'Pretty Little Liars' cast, EPs reveal Mrs. D is officially [spoiler], Hanna's alcohol problem, more Rosewood funerals

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Melissa Hastings and CeCe Drake
The oldest Hastings sibling will be back, and we will find out what she whispered by summer’s end. “We will find out what she whispered, and it’s of great significance to everything,” Dougherty said. “That’s why Peter looks so upset.” But Melissa isn’t the only one with stories to tell. CeCe Drake will be sticking around Rosewood. King teased that “One of my favorite scenes in the premiere is CeCe’s last scene in that episode.”

So if Melissa’s secret is on its way out, does that mean CeCe was lying about what she knows? “She might be telling a story,” King teased. “She has a master plan. You’ll find some of what that is when you come back from the premiere.” And as for CeCe staying in jail, King also said that CeCe will have a scene with a PLL “that isn’t in jail.”

And no, the writers haven’t forgotten about the other N.A.T. Club videos. It’s just that they’re not quite ready for us to see them yet.

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