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'American Horror Story' scoop: 'The Voice' coach Adam Levine in negotiations for season 2 -- EXCLUSIVE

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Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is already a major reality TV star thanks to his gig on NBC’s The Voice, but now the musician is switching over to scripted television. EW can exclusively reveal that Levine is in final negotiations to appear in season 2 of FX’s hit thriller American Horror Story. In his television acting debut, Levine will be playing a contemporary character and half of a couple called “The Lovers.” AHS producers are so fond of Levine that they are shooting around his summer touring schedule.

While the second season of AHS, set to premiere on FX in October, has been cloaked in secrecy, we do know that original cast members Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Lily Rabe will be returning as entirely different characters. Co-creator Ryan Murphy has also said that season 2 will be set in on the East Coast and in a “horror institution.”

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'American Horror Story': Look who's coming back!

They may be playing different characters, but some very familiar faces from the first season of American Horror Story will make a return visit to Ryan Murphy’s horror-fest on FX. The co-creator of the drama announced Friday during the PaleyFest in Beverly Hills that Sarah Paulson (the medium Billie Dean Howard), Evan Peters (Tate Langdon) and Lily Rabe (Nora Montgomery) will join Jessica Lange in the show’s second season.

Also participating in the scarefest will be Zachary Quinto, who played a gay man who previously owned the Harmon home (with Torchwood‘s Teddy Sears as Patrick). “Anybody could pop up at any time,” Murphy said during the panel hosted by EW’s Tim Stack. “It’s fun to take actors you love and say, ‘come play again.’”

Speaking of which, it doesn’t seem like we’ll see appearances by the dead Harmons, aka Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott. The actors only signed one-year deals on the show but apparently, Murphy’s not opposed to working them in if he can snag ‘em. Stay tuned.

When AHS wrapped its memorable first season, Murphy said the plan was to start over with a whole new haunting in the second season, which is expected to take place on the East Coast and involve a horror institution. Production resumes in the summer for a mid-October return to FX.

Murphy told EW that the second year will revolve heavily around Lange, who played neighbor-from-hell Constance Langdon in season one. Said Lange during the PaleyFest panel, “It’ll be terrifying in June, but now I’m pretty relaxed about it.”

Lange and Murphy were joined on the panel by co-creator Brad Falchuk, executive producer Dante Di Loreto, Britton, McDermott, Paulson, Frances Conroy and Alexandra Breckenridge. To pay homage to the show — or maybe just to show some love to Lange — one male attendee dressed up as Constance.

(Additional reporting from Tanner Stransky)

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Jessica Lange will return to 'American Horror Story' -- EXCLUSIVE

If you liked Jessica Lange in season 1 of American Horror Story, then you’re going to love what creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have in store for season 2: EW has learned exclusively that the two-time Oscar winner will return to the FX drama this fall.

The actress, who won a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild award for her work as the hateful, bigoted (and extremely delicious) Constance Langdon, has signed a new deal to stay with the horror franchise. But she won’t reprise her memorable role in the new season, which resumes production in late July for a mid-October return to FX. She’ll play someone entirely new, promises Murphy. READ FULL STORY

'Revenge,' 'Magic Mike,' and Jessie J lead nominees for the 2012 'NewNowNext Awards' -- EXCLUSIVE


Logo’s NewNowNext Awards don’t air until April 9 on the cable network, but EW has exclusively learned the roster of nominees for the fifth annual event, which showcases who and what are on the verge of a pop culture explosion in 2012.

Nominees range from Revenge‘s Emily VanCamp and Parenthood‘s Michael B. Jordan in the Next Mega Star category to Jessie J and FUN. in the Brink-of-Fame: Music Artist category to Magic Mike and Snow White & The Huntsman in the Next Must-See Movie category.

The 90-minute show will be taped in front of a live studio audience at the Avalon in Hollywood on April 5. Performers, presenters, and special guests will be announced in the coming weeks. Starting today, the public can vote for the awards on Logo’s NewNowNext website. Check out all the nominees here:


'American Horror Story' season 2 scoop: Ryan Murphy teases which actors will return and where it will be set

Last night, Ryan Murphy appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen and dished out some scoop on American Horror Story‘s second season. First, during a round of Cohen’s nightly game “Plead the Fifth,” Murphy revealed that Golden Globe and SAG Award winner Jessica Lange will make an appearance during AHS season 2 (A rep for the show’s studio, 20th Century Fox, tells EW that there’s no official deal yet with Lange). Then, during the web-only after show, Murphy teased a few more details…

  • AHS season 2 will take place on the East Coast and will involve a “horror institution.”
  • Murphy is in talks with four of the previous AHS castmembers but none of them were the Harmons—not surprising since the entire family perished by the end of season 1. By our deduction, that means potential returnees could include Lange, Denis O’Hare, Evan Peters, and Frances Conroy.

