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Netflix renews 'Bojack Horseman' for season 2

Netflix has put its faith in a horse. The streaming service has renewed BoJack Horseman for a second season of 12 episodes, EW has confirmed.


'Breaking Bad': Preview the final season blooper reel -- VIDEO

Breaking Bad is considered one of the finest and darkest dramas of the new century, but critics and fans have also long delighted in its sly-and-dry comedy. You can see in the clips below how the actors wind up keeping things light on the set of the brutal meth drama with this collection of bloopers from the final season. The full gag reel can be found on Breaking Bad: The Complete Series (Nov. 26, Blu-ray), which also includes a two-hour-plus documentary about the making of the last eight episodes. (Click here to watch Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reading the finale script for the first time.)

Press play and enjoy Matt “Badger” Jones versus a bong, Paul versus a pack of cigarettes, and Cranston versus two faucets and an A-1 door.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul on saying goodbye to 'Breaking Bad' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Think you’ll have a hard time bidding farewell to Breaking Bad on Sept. 29? Imagine what it was like for the actors who have been toiling on this labor of love for five seasons. Actually, you don’t have to imagine; you can find out below. At the photo shoot for EW’s Breaking Bad cover story, we asked Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul how they felt about saying bye to Bad for good. Their answers may not surprise you, but they will entertain you.

Aaron Paul on final run of 'Breaking Bad': 'It's just so raw and it doesn't allow the audience to breathe'

Is eight enough? Probably not for most fans of Breaking Bad. But eight episodes is all we have left in the saga of chemistry teacher-turned-meth lord Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and his student-turned-partner Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). The second half of the fifth and final season debuts tonight at 9 p.m. on AMC, and you are strongly advised to fasten your safety belts. “The final 8 is just such a violent sprint to the finish line,” Paul tells EW. “Each season we get progressively darker and darker, and this final season is hands down the darkest one yet. It’s just so raw and it doesn’t allow the audience to breathe because we don’t have time to do that.” Cranston agrees, calling it “brutal” and noting that it “does not let up. It’s not going to give you a break.”

'Breaking Bad' blooper reel: Walter White can have fun too! -- VIDEO

Gearing up for the final eight episodes of of Breaking Bad has been a long and arduous journey — but there’s been plenty of buzz, scoop (a possible spin-off!), and recaps to keep us all foaming at the mouth for more of the drug-induced drama. You might say we’re addicted!

Here’s the latest in Breaking Bad tidbits: a gag reel compiled from the first half of season 5. Even when they’re funny, they’re serious. Watch the cast deadpan over some suggestive lines, ad-lib a bit, and deal with an unimpressed baby.

'Breaking Bad': Did Bryan Cranston just reveal Walt's fate?

Among the countless questions waiting to be answered in the last eight episodes of Breaking Bad — how does Walt end up on the lam? Will Hank be able to catch his criminal brother-in-law? How many more times will we watch Flynn Walt Jr. eat breakfast? — one looms larger than the rest: In the end, what will happen to Walter White?

Will he die in a bloody shootout, or finally succumb to lung cancer, or end up in prison, or be placed in witness protection and given a whole new family — ultimately revealing that Breaking Bad was just an elaborate prequel to Malcolm in the Middle? This last theory was actually floated at a New York TimesTalk with the cast and creator Vince Gilligan tonight. “That may not be as far fetched as you imagine,” star Bryan Cranston joked in response. “DVD extras!”

We won’t know for sure until September 29, when the celebrated drama’s final episode airs on AMC. But during tonight’s event, Cranston did pose an interesting hypothesis of his own — one that could say a lot about where we leave Walt.


'Breaking Bad' creator Vince Gilligan: 'I think most folks are going to dig the ending'

The first of the final eight Breaking Bad episodes won’t be unveiled until Aug. 11, but the show’s cast, plus creator Vince Gilligan, were on display at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills on Friday to answer reporters’ questions about the critically acclaimed AMC drama. Similar to the Breaking Bad Q&A session at Comic-Con, there was little information about the second half of season 5, though Gilligan, Bryan Cranston, and other cast members did touch on the finale, a documentary, and the possibility of a Saul Goodman spin-off, among other topics.

• Asked about how Gilligan and Cranston envisioned the ending of the show when it was being hatched in 2008, Gilligan couldn’t recall his original intention for the finale. “I couldn’t see that far ahead,” he says. “I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.” Cranston said that he recalled discussions about the design and transformation of the character, but “we never discussed where it was going to end up. It was just too big a subject. And as the seasons went on, I never found out. I never asked. I never wanted to know. The twists and turns of my character were so sharp that it wouldn’t help me to know. So I was just holding on, much like the audience was, week to week.”


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