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Ryan Hansen talks playing himself in 'Play It Again, Dick'

The latest chapter in the world of Veronica Mars, Play It Again, Dick, does not focus on Veronica’s crime solving abilities, nor is it about her pals and enemies in Neptune, Calif. No, the web series Play It Again, Dick, which premiered this week on CW Seed, focuses on the antics of Ryan Hansen, one of the show’s real-life actors. The Ryan Hansen on screen, however, is not really Ryan Hansen, instead it’s a version of Ryan Hansen invented by Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, back as creator and executive producer of Play It Again, Dick.

As Hansen (the real one) told EW, this Ryan Hansen has more than a little in common with his Veronica Mars character, Dick Casablancas, a jerky, but strangely affable surfer bro. The series imagines fake-Ryan attempting to get a series about Dick off the ground. A number of Hansen’s Veronica Mars co-stars are also back to, like Hansen, skewer their own personas and takes on their Mars characters in this twisted world. EW talked to Hansen about playing this warped version of himself and continuing the Veronica Mars legacy in this zany fashion. READ FULL STORY

'Bones' first look: Will Booth get killed in prison?

Prison will not be easy for Booth when Bones returns for its 10th season.


Michael Bay's 'Untitled Cocaine Project' gets pilot order

In what might be the most colorful official temporary title in recent memory, TNT has given a pilot order to “Untitled Cocaine Project.” Bonus: It’s from mega-producers Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer, along with Jonathan Littman, Billy Corben, and Alfred Spellman.

The pitch: “A serialized character drama that brings the audience into the captivating, wild and unpredictable world of the Florida drug trade in the 1970s.” The pilot was written by Michelle Ashford (Masters of Sex).

The project was originally set up at HBO and is based on Corben and Spellman’s 2006 documentary Cocaine Cowboys (which was also the show’s original working title). Bruckheimer and Bay have previously collaborated on hit films like Bad Boys and Armageddon.

The move continues TNT’s expansion into more ambitious drama territory following this summer’s post-apocalyptic new drama The Last Ship.

ABC orders game show '500 Questions' from Mark Burnett, Mike Darnell

This newly announced event game show on ABC sounds a bit tough—and more than a little mysterious.

ABC has made a direct-to-series order for 500 Questions, a new event game show from executive producer Mark Burnett and Warner Bros. unscripted and alternative television president President Mike Darnell. Burnett and Darnell previously worked together on Fox’s Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

Details about the show are scarce, but according to the press release, the show will feature “contestants in a pressure-packed, incredibly intense environment.” Hopefully, it won’t be as much pressure as it will be for the contestants on Sex Box.

FX renews 'Tyrant' for season 2

Tyrant has been renewed for a 13-episode second season, FX announced Thursday.


'Grey's Anatomy' first look: Will Meredith find out about her new sister?

Grey’s Anatomy fans may not have to wait long to see Grey Sloan implode over the news that another one of Meredith’s half-sisters is working there.


TV Guide Network rebrands as POP


The TV Guide Network (TVGN) has announced that starting in 2015, the network will be rebranding itself as POP. The channel, owned in a joint partnership with CBS and Lionsgate, will feature a multi-platform dynamic that will focus on fandom and pop culture and will utilize a social media angle. READ FULL STORY

Key and Peele fight off alien invaders in season 4 premiere clip

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have made a habit out of going big in the season premieres of Key & Peele—last season’s Les Miserables sketch being no exception. This year, it seems the comedy duo has decided to take on an alien apocalypse in the first episode.


Caleb (a.k.a. Beast Mode Cowboy) of 'Big Brother' on being betrayed by Derrick

Beast Mode Cowboy will have to take his act to the jury house as 26-year-old Caleb Reynolds was voted out of Big Brother last night. He was ultimately done in by his alliance partners Cody and Derrick, who got rid of Caleb to keep the much more beatable Victoria in the final three. We were able to ask Caleb a few questions en route to his new digs and here’s what he had to say about his ouster, whom he blames, and how he would have done had he made the finals.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How shocked were you when Cody voted you out?
CALEB: Honestly, I wasn’t too shocked. I expected it because Victoria was a weaker target and to guarantee himself as a final two he would have been dumb to pick me.

You talked about how important loyalty is to you. Do you feel betrayed?
Yeah, more so by Derrick than by anybody.   READ FULL STORY

The Riddler on 'Gotham' villain theories and going green

The first season of Fox’s ambitious new comic-book drama Gotham is all about the Penguin’s rise to power, but there’s another would-be villain lurking in the shadows. Cory Michael Smith plays Ed Nygma, the man who will become Gotham City’s quiz-happy Riddler… eventually.

For now, Ed’s a forensic scientist working with Gotham PD, which adds a twist of intrigue to his inevitable transformation into villainy. On the show’s Brooklyn set, EW sat down with Smith to get a hint of what we can expect from his Riddler.

EW: How do other Riddlers come into play for your interpretation?
CORY MICHAEL SMITH: Well, there’s Frank Gorshin, of course, whose performance was lauded. I’ve seen clips of him and his work, and I have great respect for his contribution to that show and how celebrated it is, but I certainly haven’t watched enough that it would actually impact the choices I make. And I never watched Batman Forever so I haven’t seen Jim Carrey’s performance.

No way. You never saw Carrey as the Riddler?
The thing is, he’s one of my idols! I love him, I think he’s brilliant, and as a kid he was a huge reason why I wanted to be an actor. But I’ve never seen Batman Forever. And I think it was really just the universe telling me not to watch it because this is my fate. [Laughs] I’m essentially paying most attention to the comics. READ FULL STORY

Pharrell is part Yoda and five other tidbits about 'The Voice'

 The Voice launches its seventh season next week, with Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams joining the well-established buddy comedy that is Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. At a press luncheon for the show earlier this month, the coaches and host Carson Daly—minus Williams—discussed the new group’s dynamic and how Levine and Shelton welcomed the two newcomers into the fold. (Levine claimed to be nice; Shelton said “I’m going to beat you.”) Stefani also revealed she has a great description of Williams up her well-tailored sleeve. (She was wearing pinstripes; Levine wore a Hawaiian shirt.) Here are six tidbits EW gleaned from their conversation.


'The Walking Dead' star Danai Gurira wigs out


Michonne looks like a badass. And a good part of that badassery is due to her hair — those flowing dreadlocks that whip around as she is slicing and dicing zombies left and right. But it’s not real. I’m not talking about the zombies — which are, of course, totally 100% real — but rather the hair. It’s actually a wig worn by actress Dania Gurira to achieve maximum Michonne. READ FULL STORY


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