'Pretty Little Liars' cast, EPs reveal Mrs. D is officially [spoiler], Hanna's alcohol problem, more Rosewood funerals

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Aria Montgomery
In the premiere, the Liars will spend most of their time trying to find a way to protect Aria’s one-time love, Ezra, who’s in the hospital after having been shot by “A.” But does Ezra actually know the identity of his shooter? “He initially believes he does,” Executive Producer Joseph Dougherty said. “He thinks he’s figured it out, [but] also realizes he may have missed some things that could have led him in another direction.”

But as far as Aria’s concerned, she’s less worried about the big reveal and more worried about Ezra’s life. “For me, especially when I watch that rooftop scene where she’s just hysterical, you see the connection they have and all the resentment and the feelings of the betrayal sort of go away in those moments,” King said. “I think after she realizes he’s not going to die, the reality of their history together sinks in. She can’t deny her feelings for him, but she also can’t deny she has major trust issues.”

“I think initially it’s going to still be Aria trying to decide if she can trust this guy again,” Dougherty added. “Ezra basically realizes he screwed up on a very primal level. Ezra’s kind of where Byron is. He is looking for his cues from Aria.”

But don’t worry Ezria fans, Executive Producer Oliver Goldstick still has faith. “I think this is a soul mate and love of her life,” Goldstick said. “Even if his betrayal was monumental, she ultimately wants to find some way to understand why he was so misguided.” Plus, Ezra’s research could come in handy for the girls, including Ali, whom we’ll see Ezra interact with. “He certainly has a lot of knowledge and insight certainly the girls didn’t anticipate he would have,” Goldstick said. “He does turn out to be a font of information on several occasions, because not only does he have theories, but he has some evidence of things that lean in a direction that would help the girls. So, it’s also gonna be a slow process, a reconciliation. The circumstances we put the give girls in are so dire. Even an ex-bf can prove to be very beneficial when you’re having a nervous breakdown.”

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