'Pretty Little Liars' cast, EPs reveal Mrs. D is officially [spoiler], Hanna's alcohol problem, more Rosewood funerals

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Alison DiLaurentis
Ali’s return will be complicated, to say the least. With a mother that showrunner Marlene King claimed “seems officially dead,” what is Ali to do in Rosewood? For starters, she will be living with her father and brother. “Mr. D is obviously very protective and in shock. [It’s] an interesting combination of how he acts and reunites with me versus Jason. It’s a very troubled family,” Sasha Pieterse said.

But aside from her family life, has Ali really changed? “Well, she’s now a victim. She has changed,” Pieterse said. “I think we’re gonna struggle with believing her for a while if she’s really changed, but there are definitely some differences. She’s grown with everything that’s happened with her.”

However, that growth doesn’t mean the Liars will trust Ali again. At least not immediately. “I don’t think they fully understand each other yet. It’s been rocky,” Pieterse said. As for Spencer? “I don’t think Spencer really trusts Alison, ” she added.

King also talked about how Ali’s return will affect more than just the Liars, including the entire town. “As word spreads she is coming back to town, we see everybody’s different reactions. Not everyone is happy about it. She made a lot of enemies, but there are people rallying together to protect themselves when she gets back and people who embrace her when she comes home.”

Speaking of people who will embrace Ali’s return, will there be a love interest for the back-from-the-dead Liar? “There will be,” King promised. “She has a history with Emily that feels like unfinished business.” That being said, “it’s not the first and foremost on her mind when she gets home,” King added.

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