'The Vampire Diaries' bosses reveal the seven biggest debates from the writers' room, and the two smallest

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The two stories they never debated: The sire bond and the cure! “Kevin and I talked about the cure the minute we were breaking the series and deciding one day Elena would become a vampire. We were like we need a cure then because she can’t stay a vampire forever. We always knew some version of once we find a cure, and Stefan and Elena will find it together, and then he’ll realize that when you take it you age to the point that you die, so he’ll make her take it not telling her that he’s not going to take it. That was always our plan. So the cure was always the plan,” Plec said.

“And the sire bond was on the table for us the minute we introduced the notion of it with Tyler and Klaus. It seemed like what a perfect consequence to Elena becoming a vampire, this one-in-a-million connection to happen that would completely complicate the choices that she made moving forward. Yes, Elena was being victimized by the circumstance, and it was conflict, and it was a struggle, and it was making her have to question her feelings and her behavior and her choices, and to us, that was a really interesting way to approach her character as she was going through this really massive life transition for her to then have to question every little thing she was feeling. It was a really interesting predicament for us to explore. But boy did it get a lot of snark in the Twitterverse.”

Finally, what made the writers decide that the Originals were not only an entire family of vampires but that they were immortal? Well, it seems we have Daniel Gillies and his suits to thank for that one. When Elijah first came on the show, he was “filler, plain and simple,” Plec said. Dries added: “We left for like the weekend or something and somebody sent you and Kevin a script and then on Monday I read it, and all of a sudden there was this Elijah person who I’d never heard of once and nobody had ever mentioned his name in the writers room.” So how did the name even come about?

According to Plec, they were just trying to buy a little time: “We knew we didn’t want to meet Klaus until the end of the season because we knew he needed to be our big bad for season 3, and so we needed to basically buy ourselves as much time as humanly possible before we met Klaus and build him up in such an epic way that when he finally set foot on camera for the first time, everybody was so ready to meet him. So Elijah was just his lackey, his righthand guy, his thug, any way you want to look at it. And then between Kevin’s beautifully wicked writing of that character when we meet him in that first episode and Daniel Gillies’ miraculous performance, all the sudden we were like, ‘Who is this character? He is not just any lackey or any thug or any sidekick. He is important,’ and I mean that with triple underlines. So that was the birth of Elijah. Then when we started talking about Klaus being an Original, we thought of the whole idea of an Original family as opposed to just Klaus the Original and then realized, what if they were brothers? How cool would that be? That’s a total testament to Daniel Gillies being just as freakin’ awesome. He was supposed to die and then we kept coming up with ways to make the Originals unkillable. The only reason the Originals are immortal is because of Elijah.” [Laughs]

“And Klaus, we were going to kill at the end of season 3 because he was the villain, and if your heroes can’t vanquish your villain then what the hell good are your heroes for? When we started pitching that, the studio and the network had a heart attack. They looked at us and they said look guys, from a strictly studio network point of view, it is so rare that you get a character and an actor like this that connects with the audience, that breaks out, that the actor is so talented and works so well on this show. If you kill him, you are making a major mistake. And we said, ‘But he’s our villain. Our entire season will have been for naught because our heroes will have just blown it.’ But we managed to make it work. He got to throw around some soccer balls and then he got to get desiccated and then he got to pull the body-swap trick and have his own fun story. And then he got to fall in love with Caroline and get his own series. It all worked out in the end.” [Laughs]

The Vampire Diaries 100th episode airs tonight at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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