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Tumblr is reblogging its way to television.


HBO to adapt Oscar-nominated 2002 film 'In America' into series

The 2002 film In America earned writer-director Jim Sheridan an Oscar nomination for his script, which he co-wrote with his daughters Naomi Sheridan and Kirsten Sheridan. The film was inspired by Sheridan’s own family. Now Sheridan will now be able to pull even more from his own experiences, as the film will be turned into a series at HBO.


The Pitch: Katharine McPhee boasts explosions, cool hairstyles on 'Scorpion' -- VIDEO

CBS’s new genius-crimefighter procedural, Scorpion, centers on eccentric prodigy Walter O’Brien (Elyes Gabel), who touts a 197 I.Q. (Einstein’s was only 165—so claims the show’s promo.) While O’Brien and his beehive of geniuses work together to save the world, Katharine McPhee plays Paige, a waitress and single mother of a prodigy who becomes a translator for the socially awkward group.

For a new EW feature called “The Pitch,” we asked McPhee to try her darnedest to explain Scorpion’s appeal for a variety of hypothetical audiences, ranging from Wisconsin moms to venture capitalists in Silicon Valley—although McPhee is confused as to what venture capitalists actually do. Aren’t we all, Katharine…aren’t we all.


The Hot Seat: 'Hawaii Five-0' boss answers burning questions

Great news: Hawaii Five-0 returns in one week. Even better news: EW has scoop on the new season. We put executive producer Peter Lenkov in The Hot Seat, where he had the option of answering your questions from Twitter with “Yes,” “No” or “Can’t say.” Get the scoop below:


WB's 'Supergirl' lands at CBS

CBS has given a series commitment to Warner Bros. TV’s Supergirl, EW has learned.


Jeff Probst shows off the 'Survivor' challenge you may never see

When Survivor announced it was returning to Nicaragua for filming of seasons 29 and 30 of the longtime reality hit, many fans were concerned that they would once again not be seeing many water challenges. That was a problem the last two seasons filmed there: Nicaragua and Redemption Island. Jeff Probst was concerned as well, and he told EW back in May that a plan was in place to remedy that situation: “That was the mandate from the moment we decided on Nicaragua,” said Probst of getting the contestants back in the water for challenges. “The one thing I kept asking our scouting crew for was updates on how the water situation was looking, and between our art department and our challenge department, they’ve got it under control. We’re going to have a lot more water challenges and be in the water more —and really that’s the only concern we had about Nicaragua, is that it was a little dry last time.” READ FULL STORY

'SVU' first look: Amaro and Rollins are icy after his demotion

Amaro and Rollins ‘shippers are in for some bad news: It looks like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’s budding couple are on the rocks now that Amaro is no longer on the SVU squad.


What to watch this week: 'Lost,' 'Twin Peaks,' 'I Love Lucy'

Poor Charlie.

Last week on the 30 Days of Binge calendar, we saw Lost’s beloved former heroin user-rock star Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) sacrifice himself to save everyone just so Jack (Matthew Fox) could wail “We have to go back!” once he got off the island. (That guy’s the worst sometimes.) However, season four has perhaps the best episode of the series in the Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick)-centric episode, “The Constant.” Again, ready the tissues.

We reach the end of season three of Scandal this week, and it would be an understatement to say crazy stuff goes down in the last half of the season. There’s wrist eating, backstabbing (the knife kind), and we finally see Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) kids, and they are not too pleasant with their parents, which makes for awesome familial drama.

We also graze onto creepier pastures, as we close out season one of Sleepy Hollow with an insane unexpected villain reveal and move onward to the season two premiere on Fox. The creepiness continues on to seminal episodes of The Twilight Zone, as well as the entire first season of Twin Peaks, which will finally make you realize why people are always reblogging Kyle MacLachlan GIFs on Tumblr. He’s not just Trey from Sex and the City, people.

On toward less psychosexual shows: We also move on to classic episodes of I Love Lucy, where we see Lucy binge on chocolates, alcoholic vitamin syrup, and give birth in real-time to Lucille Ball’s actual child. It sounds like a Real Housewives episode, but it’s not. Also, check out The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show to see where workplace comedies were born. In more controversial classic sitcoms, we urge you to watch All in the Family and see how a bigot can somehow be seen as a lovable curmudgeon in Carroll O’ Connor’s Archie Bunker.