EW readers should remember that Murphy told me exclusively last December that the secret to the second season was hidden in the penultimate “Birth” episode. It’s time to go back and watch that hour again, AHS fans! Post your theories below!

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'American Horror Story': [SPOILER] features the secret to season 2 -- EXCLUSIVE

It’s been a week since the shocking finale of FX’s American Horror Story, which found the entire Harmon family dead but happily haunting their home. Co-creator Ryan Murphy told the media last week that season 2 would be a complete reboot of the show with a new location and new cast. He also teased that the secret to next season could be found in AHS’ final three episodes. Well, AHS fans, EW is gonna narrow it down even further for you: the secret to season 2 can be found in….SPOILER ALERT…”Birth,” the penultimate episode of the season and the one in which Vivien went into labor. Says Murphy, “Go through it frame by frame. I planted it in there. I will never reveal it.”

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'American Horror Story' scoop: Second season will have new cast, locale (goodbye, Jessica Lange?)

Attention American Horror Story fans: hope you didn’t get too attached to the Harmon mansion and most of its inhabitants. Creator Ryan Murphy told reporters today that season 2 of the hit FX drama will begin with a new locale and a (mostly) new cast.

That means fans may — or may not — get another fix from stars like Jessica Lange, Dylan McDermott, and Connie Britton when the drama returns next year. “Some of them will be coming back,” Murphy teased during a teleconference today. “I’m talking to several of them and we’re in negotiations. There will be familiar faces, but there will also be new faces on the show.”   READ FULL STORY

'American Horror Story': Ryan Murphy talks the game-changing season finale -- EXCLUSIVE

Prashant Gupta/FX

SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE SEASON FINALE OF AMERICAN HORROR STORY!!!!! I’m not sure there’s another show on TV that would have the guts to kill off its lead characters and that’s what makes AHS‘ finale such an exhilarating shocker. In the end, Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) joined his dead wife Vivien (Connie Britton) and dead daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga) in the afterlife once vengeful ghost-stress Hayden (Kate Mara) hung him from the house’s balcony. (If you were wondering what Ryan Murphy was alluding to in last week’s Q&A, about “the most shocking scene we’ve ever done,” this is the moment he was talking about.) Plus, Constance (Jessica Lange) ended up with yet another baby who appears to be a deviant killer. EW talked to Ryan Murphy exclusively about the FX series’ twisty (and twisted) climax. 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The prologue seemed to tease that the house pulled the Harmons to it. Was that what you were implying?
I don’t know if they were targeted. I don’t think the Internet site had any supernatural pull to it… although that would have been hilarious. I thought it was two things: it was house porn because I think that house really is extraordinary. And also I think there’s always that allure in American lives of the fresh start, moving West, starting fresh. READ FULL STORY

'American Horror Story' season finale: Will Ben heed Constance's warning? -- VIDEO

The season finale of American Horror Story is upon us and if these clips are any indication, we’re in for a pretty cool hour. Hello, understatement.

In the preview clips from tomorrow’s episode, we see Constance dolling out one final warning to Ben, who comes to retrieve his newborn from his neighbor. And in the second clip, ghost Vivian and Violet encourage Ben (in a pretty sappy scene) to take the baby and leave the house. READ FULL STORY

Golden Globes: 'I'm taking Rubber Man as my date,' jokes Ryan Murphy

It was a good morning for Ryan Murphy as both of his TV series, Glee and American Horror Story, were nominated for Golden Globes. Glee snagged a Best Comedy Series nom while AHS scored Best Drama Series and Best Supporting Actress for star Jessica Lange. EW talked to Murphy for his reactions to the nominations.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Are you so excited about the nominations?
RYAN MURPHY: I was so excited because I wasn’t expecting either of those. Yeah, I was really happy.

I sorta thought AHS would get nominated because the Globes tend to favor newer stuff. Were you surprised more by that getting nominated than Glee? READ FULL STORY

'American Horror Story': Connie Britton talks Vivien shocker and filming birthing sequence -- 'It was exhausting and brutal'

Mike Ansell/FX

SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE LATEST ‘AMERICAN HORROR STORY’!!!! Last week came the revelation that Violet Harmon (Taissa Farmiga) had been dead for weeks. Now, AHS viewers know that her mother, Vivien (Connie Britton), has also died in their haunted house. The move to L.A. has not been great for Vivien who was not only raped by Tate dressed as Rubber Man, but also died while birthing her twins…only one of whom survived. EW talked to star Connie Britton about Vivien’s roller-coaster ride as well as what this means for Britton and Vivien’s presence for season 2.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You gave birth and you died! Did you know Vivien was gonna die? How far in advance did Ryan tell you?
Totally. He told me the first conversation we ever had about it. Oh yeah, I always knew I was gonna die.

Oh you did?! You big liars!
I know!

