Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien of 'Teen Wolf' on fans, first impressions

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Who is more likely to forget the name of a demon?
O’BRIEN: I can never remember the names of things.
POSEY: We’ve spent a lot of time defeating those demons, I think we know them in the back of our heads.

Between the two of you, who has had the weirder fan interaction?
POSEY: I’m sure you do.
O’BRIEN: I don’t know if I can say this. It’s inappropriate. But it’s pretty funny. I just got it at an autograph signing. They hand you notes and letters and portraits, photo books, little bracelets—all kinds of amazing stuff. But I got an envelope, and the first things that dropped out were two condoms that said something… graphic on them.
POSEY: We also get a lot of dolls.
O’BRIEN: Okay, that’s the direction we’re going in!? That’s not weird interaction!

Is there anything you would want to take when the show ends?
POSEY: I want to take Scott’s motorcycle.
O’BRIEN: The Jeep.

I don’t think you can just take those, guys.
POSEY: They’re just going to disappear one day.
O’BRIEN: The Jeep would be a lot to take care of. The car needs to be rebuilt from scratch.
POSEY: I’ll help you. We’ll get bloody and dirty!

Has there been any trivia about you online that you’d like to clear up?
O’BRIEN: There are a bunch of pictures that I always see that are just completely Photoshopped. They’ve been around for years. Just me on different people’s more ripped bodies.
POSEY: I think I saw one the other day. Where you’re like this? [Posey leans one arm back, all sexy-like.]
POSEY: I saw it! And I was like, that’s not Dylan! He wouldn’t shave that!
O’BRIEN: That’s so not me! And sometimes random rumors start and you don’t even know how. Like a couple weeks ago fans thought I buzzed my hair, just because a picture from four years ago surfaced. And there was a celebration. A hashtag was going around.
POSEY: I started the rumor.
O’BRIEN: That’d be so funny if you were behind all this.
POSEY: Every single thing.

Dylan, you’re about to headline The Maze Runner. Are you nervous about what’s to come?
O’BRIEN: If you want to get down to it, this would turn into a therapy session. But I’m really proud of it, and I poured my life into it, and hopefully I’m going to do it for another few years. I’m really excited for people to see it.

The two of you are so recognizable now—do you think you could crash a screening?
POSEY: Oh dude, disguises do not work anymore.
O’BRIEN: Unless you have a mask.
POSEY: I’ve grown a beard and that doesn’t work. I’ve worn hats, and that doesn’t work.
O’BRIEN: Shailene Woodley wore a hat to The Fault in Our Stars, right?
POSEY: I feel like she’s so recognizable. I mean, should we crash a screening?
O’BRIEN: We would literally be the two dudes in trenchcoats and hats and sunglasses.

What is one interest the other has that you just don’t understand?
POSEY: I mean, he’s really into sports. I want to understand them—I want to be into sports.
O’BRIEN: I actually genuinely don’t understand how tattoos work. He always tries to explain them to me, and I keep confirming with him and he’ll be like, ‘No, no,’ and he’ll start over again. Like, do they sew it in?

Would you get a Teen Wolf tattoo, Tyler?
POSEY: I love Teen Wolf. It’s done monstrous things for me and my career and my life. I’ve thought about it, but I don’t think I’d ever get a Teen Wolf tattoo, and I don’t know why.
O’BRIEN: You could draw the most microscopic S.
POSEY: S + S equals heart. Stiles + Scott.
O’BRIEN: And they would… iron it in?
POSEY: Yeah, you got an iron?
O’BRIEN: Really?! Oh. I thought you were confirming that burning it in is how it works.

So I’m here on set. What are the rules of the Teen Wolf set I need to know?
O’BRIEN: Be quiet.
POSEY: Definitely true. When they say action, don’t do shit. And then when they say cut, make all the noise you want. But also have fun. Touch things!

What is your mother’s favorite thing about the other person?
O’BRIEN: My mom’s always had the exact same opinion I’ve had about Tyler. She’s always just like, “Tyler’s so sweet! He’s so funny.”
POSEY: It’s the same thing with my mom. She loves Dylan because she knows how much I love him.

O’BRIEN: We should start spending time with each other’s moms.
POSEY: When I was younger, I would hang out with my friends’ parents all the time.
O’BRIEN: You know your friends’ parents when you’re kids, but not anymore.
POSEY: We got a lot of years to work on that, buddy. This ain’t over yet!

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.32.15 PMA version of this article appeared in the Aug. 22/29 issue of Entertainment Weekly.


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