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Watch 'Walking Dead' writer Robert Kirkman's cameo on 'Robot Chicken' -- EXCLUSIVE

Given the Robot Chicken team’s fondness for all things gory and/or comic-related, it was probably just a matter of time before Walking Dead comic writer (and Walking Dead TV show exec producer) Robert Kirkman made an appearance on the Adult Swim animated show.

As it turns out, that time is coming Sunday at midnight when the zombie overlord will make his acting debut on the sketch show, which Stoopid Monkey Productions head honchos Seth Green and Matthew Senreich create at their Stoopid Buddy Stoodios studio.

That’s the good news. The even better news? You can see said appearance below and read Kirkman’s thoughts about the experience. READ FULL STORY

'Walking Dead' exec producer Robert Kirkman talks about tonight's bloody episode: 'It's a dark show!'

Can an episode still be described as a “pausing-for-breath” show if it introduces the dead, but still very excitable, daughter of one main character and finds another trying to retrieve the remains of his recently deceased wife from the stomach of a zombie? That was the question raised by tonight’s episode of AMC’s undead saga The Walking Dead which, even if it didn’t feature the cast-thinning mayhem of last week’s show, was hardly lacking in incident.

Below, Walking Dead TV show executive producer — and Walking Dead comic writer — Robert Kirkman ruminates on Rick’s rampage, Penny’s teeth, and Daryl’s poncho. READ FULL STORY

New 'Arrow' promo teases onslaught of new villains -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Tonight’s new episode of Arrow on The CW features a villain who doesn’t say much, but comic-books fans will immediately recognize, nonetheless. He’s Deathstroke, an all-world mercenary and assassin who wears a mask with just one eye (you saw it teased in the pilot, mounted on a stick), and he just might have something to do with all those scars that Oliver Queen accumulated on his body during his mysterious hero-forging castaway days on Purgatory isle. Deathstroke (Jeffrey C. Robinson) is part of a wave of DC Comics characters about to invade Starling City during November sweeps to frustrate the emerald hooded archer’s mission to purge the blighted city of corruption by any means and trick arrow necessary.

This sneak peak at upcoming episodes teases a few of these rogues, including The Huntress (Jessica De Gouw) and The Royal Flush Gang. In the comics, this squad of crooks wore costumes modeled after playing cards (the suit of clubs, specifically) and wielded high-tech sci-fi weapons. But Arrow clearly emulates the aesthetic that director Christopher Nolan brought to his Batman movies, and so the new iteration of the Gang is more crime flick gritty. Take a look at the promo, and comic fans, if you can spot other familiar faces, don’t keep it a secret — share in the message boards below. READ FULL STORY

'Walking Dead' executive producer Robert Kirkman talks about tonight's action-packed episode 'Walk With Me'

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead had pretty much everything a fan of AMC’s zombie show — and the original comic book series — could want. The long-awaited return of Michael Rooker’s maimed maniac Merle? Check. The long-awaited introduction of David Morrissey’s power-crazed villain The Governor? Check. The long-awaited appearance of decapitated zombie heads bobbing around in tanks of water? Hell, this show might as well have been called “Decapitated Zombie Heads Bobbing Around In Tanks Of Water.”


'Walking Dead' exec producer Robert Kirkman talks about tonight's show: 'People have to die!'

Tonight’s episode of AMC’s zombie show The Walking Dead found Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes settling in at his new prison home. And by “settling in” we mean ensuring the demise of many of the prisoners who, literally, popped up at the end of last week’s show. “In the Walking Dead, people have to die!” chuckles executive producer, and Walking Dead comic writer, Robert Kirkman, the callous bastard. He’s not wrong, though. And at least Scott Wilson’s seemingly doomed Hershel made it through to the end of the show, if not exactly “intact.”

Below, Kirkman talks more about the show, not killing Hershel, and why Rick really is the last person you want knocking at your front door. READ FULL STORY

'Walking Dead' creator Robert Kirkman talks prequel novel 'The Road to Woodbury'


It is no secret that the new season of The Walking Dead — which debuts Oct. 14 — will introduce the character of the Governor, the much feared ruler of Woodbury. But how did he become that town’s dictator? Good question! And one that Walking Dead comic writer — and TV show executive producer — Robert Kirkman has been answering in a series of prequel novels with coauthor Jay Bonansinga.

Last year saw the publication of The Rise of the Governor and now comes the sequel-to-that-prequel, The Road to Woodbury, which arrives in stores Oct. 16, and in addition to telling us more about the back story of the G-man, also fills in the biographies of several other characters found in the comic books.

