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'American Horror Story' scoop: Dylan McDermott to return

Fans are just hours away from watching the rebirth of American Horror Story, and while you’ll see a few returning faces tonight, there’s definitely more to come.

The latest? Dylan McDermott, who is set to return this season, per a Twitter announcement from creator Ryan Murphy. Last season, the actor played Connie Britton’s husband/the new owner of a haunted house. There is no word on who he will play this season, which takes place in a mental institution (hence the subtitle — American Horror Story: Asylum).

As mentioned, several actors from the first season of the anthology are back this season. Jessica Lange, Evan Peters and Zachary Quinto will all be seen in the first two episodes of this season playing characters unrelated to those they played in season 1. And Eric Stonestreet, who previously appeared as a tortured patient of McDermott’s character, is also set to appear in season 2.

Make sure you return to tonight for our exclusive post-mortem with Murphy.

‘American Horror Story’ scoop: What you need to know before entering the ‘Asylum’ tonight — EXCLUSIVE
‘Arrow,’ ‘American Horror Story,’ ‘Person of Interest,’ ‘The Walking Dead': Find out what’s next in the Spoiler Room

'American Horror Story' scoop: What you need to know before entering the 'Asylum' tonight -- EXCLUSIVE

Michael Yarish/FX

Tonight is the highly anticipated premiere of American Horror Story: Asylum, the second installment of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s terror anthology for FX. EW revealed many of AHS: Asylum‘s secrets in our exclusive August cover story, which took readers inside the titular mental institution, Briarcliff Manor. “To me, last year was a family drama,” says Falchuk. “This is our version of a workplace drama.” Now with the premiere hours away, here’s a primer on what you need to know before entering the walls of Briarcliff. And be sure visit tonight for our EXCLUSIVE post-show Q&A with Ryan Murphy.


'Arrow,' 'American Horror Story,' 'Person of Interest,' 'The Walking Dead': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

There are two positives about Mondays: 1) I know an entire week of good TV programming awaits me. And 2) I know it’s the day I answer your questions! Yes, it’s actually fun.

So keep ‘em coming: and follow me on Twitter for interview alerts, news, and Halloween candy rants. (@EWSandraG)

The Arrow cast was out in full force during New York Comic-Con this weekend. (Also, this sizzle reel? AWESOME!) And I was lucky enough to snag a few minutes backstage with Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy so they could answer a few questions for fans who made the premiere a record-breaker.

Will we see some Laurel/Oliver flashbacks any time soon? — Joy
“You’ll definitely get to see more of the history between Laurel and Oliver, and where they come from,” assures Cassidy, who adds that she loves playing a character with “a huge heart.” Which is also something that likely endears her to Oliver. “Laurel lost her sister because her boyfriend had an affair and invited her [on the boat]. It’s basically his fault. And I think if any man did this to me and my sisters, I would never forgive that person,” she says. “I feel like she has a lot of soul, and she’s clearly very strong because she tries to see the best in everyone. I think that says a lot about her.”

Sandra, can we please get Revenge/Arrow crossover? I think Emily and Oliver would make amazing partners! — Leslie
…And have amazingly beautiful justice-seeking babies! Ehem. No spoiler here because this is a crazy bananas idea. But, for the record, Amell is on board: “Let’s cross pollinate. Let’s do it. I don’t understand why we wouldn’t. Maybe ABC and CW would have issues, but that’s not for me to discuss. But in a perfect world, we would just do it.”

Sandra, please tell me we’re going to see that ladder thing on Arrow again. Please. Please. – Kristine
As I reported in this post-premiere scoop, no salmon ladder again any time soon. (Sniff.) But if it’s action you like, I hear there’s some very impressive machete stunts in this week’s episode (not to mention, a Kardashian joke). And in the seventh episode, there’s a fight scene that Amell is “very proud of” against a character that “D.C. comics fans will recognize.” “It’s another fight in my plain clothes and when I’m in my plain clothes, it has to be only me because I don’t have a hood on; you can’t hide my face,” he said. “It got a really nice reception from the crew after we shot it.”


'Deadwood' actor to appear on 'American Horror Story'

A Deadwood actor is going to hang out in FX’s loony bin. Ryan Murphy tweeted Wednesday that Ian McShane, best known for his memorable run on the HBO drama, is set to guest star on American Horror Story: Asylum. The show bows Oct. 17. Unfortunately, we don’t know his character or episode number. Dang!

The Golden Globe winning McShane just wrapped the independent feature Cuban Fury, in which he plays a salsa dance Instructor. He will also play King Brahmwell in Jack the Giant Killer, directed by Bryan Singer, for March 2013. READ FULL STORY

'American Horror Story' scoop: Watch the sexy, scary first 5 minutes of 'Asylum' -- VIDEO

We’re one week away from the premiere of the second installment in FX’s thrill ride American Horror Story — this year subtitled Asylum — and the network has delivered a nice treat: they’ve released the first five minutes online on as well as the opening credits for season 2.

