'Pretty Little Liars' cast, EPs reveal Mrs. D is officially [spoiler], Hanna's alcohol problem, more Rosewood funerals

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Mona Vanderwaal
Considering Mona had a huge hand in Ali’s farewell, we can only imagine what the blonde’s return will do to the Original “A.” “I think Mona, probably more than anyone, is getting ready for Ali’s return,” King said. “You’ll see it in the premiere. I think we’ve had Mona 2.0, 3.0 – This is like Mona 4.0. It’s a new role for her, and it’s really fun to watch.”

Does a new role mean she’s no longer part of the “A” team? King revealed, “There’s an interesting moment where she says, ‘I don’t need to be ‘A’ anymore, I can be out in the open and be who I am.'”

And with that in mind, as of episode 2, fans can expect their first great Mona-Alison interaction.”We have so much fun together, and it’s always very catty and snarky,” Pieterse teased. “Recently, a scene we did is very scary. Mona’s taken a turn for the worse. She’s just really conniving.”

But how do the Liars feel about that? “[Mona] is seeking revenge,” Benson said. “She is still plotting against Alison and trying to take her down and whoever else can tag along with her. I think that she’s trying to get back at Ali for everything she’s done.”

“Just when you think there’s no more level for Mona to go, she will find it,” Dougherty said. “Ali could represent a physical threat to Mona, and Mona is going to take action.” Goldstick added: “I think she has a lot at stake. I think for someone who is mentally unstable, somebody who’s a couple sandwiches short of a picnic, it doesn’t take a lot to set off an atomic picnic. Alison’s return is a source of manic for her. Now the mean girl is back. Do you sit around and wait, or do you take action?”

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