Below, Kirkman talks about The Road to Woodbury, ninjas, and a recent, shocking Walking Dead comic book demise. READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine': Check out the covers for issue #2

While the zombies to be found in Robert Kirkman‘s Walking Dead comic and its AMC TV adaptation may be slow-moving beasties, the same cannot be said for the folks behind The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine. The first issue of the title won’t arrive in stores until October 23 — although attendees of New York Comic-Con will be able to pick up a copy next week — but they’ve already finished not one but two gore-splattered covers for issue #2, which isn’t being published until December 18.

Below, you can check out both the newsstand cover, featuring TV show newcomer David Morrissey as The Governor, and an alternate featuring the work of Walking Dead comic artist Charlie Adlard.

Take a look and tell us what you think.


'Walking Dead' writer Robert Kirkman confirms New York Comic-Con plans


Walking Dead comic writer — and Walking Dead TV show executive producer – Robert Kirkman will participate in a string of panels and signing events during this year’s New York Comic-Con, which runs at the Javits Center, October 11-14.


On the scene: E L James talks 'Fifty Shades' with Katie Couric

Katie may be daytime’s most colorful show. The greenroom is literally painted a soft mint green. Deep blues adorn the high-tech, mechanized set. Audience members are decked out in numerous brightly hued cardigans. And today, the show’s stage was bathed by sultry red lights in honor of Couric’s guest — Erika Leonard, a.k.a. Fifty Shades of Grey author E L James. (Fifty Shades hero Christian Grey does his dirtiest deeds in a chamber known as the Red Room of Pain.)

The kinky theme didn’t stop with that crimson glow. For one day only, the usually demure Katie logo was adorned with a pair of handcuffs naughtily looped around the “k.” And Couric herself drew whoops from the audience when she appeared at the top of the hour in a sleeveless black leather dress and sky-high stilettos — to the tune of Rihanna’s “S&M,” naturally. “Relax — this won’t hurt at all,” Couric joked, introducing herself as our “mistress” for the day. What would Matt Lauer think?!

Given all this, audience members probably expected James to emerge wearing an American Horror Story-style rubber fetish suit — or at least to be as boisterous and open as Anastasia Steele’s inner goddess.  READ FULL STORY

Check out the special New York Comic-Con cover of the 'Walking Dead' magazine -- EXCLUSIVE


Who would have dreamed the zombie apocalypse would involve so much reading? Well, Walking Dead TV show exec producer Robert Kirkman, for one. The undead drama is, of course, based on Kirkman’s longrunning comic — which recently celebrated its 100th issue — while the franchise has also spawned a series of novel prequels, the second of which, The Road To Woodbury, will be published Oct. 16, two days after the show’s third season premieres on AMC.

But don’t take off those reading glasses yet! This October will also see the debut of the The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine, a quarterly title featuring interviews with the cast, crew, and producers and other assorted behind-the-scenes malarkey.

The magazine hits stores Oct. 23, but those attending New York Comic-Con on Oct. 11 will be able to buy a special copy of the publication with a cover by Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard, featuring the much loved zombie-decapitating character Michonne. The mag will be available for purchase at the Titan Entertainment booth (#832), but you can exclusively check out Adlard’s cover above and, in larger format, below. READ FULL STORY

'Burn Notice' graphic novel: See Fiona and Michael's explosive first encounter -- EXCLUSIVE ART

In a new graphic novel out today, Burn Notice fans will finally learn the story behind how spy-lovers Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) came to be, and EW has your first look.


'The Walking Dead' clip: Andrew Lincoln promises a 'darker, harder, faster, deeper' season 3

Much like a zombie herd, The Walking Dead just keeps on a-coming. It only seems like yesterday that our heroes hightailed it out of Hershel’s farm to parts unknown (well, parts unknown if you haven’t read Robert Kirkman’s original comic book). But Andrew Lincoln and the rest of the WD crew are currently hard at work on season 3 — which is set to debut this fall — as the just released behind-the-scenes clip below proves.


'Walking Dead' comic's 100th issue to be celebrated with zombie obstacle course during Comic-Con -- EXCLUSIVE

Forget swimming in the ocean with dolphins or running with the bulls at Pamplona. For Walking Dead fans, the athletic activity of the year will be evading zombies during this summer’s Comic-Con in San Diego.

Today, Walking Dead comic writer — and Walking Dead TV show executive producer — Robert Kirkman and his Skybound imprint announced that they plan to hold a zombie obstacle course at San Diego’s Petco Park on July 12-15, the weekend of Comic-Con. The event is called The Walking Dead Escape: San Diego and fans can participate as a Survivor climbing, crawling, and sliding through a zombie-infested evacuation zone, as a Walker, or as a spectator.


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