As described in EW’s exclusive cover story reveal on AHS: Asylum, this completely new story begins in the present day with newlyweds Leo (The Voice‘s Adam Levine) and Teresa (Step Up‘s Jenna Dewan-Tatum) visiting various haunted spots on their honeymoon. Their last stop is AHS: Asylum‘s setting, Briarcliff Manor, now in ruins. They fool around and explore and then… well then… all hell breaks loose. Watch this slightly NSFW sequence… and get ready to cover your eyes. Click here to go to watch clip on AHS: Asylum‘s Facebook page 

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On the Set of ‘American Horror Story’
‘American Horror Story': See 4 terrifying images from season 2 ‘Asylum’ — EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS
‘American Horror Story': Get your first look at Adam Levine in ‘Asylum’ — VIDEO

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'American Horror Story': Get your first look at Adam Levine in 'Asylum' -- VIDEO

EW was the first to exclusively reveal American Horror Story: Asylum‘s secrets. But now, season two is only weeks away (Oct. 17 at 10pm on FX) and actual footage is finally being released, including our first glimpses of Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan-Tatum as honeymooners Leo and Teresa. The clip also spends a good chunk of time on Sarah Paulson’s Lana, a reporter hoping to do a story on Briarcliff, the asylum run by Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), but instead winds up as a patient against her own will. Plus, we get some decent flashes to the (possible) alien abduction of Evan Peters’ Kit with his body being sucked up into the ceiling. Excited yet, AHS fans?


'American Horror Story' promo: Fear, lust, and insanity

After several weeks of messing with fans by releasing a series of tiny (and, eventually, maddeningly unsatisfying) promos, American Horror Story has ponied up with some actual footage from the new season!

In the promo below, we’re shown some of the new characters, given a look at some of the sexiness that takes place (though, as of yet, there doesn’t seem to be any naked butts), and, of course, we see a taste of the horror in store. Arguably the scariest part from this clip? The part with the eyelid retractor. Shudder.

Check it out below.


'Breaking Bad' villain joins 'American Horror Story' -- EXCLUSIVE

Ding-ding! An Emmy-nominated villain from Breaking Bad is coming to American Horror Story. Veteran character actor Mark Margolis, who played the stroke-addled wheelchair-bound drug lord Hector “Tio” Salamanca on the AMC drama, has been cast in a recurring role in AHS: Asylum.

In addition to Breaking Bad, Margolis has played memorable characters on projects such as Scarface, HBO’s Oz and The Wrestler. We don’t have many details about his new character on the FX horror drama. Okay, we don’t have any details about his character. He plays a recurring character named Sam Goodwin, that’s all we got. But we do have two other actors who we can also exclusively report are coming on board in guest-star roles: Amy Farrington (Hung, The New Adventures of Old Christine) has been cast as a worried mother on the show and David Chisum (One Life to Live) will play a loving husband.

American Horror Story returns to FX on Oct. 17. And if you didn’t already see it, one of the show’s ads received top marks in our annual Fall TV ads graded gallery.

Was 'American Horror Story' punished for Emmy miniseries bid?


FX’s American Horror Story struck out in the best movie or miniseries category at the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday night. Though American Horror Story co-star Jessica Lange took home an award for best supporting actress in a miniseries, the scary acclaimed drama lost to HBO’s Game Change in the main category. American Horror Story also faced Sherlock (PBS), Hatfields & McCoys (History),  Hemingway & Gellhorn (HBO), Luther (BBC America).

Emmy voters clearly loved the freshman FX program — it was nominated for a whopping 17 nominations overall. But the network endured some criticism and more than a little second guessing after entering the show in the miniseries category rather than go up against shows like AMC’s Mad Men and Showtime’s Homeland in the main drama series category. American Horror Story returns for a second season on Oct. 17, but with a different storyline and new characters (though with some of the same actors). As the Los Angeles Times noted last week, the horror show’s “Emmy tactics have some critics screaming, and not in a good way.” READ FULL STORY

'American Horror Story': 'Que Sera, Sera' never sounded so creepy -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Whatever will be, will be.

A new trailer for American Horror Story: Asylum – the second installment in Ryan Murphy’s anthology — features the cast lying in hospital beds while a dissonant version of “Que Sera, Sera” plays (with just a hint of the AHS theme in the background). Watch it below.


'American Horror Story': See 4 terrifying images from season 2 'Asylum' -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

FX’s American Horror Story: Asylum, the second installment in Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s scary anthology series, has been ramping up its promotion in the past few weeks with various creepy teasers making the rounds. Now, EW can bring you four EXCLUSIVE new pieces of key art from the wild new season, set within an insane asylum. Click through to see all four images and get ready to shudder. And stay tuned to all this week for MAJOR AHS: Asylum exclusives.


'American Horror Story': Check out two new teasers here -- VIDEO

UPDATE: They’ve added yet another teaser featuring someone in what appears to be a very creepy bath. Check it out below.

Late last week, we got our first look at a teaser for American Horror Story: Asylum, the second installment in Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s horror anthology series. Today brings yet another peek at the highly anticipated series set in an insane asylum run by nun Jessica Lange. The newest teaser is even more vague, showing a white-cloaked nun walking past another nun praying and then hanging up a blue coat. What in the name of Rubber Man does this all mean?! Is she a shopping nun?! Watch the teaser then post your theories below. READ FULL STORY

'American Horror Story': Watch the creepy new teaser for season 2 -- VIDEO

FX’s American Horror Story: Asylum doesn’t begin its terror-filled second season until late October but today the first teaser was released and… it’s really friggin’ creepy. The second season is set in a 1960s insane asylum run by Jessica Lange, but the teaser is scarily simple: A nun deposits a bucket of food near the woods, but something tells us she’s not leaving it for squirrels or some cute elves living in the trees, making cookies. What could she be feeding? What lives in that woods? Watch below… READ FULL STORY


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