'Southland' one year later: EP and stars weigh in on the odds of a movie


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But if for some reason we’ve watched all the Southland we’re going to get in our lifetime, why not spend a few moments reminiscing? Here are a few of the cast’s (and Chulack’s) personal highlights from the five critically acclaimed seasons that stole our hearts:

Chulack: For me, the last year of our show was, I think, the most fully formed and what I originally imagined the show to be. I just think that that last year was clean and really thought-out. We got a jump on all the storylines before we started shooting. It was my favorite year, actually.

Hatosy: For me, season 3 was [when] they really put Sammy through it. He comes home, his wife’s pregnant, it’s all he ever wanted, and then it turns out she’s having an affair and it might not be his. And then he’s living on his partner’s couch and then his partner gets killed in the line of duty right in front of his face. And then he’s the only witness and they want him to ID the guy in a lineup, and he CAN’T. So he uses the police force, which he works for, to illegally figure out who the guy is, he tracks him down, he takes him out to the desert, he makes him dig his own grave, and then he doesn’t kill him. It turns out the baby is his, he finds out through a paternity test, and she has the baby in the 10th episode of the third season, and the guy that killed his partner ends up getting killed on the street — street justice. It doesn’t get any better than that. As an actor you really can’t ask for anything more.

Cudlitz: I always loved the teaching scenes that were with Ben, that sort of started out as me teaching him but ultimately Cooper learning something from the experience. These sort of quiet moments of insight into the character. I always enjoyed that. I loved working with Ben. I had a really great time working with Lucy [Liu]. It was a whole different dynamic, it brought out a whole different side of John. So the whole experience is pretty terrific, but my favorite scene in the whole series is Shawn and Michael McGrady when Shawn tells him he’s done. Shawn tells him the baby is born, shows him the picture, and then says, “I need to go back on the streets, I think I could teach these young guys something.” I just think that’s a beautiful scene that Shawn just destroyed.

But my favorite scene of mine would still probably have to be the scene with Ben sitting there talking about the baby choking on an apple and how you have to let it go. “You can’t fix everything, sometimes you just have to let stuff go.” I think it follows when [Ben] beat the guy for choking the girl. He beat the crap out of him, and then I tell him [how] I showed up on the scene and the baby had choked on an apple and as hard as I tried, I could not bring the baby back, and sometimes you just have to let it go. “You did everything right and there are still consequences.” All my stuff with Gerald McRaney as well! And I love the scene under the bus with the girl who gets run over. I would go on and on if we really started dissecting it.

McKenzie: I really liked the first season because things I was going through as an actor were being mirrored in terms of what the character was having to go through. Though I like all the seasons, and I think the last season in particular was really effective, and I thought the performances across the board were fantastic. We went out on maybe not a high note emotionally, but a high note in terms of how the show was working and how we were all working together on it, and I’m really proud of that.

So, would you watch a Southland movie? More importantly, would you help fund one? Let us know in the comments below!


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