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Tom Bergeron to exit 'America's Funniest Home Videos' after next season

Tom Bergeron has set the date for the last time he’ll introduce a montage of grandmothers tripping down the stairs while losing their wigs. READ FULL STORY

Happy Halloween: Two and a half minutes of frightened freak-outs -- VIDEO

For some people, the best part of Halloween is handful after handful after why-did-I-just-have-that-last-handful of candy corn and Kit Kats. For others, it’s the gory or slutty or gory-slutty costumes. But for some of us, it’s simply just watching people get the living s— scared out of them. The folks at America’s Funniest Home Videos have a special treat for that last subset of individuals. Click below to watch a montage of people who have been tricked into a frenzied state of fright. Scarecrow Puncher and Jazz Hands Guy, thank you for the laughs at your expense — and elevated heart rate. READ FULL STORY

'America's Funniest Home Videos' hits 500 eps: The writers pick their Top 10 clips -- VIDEO

It began all the way back in 1989, with a man jumping on a diving board that breaks in half, depositing him unceremoniously into a pool. Since then, America’s Funniest Home Videos has left no wacky clip unspooled: Take the woman who tumbles into a pool after a diving board accident. Or the kid who tumbles into a pool after a diving board accident. Or the dog who tumbles into a pool after a diving board accident…

Indeed, over the last 23 seasons of the original viral video machine, we’ve seen it all: more than 26,000 clips of high jinks, from great ones to groaners, from countless skiing wipeouts, wedding pass-outs and doggie freak-outs to three different incidents of nuns falling over. This Sunday at 7 p.m., the ABC show celebrates a big milestone with its 500th episode, complete with a presentation of the Golden Cup Award, in honor of the millionth groin hit (that figure may be only slightly exaggerated). To mark the occasion in our own special way, we asked AFV’s writers — Todd Thicke, Mike Palleschi, Jordan Schatz, and Erik Lohla — to scour their brains and video databases to assemble a list of their ten favorite clips of all time. These are the videos that still tickle them silly after a thousand viewings (that figure may be a little low). And because America, America, this is you, we’ve also included a bonus montage from the 50oth episode of people losing all sorts of battles with windows and doors. Raise your cups (of the athletic kind) to AFV and press play. READ FULL STORY


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