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'Raising Hope' cast washes their mouths out with soap (doesn't take on Shannon Woodward) -- VIDEO

Fox’s Raising Hope returns for its fourth season on Nov. 8, and the show celebrated its youngest character growing up and talking with a photo shoot reminding the Chance family (and the adult actors) to watch their mouths.  As you’ll see in the hilarious behind-the-scenes video below, costar Shannon Woodward could use another reminder. READ FULL STORY

'Arrow' stars go shirtless for season 2 posters -- PHOTOS


The CW knows its audience, and since we’ve already posted one shirtless photo of Arrow star Stephen Amell today, we’re not complaining. Check out the four badass posters of Amell, David Ramsey, Manu Bennett, and Colton Haynes to promote season 2. The tagline is “Coming Back Strong,” so the gun (and abs) show is not gratuitous. At least that’s how we would have sold it in the pitch meeting. (Correction: We would have voted for our colleague Sandra Gonzalez’s suggestion: The CW’s Hump Day.) READ FULL STORY

New York PBS station criticizes reality TV with fake subway ads

A series of new posters that chides the state of modern television has begun appearing in subways throughout New York City this week.

The prints, distributed by Thirteen, a local PBS station, advertise outlandish, fake shows with names like Knitting Wars and Bayou Eskimos alongside the biting tagline, “The fact that you thought this was a real show says a lot about the state of TV.”

“It’s pretty scary when you look out there and see what’s on television these days,” Jeff Anderson, Executive Creative Director at CHI & Partners NY(the ad agency that created the campaign) said in a release. “If New Yorkers want an inspiring and educational option, they need to get behind a network that we sometimes take for granted.”

EW has obtained copies of all five posters that will appear in subways until the end of June, and while we’re 98 percent in agreement with the sentiment and snark, we also kiiiiinda want to see Knitting Wars on the air, if only because the “It’s Sew On” kicker had us in… stitches.

Decoding the new 'Mad Men' ad: Don Draper meets Don Draper


Last year, Mad Men teased its return from a very long hiatus with a pair of very cool advertisements: A minimalist teaser ad which inspired a fill-in-the-blank graffiti meme, and an evocative image featuring a pair of extremely suggestive existential mannequins. But this year the show has taken a decidedly more classical approach. A new poster that hit New York subways is actually a drawing that looks straight out of an advertisement in a mid-60s New Yorker. (As reported by The New York Times, the poster was actually illustrated by an old pro named Brian Sanders, a commercial artist who’s been working since the ’60s.)

Check out the official image below, and read on for some theories about what it means for season 6. (Click on the picture for a bigger image.) READ FULL STORY

Sears removes online ads from 'Saturday Night Live' 'Djesus Uncrossed' sketch

SNL‘s trailer for Djesus Uncrossed, a fake historical revenge fantasy starring Christoph Waltz as a vindictive Jesus Christ, is more of a Tarantino send-up than a spoof of Christianity. But that hasn’t stopped faith-based groups like the American Family Association from expressing outrage about the sketch, and as a result of their urging, one advertiser has asked its commercials be moved from online showings of Djesus. Here’s the two-minute short that has stoked so much ire:


Budweiser Clydesdale foal from Super Bowl commercial is named Hope

The three-week-old star of Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad now has a name: Hope.

Anheuser-Busch said Tuesday that its contest to find a name for the foal born Jan. 16 at the company’s Clydesdale ranch in mid-Missouri generated more than 60,000 tweets, Facebook comments and other messages. Hope was one of the more popular names generated through the social media effort. READ FULL STORY

Chevy Chase shops at Old Navy and you... do, too

If you’re really missing Community on NBC these days, why not ease off the fast-forward button on the ol’ DVR and feast your eyes upon Chevy Chase in the latest batch of Old Navy commercials! Said nobody, because these commercials are kind of sad. But check them out for yourselves…  READ FULL STORY

The best commercials of 2012: From the classiest, to sappiest, and more

With DVR revolutionizing the way we consume television, commercials have to work harder than ever to reach its target audience — much less make any lasting impact. It’s been a steep learning curve, and not everyone is thinking outside the box just yet (see: Pepsi’s celebrity-driven Super Bowl ad that didn’t exactly scream “New Generation!”) But these other five companies stood out for daring to be different. Don Draper might even be impressed. Watch below. READ FULL STORY

'Sunday Night Football' tops 'American Idol' for most expensive ads

American Idol no longer has the most expensive ads on TV.

