'Orphan Black' creators answer burning questions about the season finale


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EW: What else can you tell us about little Charlotte (above), who was the only survivor of the further female cloning experiments? Is she going to become another piece of the puzzle?

MANSON: Yeah, we’ll see more of her. Like Kira, Charlotte adds to the stakes. She’s an innocent and she is apparently part of the reason that Marian Bowles is putting her neck on the line and throwing her lot in with Sarah and her clones. Because she has this daughter and she shares the same stakes and has the same concerns about the future — health concerns, concerns about the conspiracy and what they’re for and who they’re after. All of those concerns are reflected in that child.

EW: We’ve dealt a lot with the Dyad Institute, but now Marian tells Sarah all about this other group known as Topside. Are we going to be delving more into Topside in season 3?

MANSON: Yes, that’s Marian’s shadowy cabal and we’re definitely going to learn more about them and meet the actors in that viper’s nest.

EW: So what’s Paul’s deal now? He returns as a major. How long has he been working with the military?

MANSON: Paul has apparently been working with the Castor side of the conspiracy the whole time. He’s been playing double agent. But he steps up for personal reasons to get Sarah out of this. At the end of the day, Paul the double agent has been shady and shadowy and not that likable, but in the end he did, he did it for Sarah.


Image Credit: Steve Wilkie/BBC America

EW: So he had been with the Castor side the entire time, because that was a bit unclear?

MANSON: I think he was embedded from the beginning. If you go back, this Afghanistan scenario that got him compromised by Dyad and put in that position as a monitor was manufactured to put him in that position where he appeared to be someone that they could compromise. So he was inserted as a spy into Project Leda by Project Castor.

EW: Finally, where the hell are they sending Helena?

MANSON: Don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.

FAWCETT: The Death Star.

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