'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Brothers Aras and Vytas discuss the game so far -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS


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EW: Aras, when you saw the way the tribe switch worked and that Vytas was the only man on the new Galang, how did you feel about his chances of making it to the merge?

ARAS: I figured he’d be alright. I knew Tina was with me and Katie was obviously with Tina. So I knew Vytas had at least 50% of the voting block. I figured Monica would stay loyal as well, since we were aligned before the switch and she didn’t have a great relationship with Kat or Laura B.

EW: Vytas, put yourself in the position of one of the women for a minute: As another player, would you have let you get to the merge, knowing that there is an equally dangerous brother waiting to possibly partner up?

VYTAS: All else being equal, I wouldn’t have let me get to the merge if I was one of the girls. But there were pre-existing relationships before I arrived and within those, there were already fractures as far as trust was concerned. I was very deliberate in making sure I presented myself as a trusting alternative to someone who might already be in question and the women bought right into that. In their minds, they traded up from two girls that maybe weren’t so trustworthy to a pair of brothers that were.

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