Ad Age has just released its list of the most expensive shows, as judged by the cost of a 30-second spot, and football is king. The cost of a 30-second ad during Sunday Night Football is $545,142, up from $512,367 last year.

Idol, which has taken the top spot for the past five years, fell a lot. Last season, a 30-second spot on the Wednesday’s show ran $502,900. Now, it’s $340,825. (Perhaps Nicki and Mariah need to drum up even more publicity.) The results show on Idol is currently $296,002, also down from last season’s price of $468,100.

Ad Age reports that the other big winner is New Girl. The sophomore comedy commands $320,940 for an ad, up from $125,488 last year. That places it on the number four spot, behind Sunday Night Football, Idol and Emmy-winning Modern Family ($330,908).


'The X Factor' champ Melanie Amaro talks shooting her Super Bowl ad with Elton John -- EXCLUSIVE

It’s fair to say that no reality show singing competition winner has ever been on the kind of high-profile launching pad that The X Factor champion Melanie Amaro is about to experience: Her own Super Bowl commercial. EW spoke with Amaro a few days after she shot her Pepsi spot with pop music legend Elton John, and we have an exclusive shot of them both from the royally-themed advertisement below. Check it out:  READ FULL STORY

Super Bowl XLVI ads sell for a record-breaking $3.5 million a spot. Is it worth it?

For most of us, the idea of spending $3.5 million on 30 seconds for, say, Snickers bars seems like an incomprehensible notion. But for companies willing to shell out the big bucks for a spot in the Super Bowl, it’s perhaps the wisest investment around.

The argument certainly seems supported by a recent AdWeek report, which found that the new record-breaking Super Bowl XLVI price tag of $3.5 million-per-30-second spot didn’t deter companies from spending that sum of money in a volatile economy. Rather, they were chomping at the bit to spend the cash. NBC, which will broadcast Super Bowl XLVI on Feb. 5, 2012, has already almost entirely sold out the commercial air time. In fact, of the 63 available spots, “perhaps as few as six remain.”  READ FULL STORY

Director Mark Romanek on making Kia's infectious dancing hamster ad: 'You don't see a lot of surrealism on television'

Mark Romanek is no stranger to making you dance in your seat when you’re watching MTV — or any other channel, for that matter. The director behind those infectious iPod commercials, including the colorful, rocking U2 “Vertigo” spot, had millions of VMA viewers (12.4 million, to be exact) grooving along with the now-famous trio of hip-hop-happy hamsters (and a group of equally skilled robots who couldn’t resist a catchy beat) in the latest Kia Soul ad which aired during the awards show last night.

Romanek’s other credits including film (Never Let Me Go, One Hour Photo) and, perhaps most notably, music videos (he’s behind such legendary videos as Michael Jackson’s “Scream”, Madonna’s “Bedtime Story”, Fiona Apple’s “Criminal”, Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” and Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”), and he tells EW he infused some of his prior work into this latest commercial. In addition suggesting that the look of the commercial be in a “very video game[-like] world,” Romanek, rather than relying solely on CGI, used real dancers to make the moves for the characters.

With the help of choreographers Rich & Tone, a group of “great dancers from the East and West coast” and computer animation, Romanek had the resources to bring the latest chapter of those jamming hamsters to the small screen. “The key was making the dance great,” said Romanek. READ FULL STORY

'America's Next Top Model': Cycle 11's transgender Isis King gets her own promo -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

As you probably know, Isis King — the memorable, self-identified transgender contestant from cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model — is a part of the cast coming back to be judged by Tyra Banks and Co. for the show’s All-Stars edition premiering Sept. 14 on The CW.

Isis broke ground when she appeared on the show in 2008 because she is transgender — the first such contestant ever on Top Model. (Isis was born a man, but Banks herself paid for Isis’ sexual reassignment surgery, completed in 2009.)

Isis finished Cycle 11 in tenth place, but she could still be a force in the latest outing this fall. EW has your exclusive first look at the promo touting Isis’ return — complete with totally intense eyes, as you can see above — to the competition.

Watch the clip here:



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