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Hurricane Sandy damages '666 Park' sets

While some New York-area television shows resumed filming today after Hurricane Sandy battered the east coast Monday, it could be a harder road to recovery for ABC’s 666 Park Avenue.

The show’s set, which is located at Cine Magic Riverfront Studios in Brooklyn, overlooking the New York City skyline, suffered severe damages after water flooded the building Monday night.

“I went to check them out on the night of the storm at 10 p.m. and they were under 6 feet of water — the entire complex,” says Peter Kapsalis, owner of Cine Magic Riverfront Studios. “It wasn’t in very good shape.”

The water, which has since receded, did varied damage to sets, he adds, but some could possibly be salvaged. “The Daylight Studio, which carried some of the smaller sets and was a little closer to the water [was] completely demolished,” Kapsalis says. “The main sets stayed in place even with the water rushing in [but] everything is extensively damaged.” READ FULL STORY

Whoopi Goldberg to guest on '666 Park Ave.' -- EXCLUSIVE

Whoopi Goldberg is coming to ABC’s new supernatural Sunday night drama 666 Park Ave. The View co-host and veteran actress-comedian will guest star in the ninth episode of the show this December.

In the episode, Jane (Rachael Taylor) seeks out Maris Elder (Whoopi Goldberg) a mysterious shut-in and longtime resident of the Drake, who helps Jane understand her supernatural connection to the building by using a radical
method of hypnosis. Goldberg’s most recent acting stint was an arc on Fox’s Glee earlier this year.

If you missed the 666 pilot, you catch it on

'666 Park Ave.' clip: Touring the apartment -- EXCLUSIVE

After years of seeing impossibly spacious New York City apartments occupied by TV characters who couldn’t possibly afford them, ABC’s 666 Park Ave will show viewers the cold hard truth: The only way you’re getting a couple thousand square feet and a Central Park view is if you make a deal with Satan. Well, maybe Terry O’Quinn’s character on the upcoming show (debuting Sept. 30) isn’t the devil, strictly speaking, but he’s certainly up to no good. Here’s an exclusive clip of Dave Annable and Rachael Taylor getting the grand tour, before meeting the man himself… READ FULL STORY

How '666 Park Ave.' will be like 'The Shining'


There’s a long and rocky history of TV producers trying to successfully adapt Stephen King novels. Could a new series capture the horror master’s sensibility while having nothing to do with his actual work?

ABC’s upcoming horror soap 666 Park Ave. (see the show’s curiously sexy marketing poster here) isn’t drawn from any of King’s material (it’s based on a novel with the same title by Gabriella Pierce), but producers admit the author’s work was a heavy influence on the show. “It’s absolutely Stephen King influenced,” said executive producer David Wilcox told TV critics Friday. “Who can’t be influenced by Stephen King when working in this genre?”

The series follows the mysterious proprietor [Terry O’Quinn] of a luxury New York City highrise and his tenants who have their dreams fulfilled — for a price. Wilcox cites King’s page-turner The Shining as having a particular impact on the story. “The [666] building is like the Overlook Hotel from The Shining,” he said. “It has a presence, it has a spirit that seems to be working hand in hand with Gavin [O’Quinn]. But it also might be more powerful than anybody knows.” READ FULL STORY

ABC's curiously sexy '666 Park Ave.' poster -- PHOTO

Behold the sultry marketing art for ABC’s new supernatural drama series 666 Park Ave. Aside from the small clutching couple at 12 o’clock (co-stars Dave Annable and Rachael Taylor), the poster manages to convey a darkly sexy mood with only a massive ornate staircase. But what a staircase! Why it almost reminds you of… of a… well, let’s just say if Georgia O’Keeffe and H.R. Giger got married and built a house, their staircase might look just like this. The tagline: “New York’s Most Seductive Address.”

Starring Terry O’ Quinn, 666 airs starting Sept. 30 after Revenge on Sundays. Here’s an exclusive first look: READ FULL STORY

'666 Park' Comic-Con panel: Is Terry O'Quinn playing the devil?

The cast of 666 Park made their Comic-Con debut today, following a screening of the pilot to a packed crowd. The crowd’s most burning question after it aired? What’s up with Terry O’Quinn’s character?

[Spoiler Alert!] READ FULL STORY

Comic-Con reviews '666 Park': Fans say...

666 Park is not the lightest pilot fare being offered up by networks this fall — in fact, it’s downright spooky. But that seemed to please most of Comic-Con goers who attended the pilot screening this evening in San Diego as part of the annual convention.

The show, starring Lost alum Terry O’Quinn, Rachel Taylor, and Vanessa Williams, centers on a young couple (Taylor and Dave Annable) that takes a job as managers of a historic (and totally haunted) apartment building. Quinn and Williams play the mysterious owners of the building.

Positive as the buzz has been around the eerie ABC show, the reaction from the crowd tonight was mixed. Here’s what some of the audience members had to say:

“It’s a little slow for me. I’m not really engaged with the mysteries at all or the people. I kinda don’t care. [The acting] was fine. I mostly saw it for Terry O’ Quinn; he did okay. [The character] is no Locke, though.” — Thad, 35

“It was actually pretty good. It was pretty interesting and pretty well done. It was well shot for a pilot…[and] suspenseful.” — Gustavo, 24

“This was a good concept. The cinematography looked cool and the play on history [with] the occult was cool. I’d recommend it [to fellow Lost fans] because [O’Quinn] still has that same style of acting.” — April, 26 and Lost fan

“I’ll watch it. I’m a Vanessa Williams fan. It looks like it’s well written, and there were definitely moments where I didn’t expect [certain things] to happen. I had a couple of shocking moments…I’m definitely going to watch it when it hits the TV.” — Mari, 57

“I liked Terry O’Quinn. It wasn’t really that frightening, [but] there were definitely things [in the pilot] that I want to find out more about, and hopefully I’ll watch the rest of it.” — Ritchie, 24

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