'Pretty Little Liars' cast, EPs reveal Mrs. D is officially [spoiler], Hanna's alcohol problem, more Rosewood funerals

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Spencer Hastings
With Hanna hitting the bottle, it sounds like Spencer is on the mend from her addiction issues. “She definitely knows she can’t do that anymore,” Troian Bellisario said. “She promised to herself and to Toby and her family to really try and get off of that. I think in my opinion she kicks it quite easily.”

But drugs or no drugs, Spencer doesn’t trust Ali. “In her essence, [Ali] hasn’t changed,” Bellisario said. “She’s still making the same mistakes and that frustrates Spencer immensely. Spencer and Ali have a very competitive friendship, kind of like frenemies. Their friendship is more like keep your friends close, enemies closer. When Ali returns, Spencer has a lot of empathy for what she’s been through, but Ali doesn’t let them in. Ali still keeps secret,s and I think that’s what Spencer truly despises about Ali’s personality. It still provides a great obstacle for those two.”

As for Spoby, the couple will still be together when he returns from London. “He comes back, and I get some answers as to why he went to London and we try and patch things up as much as people can who seem to always be leaving each other.”

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