So he told you in your initial meeting?
Yeah. Honestly, because of the way the everybody works, that was always the intent, but who knows? You never knew what was actually going to happen on the show. Every week we were all really surprised. Initially we kinda thought it was gonna be kind of a murder-suicide kinda thing with me and Dylan’s character. But then I think pretty early on I knew it was probably going to be during childbirth. I was excited about it.

Well, the one good thing is you’re dead but you’re still on the show.
On that show, ghosts are the ones who really have the life.

You don’t have to worry about costume changes anymore.
No, but that’s what’s so funny. I sorta thought that, too. Somebody, maybe it was Kate Mara, said, “No no no no. Apparently, all the ghosts have complete wardrobes.” It’s true. In the last episode, I have never had more wardrobe changes and, by the way, several of them couture. I don’t know where these ghosts go shopping.

You’re outta the loony bin and onto the runway!
I knowww!

What was “Birth” like to film? The most intense so far?
Well, I mean really on our show can you say? It took three whole days to shoot that sequence. So I was really having to scream for three days straight. It was exhausting and interesting because I haven’t actually given birth. I really wanted to try and have it be as accurate as it could. They had a med tech on set and stuff like that. It was really exhausting and kind of brutal.

What has Vivien’s journey been like for you? It’s been so up and down…well more downs.
Overall, it really was fun, which really surprised me actually. Honestly, it was just so challenging for me as an actress and that’s fun. I really ended up having fun even though I was scared to death half the time. Not only scared by the material but just scared as an actress, like, how in the world am I going to do that today. But that’s a really fun way to feel as an actor.

It’s almost a happy ending since Violet now at least gets to be with her mother.
I know. I know what you mean. By the way, that’s just an example of how perverse this show is. It’s kind of a happy ending: She can be together with her dead daughter. I mean really, only from the mind of Ryan Murphy.

Can you say anything about the finale? Vivian pops back up right?
Oh yeah. I’m living the dream as a ghost.

Can you tease anything regarding the plot?
I really don’t wanna ruin it for you. I love the finale. Let me put it this way: a lot happens.

What does this mean for you about season 2? Do you know anything?
Um. I…mmm. [Laughs] I’m really not at liberty to say. I wouldn’t be surprised if season 2 is very different from season 1 but that’s all I know.

What’s next for you? You have an adorable new baby so you’re probably gonna be taking care of him.
Yeah. I’m gonna take some time off and be with my little love. We’ll see how the next chapter unfolds.

Well, you just potentially birthed the Antichrist so you’re allowed to take a break.
Don’t you think? Isn’t it funny that the birthing episode we shot right after I got back from adopting my baby.

Was it surreal then to film that?
Yeah, the whole thing because the whole season I was in the process of doing the final motions of getting the baby and going to Ethiopia, which I did while we were shooting. It really was fascinating to me in terms of life imitating art. But I’m happy to report that my beautiful new baby is not the devil. [Laughs] As far as I can tell anyway. [Laughs]

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'American Horror Story’: Ryan Murphy warns finale contains 'the most shocking scene we've ever done' -- EXCLUSIVE

Ray Mickshaw/FX

SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE LATEST EPISODE OF AMERICAN HORROR STORY!!!! The FX hit has been building to Vivien (Connie Britton) finally giving birth and, boy, did that NOT disappoint. “Birth” was arguably AHS‘ most intense hour to date, and marked the death of Vivien Harmon. It also showcased a delicious bitch fight between Constance (Jessica Lange) and Chad (Zachary Quinto), as well as the demise of the love affair between Tate (Evan Peters) and Violet (Taissa Farmiga). Plus we saw the infantata again…really close up!!! With only Dec. 21′s season finale left, EW talked to Ryan Murphy about the emotionally draining hour.   READ FULL STORY

'American Horror Story': Taissa Farmiga talks last night's huge Violet twist -- 'I totally called it'

Ray Mickshaw/FX

SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE OF AMERICAN HORROR STORY!!! Fans of FX’s horror series have been debating for weeks now whether or not Violet (Taissa Farmiga) is dead or alive and last night’s episode finally revealed the truth: Violet actually died weeks ago after a pill overdose. Farmiga says it was tough reading that her character had perished. “I was sad because now she’s trapped there,” says the actress. “She can’t get away from it. Once she finds out all the secrets that are around, she’s not gonna be too happy.” That’s an understatement given that her boyfriend Tate (Evan Peters) not only impregnated her mother Vivien (Connie Britton) with potentially the anti-Christ but is also basically a serial killer. And you thought Edward and Bella had it bad. EW talked to Farmiga about the shocking twist and what this means for her character’s future on American Horror Story.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Were you surprised to find out Violet was dead?
TAISSA FARMIGA: Honestly, I totally called it. The writers gave you little hints like she hasn’t been to school in two weeks. I was like, “Wait a minute — Is Violet dead? Is she dead?” I was asking people and they wouldn’t tell me and they weren’t allowed to tell me. As soon as I read the script, I screamed. I was like, “I knew it!” READ FULL STORY

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