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'Backstrom' react: The Fox anti-hero trend continues

Fox loves protagonists who audiences hate to love, and at times, the prickly but brilliant anti-hero motif has been a huge hit for the network. House was a cornerstone of Fox for years, with smaller hits like Lie to Me lasting only a few seasons, and duds like Rake… well, even Fox has forgotten about Rake.

Backstrom follows in that mold with another surly but brilliant mind at the forefront. Detective Everett Backstrom, played by Rainn Wilson, is a Portland detective in the Special Crimes Unit who makes wild leaps based on intuition, has an attitude more prickly than a hedgehog’s back, and shows as much concern for his health as he does for whether he’s offending those around him—almost none.


Sony to premiere 'Powers' on PlayStation Network in March

After years in development and a few different homesPowers is finally set to debut on the PlayStation Network.


'Sleepy Hollow': Michelle Trachtenberg compares Abigail Adams to Sherlock Holmes

Sleepy Hollow fans, get ready to meet the second First Lady. Michelle Trachtenberg joins Monday’s episode as Abigail Adams—and the role suits her. “My pale skin sort of lends itself to the era,” jokes the actress. But the character is true to life in more ways than one. This Abigail is “as historically accurate as possible, with a little twist. She is trying to catch the big bad evil that is ruining her era and becomes a profiler of sorts.”

Abigail calls on Katrina’s help in the fight. “I would like to say that they’re sort of a Sherlock and Watson combo,” says Trachtenberg. “Abigail Adams, because of her power and her wealth and her outreach in the community, would probably be Sherlock, and she looks to Katrina to aid her in her hypotheses.” Using witchcraft? READ FULL STORY

Watch the premiere of Syfy's '12 Monkeys' here on

Looking to get weird with Syfy’s 12 Monkeys but sold your TV to buy half a bitcoin? We’ve got you covered: You’ll be able to find the full first episode (above) right here for the next week, available for you to stream and re-stream to your heart’s content. READ FULL STORY

'Glee': Coach Beiste announces a life-changing decision in the latest episode


Tonight’s Glee featured an emotional twist involving McKinley’s beloved football coach Shannon Beiste (Dot Marie Jones). In a heartbreaking scene, Beiste reveals to Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Sue (Jane Lynch) that the reason she’s been missing practices is that she’s preparing to transition to becoming a man. ”I gotta get my body in alignment with how I see myself,” she tells them teary-eyed. Sam is put in charge of the football team in her absence and Sue, surprisingly, promises Beiste that her job will be there for her when she returns to work. This storyline will continue to play out in Glee‘s final season. Watch the clip below…

Watch the trailer for Bravo's newest scripted comedy 'Odd Mom Out' -- exclusive

Bravo has already tested the scripted programming waters with The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. Now, the network is preparing to debut their newest scripted series this summer with the half-hour comedy Odd Mom Out. Premiering on June 8, the series is loosely based on the life of star and author Jill Kargman and focuses on the interactions of various wealthy mothers on New York’s Upper East Side; Saturday Night Live‘s Abby Elliot and Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead‘s Joanna Cassidy co-star. Basically, think of the show as Gossip Girl meets Sex and the City meets Babies R Us. Watch EW’s exclusive new trailer for the series below…

Darkness falls over Starling City in 'Arrow' midseason trailer

Oliver Queen wasn’t the only one left hanging after Arrow‘s midseason finale. The fate of Starling City without the Arrow hangs in the balance, and both the forces of good and evil are rising to fill the power vacuum that’s been created.


'Mean Girls' star Daniel Franzese on coming out and joining season two of HBO's 'Looking'

If you watched this week’s premiere of Looking, you may have noticed that Eddie, the HIV-positive bear who hangs out with Agustín (Frankie J. Alavarez), looked a little familiar. Well that’s because he’s played by Daniel Franzese, the actor previously best known for Linday Lohan and Lizzy Caplan’s gay pal Damian in 2004’s Mean Girls. Franzese, who officially came out this year in a letter to his Girls character, talked to EW about nabbing this new role. READ FULL STORY

Frank Underwood raises the stakes in 'House of Cards' season 3 trailer

Frank Underwood is back to teach viewers a thing or two about courage.


Golden Globes: 'The Affair' wins Best TV Drama

In one of the night’s biggest upsets, Showtime’s freshman drama series The Affair took home the Best TV Series Drama. It emerged victorious ahead of Game of ThronesDownton AbbeyHouse of Cards, and The Good Wife, four of TV’s buzziest hits. READ FULL STORY

Golden Globes: 'Fargo' wins Best TV Miniseries or Movie

Fargo won two Golden Globes early on during Sunday night’s show, winning Best TV Miniseries or Movie while Billy Bob Thornton took home the award for Best Actor in a TV Miniseries or Movie. READ FULL STORY

John Oliver adds a goat and a baby to the crew in 'Last Week Tonight' promo

For those who enjoyed season 1 of Last Week Tonight—you’re in luck. John Oliver has no plans to change the show at all going into season 2. Unfortunately, he may not have much control.


Larry Wilmore's first 'Nightly Show' promo is so very nightly

Larry Wilmore is looking to bring the night back to late night—even if the rest of his staff actually has to get their work done.



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