'Pretty Little Liars' cast, EPs reveal Mrs. D is officially [spoiler], Hanna's alcohol problem, more Rosewood funerals

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Other familiar faces
Both Mr. D and Jason will obviously return, and their relationship will add a new dynamic to the show. “It’s very strained,” King said. “He doesn’t know that Jason isn’t his biological son, [but] he kind of acts like he does, so there’s some interesting tension there.” Tension that will affect the Hastings family? Dougherty added: “There’s a line I wrote for the third episode, where Spencer says ‘We’re not exactly the Hatfield’s and McCoys.’ I think the two families are still at odds. Peter Hastings and Ken D are not going golfing very soon.”

However, expect Papa D to have some familial knowledge that could play into things. “You’ll know what Mr. D knows by the second episode,” Goldstick said. “By the third episode, you’ll know exactly what he knows.”

Viewers can also expect more of Noel and Ali’s story, as well as more on Lucas’ transformation. But perhaps most importantly, Black Widow will make another appearance, because as King put it, “there will be funerals to attend.”

Final premiere teases
“It only gets crazier from here,” Mitchell said. “I truly think this episode is gonna blow everybody’s minds. We’ve seen things that we haven’t seen before. We’ve done a lot in this series, [so] when something new happens you’re even more shocked.”

“[We’re] calling it the ‘uber season,'” King said. “What’s a season that’s bigger than epic? It feels like the uber season, and it’s just the season where everything is so big. The premiere feels like a finale. It’s heightened drama, big emotions, big mystery. It’s really paced in a fast way. A lot happens really quickly. People will be very excited and on the edge of their seats, especially these first episodes back. Just don’t take a breath. Just go go go. It’s the season of go go go.”

Pretty Little Liars premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

– Reporting by Stephanie Robbins


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