'Good Wife' creators tease a secret, guest stars, and more Eli-Alicia

The Good Wife returns Sunday, Sept. 21 (CBS, 9:30 p.m. ET) with a premiere that picks up right where season 5 left off: with Eli (Alan Cumming) suggesting that Alicia (Julianna Margulies) run for State’s Attorney. Creators Robert and Michelle King are mum about whether she’ll ultimately decide to enter the race, but we were able to get a few teases out of them about what’s to come.

EW: First question: Are you currently hiding a secret on the level of Will Gardner getting shot?
ROBERT KING: I wouldn’t say at that level, but there is a secret we’re hiding about the first episode. Sorry. We don’t like doing that. READ FULL STORY

'Once Upon a Time': Will Elsa 'Let It Go'? Or build a snowman?

One of the biggest burning questions going into Once Upon a Time’s Frozen-themed season opener is whether Elsa (Georgina Haig) will say one of her most cherished and well-known lines from the Disney film. (You can go ahead and turn the song on now.)


Nick Frost to guest star in Christmas episode of 'Doctor Who'

How’s this for a slice of fried gold? The BBC announced today that actor Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, The World’s End) will guest star in this year’s special Christmas episode of Doctor Who, the production of which has now begun.


'You're the Worst' stars look back on a season of awesome awfulness

Going into tonight’s first season finale, Chris Geere, 33, and Aya Cash, 32 — the stars of FX’s surprisingly charming friends-with-benefits raunch-com You’re the Worst — regale EW with tales of pasties, threesomes, and in-law viewing parties.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Jimmy and Gretchen are so commitment-phobic and generally awful. (Jimmy hates everything; Gretchen once faked a brain tumor to score Spice Girls tickets.) Yet they’re weirdly lovable at the same time—how do you pull off that balance?
The dialogue is so much fun that I knew I could rant away and people would be on my side. The problem I felt was, every time Jimmy would reveal a bit more of his feelings toward Gretchen, I had to constantly question whether it was too soon. These two are going to take forever to say “I love you,” so I didn’t want to become too soft too soon.
AYA CASH: We’d be so comfortable in a scene, and Chris’ sweetness would come out, and they’d say, “No, no, no, you guys have to be fighting this!” But in terms of likability, my business is to be true to the character. I trust the writing enough.
GEERE: I’m equally interested in the people who don’t like us. So many responses so far, especially on social media, have been “These characters are me!” Part of me is thinking, “Really?!”

The sex on this series pushes the boundaries, even for basic cable. What was filming the first nude scene like?
Chris and I had decided to do shots of tequila beforehand, but we were so comfortable we completely forgot to drink. We’re both married and [we] respect each other and each other’s partners, so it was sort of not awkward. The most shockingly awkward thing was taking off all my clothes and nobody looking. [Laughs] It usually gets a good reaction!
Geere: Oh, they were looking.
Cash: You’re wearing ridiculous things. I had pasties and a vagina sticker. I’d write little messages to Chris on the stickers, or draw fake pubic hair. You make it light while also doing your job.

When you know there’s a particularly raunchy scene coming up, do you give your spouses a heads-up?
The first rule is you don’t explain the scenes ahead of time. You let them see it and afterwards hope their response is good.
Cash: I have the exact opposite thing with my spouse. My husband was like, “You did not explain it—if I’d had warning, I wouldn’t have freaked out!”
Geere: I had to watch episode 1 with my in-laws.

How did that happen?
Because I’d already seen [the pilot] a few times, I knew exactly the moment I needed to pause it and fast-forward, but I got the pause mark wrong and they saw a little bit of what they shouldn’t have seen. Seeing their faces was a treat!

What are your favorite scenes?
Mine is in the finale. I don’t want to give anything away. It’s a scene between Chris and I, where I sort of become incredibly vulnerable and say things to him that Gretchen would not normally say and gets completely humiliated in the process. That’s the most fun we ever had shooting almost anything. Chris and I had a really great time working together. And it was just such a beautifully written scene.
Geere: I have two. One of them is exactly the scene that Aya said as well. I have two lines in that scene, pretty much leading her into her monologue. But in terms of my enjoyment, I don’t think I can rule out the threesome. It was brilliant. I had two girls on the bed—both really attractive. It was something that I had never done before, and it was such a laugh.
Cash: Everyone turned into a frat boy that night. I was ready to kill everyone. [Laughs]
Geere: When you’re playing characters who are this f—ed up, you’re given a little bit of gold, and that night was awesome. From an acting point of view, every reaction you see from me is 100 percent genuine. Let me just say that.
Cash: I’m acting in that scene. Really f—ing hard.


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