you’ve watched this season’s Dorothy/Oz episode, you know Supernatural writers never play these things straightforward, so look for this classic character to have his own Supernatural twist!

Glee scoop? — Macie
Ever wanted to see Sue and Mr. Schue dance like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire? Of COURSE you have! And soon your wish will come true, reports the lovely Jane Lynch. “That was a lot of fun,” she says. “That’s the point of it — to do everything backwards and in high heels. [Matthew Morrison] carries the number…that was really fun to do.”

Any scoop on Olicity?! — Patty
When we caught up with Emily Bett Rickards, we posed to her a question that’s been on our Olicity-loving brains: When are Oliver and Felicity going to lock lips already on Arrow? (Didn’t they hear? All the ‘shipped couples are doing it!) “They kind of have to earn it,” Rickards opines. “I understand that there are those moments, but they have to get to the point where there’s the option, because there honestly hasn’t been an option. They are alone together sometimes, and they haven’t really ever talked about it or they’ve never hung out outside of the Arrow cave.” Moreover, she says, “I don’t want Felicity to get lost in Olicity moments. I would love to see Felicity do things other than things that revolve around Oliver…once she does start doing other things, then Oliver will have his eyes opened. I think that’s the only way to do it, for him to be like, ‘Oh something’s missing.'” Fair enough. Now let’s get this girl a hobby ASAP.

I love Diggle and Felicity’s relationship, any scoop you could tease about them? — Angel
I do too! It’s very big brother/little sister…with guns! In this week’s episode, the focus is largely put on the gang trying to teach the Canary how to be part of a team, which doesn’t go too smoothly. But I think the Nov. 13 episode is going to be the one for you if you like seeing Team Arrow together — the Dig-centric ep will find him going overseas to go after Deadshot!

Are we ever going to learn more about the numbers that Ray got in the Blacklist? You know the “payment” he got in that one episode? — Annie
It will come back into play soon! And while you’ve had to wait a bit for answers, says EP Jon Bokenkamp, “Those are sort of the little breadcrumbs that are exactly what’s fun about the show. The viewer who comes back and watches more than just the third episode, there is sort of a larger puzzle that’s developing.”

So Nick killed a guy on Grimm. I’m guessing that’s going to come back to bite him in the butt? — Laurie
You bet! (Well, not literally) But the guilt is going to weigh very heavily on Nick, throughout the third episode. But my highlight in episode 3 actually had little to do with that. The best part was watching Nick and Monroe get in the most intense physical fight we’ve ever seen between them. There’s more to this story; don’t worry.

Any scoopage on Sons of Anarchy? — Tim
Tonight’s episode is huge and gross. Huge because someone’s house of cards is going to start to crumble, leading to a chilling final shot of the episode, and gross because Clay **t** *** someone’s ****.

The new Nikita promo has me so worried about Michael and Nikita. What the heck is going on? They can’t end up NOT together, right? Freaking. Out. — Danielle
Let Maggie Q quell your fears a bit. “When people love each other the way that they do, it’s hard to think that there isn’t [hope for the two characters],” she says. “I think people would be really upset if, in the end, nothing happened for them. They’ve been fighting for them all these years.” Moreover, the actress teases that in the fourth or fifth episode of the short season, there will be a third party who is “sort of the catalyst for the understanding of how big it all is and what she really sacrificed.” “That moment happens for Michael, which I think is really important, because without it, it’s hard for him to step back from all the emotion, all the pain and hurt of it to go, ‘Well I get why she did this,’ because he’s too in it,” she says. So who is this third party? Q teases the character is someone she’s been fighting to bring back since season 2! “He is the person who sort of looks at Michael and says, ‘I get [that] you’re mad, but do you even understand what’s happening here?’ And I think that really, really changes Michael’s perspective of everything,” she says. The fourth and final season begins Nov. 22.

I’m LOVING Reign. Please give me any scoopage you have!! — James
The next two episodes are SO good!! Here are four blind teases:
+ [Spoiler] dies.
+ [Spoiler] will find herself doing some dirty work for the queen.
+ Someone from Francis’ past comes back into the picture, and I don’t like her one bit. Mary hates her too, especially when Francis bitterly threatens to [spoiler]!
+ Two people share a surprise [spoiler].

Any new NCIS scoop? What’s in store for my favorite special agent DiNozzo? I love that the show still acknowledges Ziva’s absence and I hope it doesn’t disappear completely as I’m not ready to move on. — Cheryl
It won’t. 1) Michael Weatherly seems to be enjoying having so much to sink his teeth into. 2) EP Gary Glasberg says it won’t. And 3) Nos. 1 and 2 are enough. “We’re letting the character continue on this natural path of dealing with the ups and downs of Ziva’s absence,” says Glasberg. “Those ups and downs will continue. Slowly but surely — just as in the real world — he’s getting refocused and getting his life together. He’s figuring things out.”

NCIS scoop! Where was Vance last week?! — Terri
Don’t worry, he’s around. And look for him to have a huge storyline in a December episode that will [SCOOP!] guest-star BEN VEREEN as a relative of the late Jackie Vance. “Vance and his kids have to get through the holidays with all the emotion that comes with it, and part of it is to introduce this character and the interaction that Vereen’s character will have with Vance,” says Glasberg.

Any Scandal scoopage? — Lindsey
While many more twists await us this season, Dan Bucatinsky warns that we should watch episode 9 with a cuddle-willing companion because it’s “crazy.” “I’m not just saying that. We just did the table read for the ninth episode, and I needed to be held afterwards,” he says. “The question if those writers could keep it up is yes. I don’t know what Viagra they took over the summer. They have taken a writer’s Viagra and the show is really exciting. You learn things about Olivia Pope that you never imagined you’d know.”

Originals!! — Nina
There’s a pool scene in tonight’s episode that’s going to be equal parts steamy, sweet, and life-saving. You’ll see why.

(Hillary Busis, Marc Snetiker, Samantha Highfill, and Jake Perlman contributed to this column.)


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