'Pretty Little Liars' cast, EPs reveal Mrs. D is officially [spoiler], Hanna's alcohol problem, more Rosewood funerals

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Emily Fields
Next to Hanna, Emily might be the Liar most affected by Ali’s return. “I really was the closest one to Allie on more levels than one when she was here. I think having her back, especially for my character, is a really big deal. I am not gonna say I missed her most – but I missed her most,” Shay Mitchell said. “So having her back now switched up everything. I am arguing with my girlfriend.”

So will Ali’s return be the end of Paily? “It was something Emily and Paige never expected. It was something Emily kind of put away,” Mitchell said. “Ali was [Emily’s] first love. It’s always going to be something that is a very strong tie. It’s a tough time right now for everybody, especially because Paige and Emily were fighting even beforehand.”

But problems with Paige doesn’t mean that Emily trusts Ali. “We all want it to be back to normal like it was before, but obviously that’s not the case. Ali’s come back and we’re trying to figure out if she is trying to make those positive changes. At certain times you can see the old Ali, and it is a bit of a shock.” And it’s something that might drive Emily to confide in a new character.

“We have a new girl on the swim team, Sydney. I am coaching her,” Mitchell said. “[Sydney and Emily’s] relationship is helping one another. [It] helps Emily get away from it all. When she hangs out with Sydney, it’s her break from what’s going on.”

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