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Next 'Archer' season will include a 'Bob's Burgers' crossover episode -- EXCLUSIVE


Fans of animated comedy have known H. Jon Benjamin’s gruff deadpan since the days of Comedy Central’s Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist and, later, Adult Swim’s Home Movies. Lately, he’s been voicing the title characters to two of TV’s funniest cartoons, FX’s Archer and Fox’s Emmy-nominated Bob’s Burgers — and, soon enough, fans will get to watch him do both at once.

In an interview with EW, Benjamin revealed that the Archer team has produced a crossover episode in which he’ll play both ISIS agent Sterling Archer and grillmaster Bob Belcher. The episode’s already been recorded, he says, and will air during Archer‘s next season (FX has yet to announce a premiere date).


“[Archer creator Adam Reed] really likes Bob’s Burgers,” Benjamin says. “And the fourth season has a Bob’s Burgers tie-in, which is really bizarre.”


'Family Guy': Ryan Reynolds to cameo as the original son of God -- EXCLUSIVE

Many people consider Ryan Reynolds to be God’s gift to man, but this season on Family Guy, he’ll be playing a literal version of that — with a twist. For a cameo role in the animated comedy’s Christmas episode, he will lend his voice to someone who might be described as a precursor to Jesus. Or as Family Guy executive producer Mark Hentemann explains: “He’s God’s previous attempt at an immaculate conception — his first son that didn’t quite work out.” READ FULL STORY

'Star Wars: The Clone Wars': First look of Darth Maul in Season 5 -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


In March’s season finale, Star Wars: The Clone Wars served up a canon-rewriting revelation: Darth Maul was alive, if not particularly well. Okay, he was a raving lunatic, having been driven mad over losing his legs to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber on Naboo. In place of those severed limbs, his Dark Side rage had sprouted spider legs from his torso. If you watched last season, you know it was one of the creepier things we’ve ever seen in the franchise.

Well, you can’t keep a bad Sith down, it seems. After being rescued by his brother, Savage Opress, Maul regained his wits and a fancy new pair of metallic legs thanks to Mother Talzin’s Nightsister magic. Just like that, he was back in fighting form and even ready for a rematch with Obi-Wan. Guess what? Maul won. Or at least forced the Jedi Master to retreat. When we last saw the tattooed Sith, he vowed not to chase after Kenobi but, rather, make such a ruckus in the galaxy that the Jedi would be forced to come to him…on his own turf.

Now EW’s got your first look at Maul and Savage slashing their way through season 5. Check out this exclusive video, which just played at The Clone Wars‘ Comic-Con panel but is making its online debut right here, after the break: READ FULL STORY

Johnny Depp to reprise Edward Scissorhands role... on 'Family Guy'! -- EXCLUSIVE

Johnny Depp is going to be a real cut-up on Family Guy: The film star will return to his role from Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands in an upcoming episode of the animated Fox comedy, EW has learned. READ FULL STORY

Nickelodeon orders second season of 'The Legend of Korra' -- EXCLUSIVE

It’s official: The Legend continues! Nickelodeon has picked up a second season of the animated adventure series The Legend of Korra, EW has learned. After averaging 3.8 million viewers for Season 1, Book 1, which concluded June 23, the Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel is receiving a second-season order of 26 episodes that presumably will be divided into two parts called Books 3 and 4, bringing the total number of episodes to 52.

The series is already set to return in 2013 with the premiere of Season 1, Book 2 (which consists of 14 previously ordered episodes), as 17-year-old chosen one Korra (voiced by Janet Varney) has now become a fully realized Avatar. The cast also includes Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men), David Faustino (Married… with Children), and P.J. Byrne (Horrible Bosses).

Nickelodeon’s ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ reboot: See the show’s trailer here! — EXCLUSIVE
Nickelodeon’s ‘Figure It Out’ reboot slimes its first star — EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Nickelodeon sets premiere date for 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' -- EXCLUSIVE

Two weeks ago, EW premiered the trailer for Nickelodeon’s reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, and now we’ve got some more exclusive information for you: The children’s cable network will premiere the show on Saturday, Sept. 29, at 11 a.m. in a one-hour special event. Nickelodeon will officially announce the premiere date on the network on Saturday.

The half-hour action series is set to consist of 26 episodes about the four, butt-kicking turtles who rise from the sewers: Leonardo (American Pie‘s Jason Biggs), Raphael (Lord of the Rings‘ Sean Astin), Michelangelo (Teen Titan‘s Greg Cipes), and Donatello (Planet Sheen‘s Rob Paulsen, who voiced Raphael in the original animated series during the ’80s and ’90s). The network describes the series as: “Funnier and with more Ninjutsu than ever before, the show will explore the companionship of four teenage brothers learning to rely on themselves and one another as they unravel the mystery of their existence and grow to become the heroes in a half-shell that they are destined to be.”

Rounding out key roles in the series include Mae Whitman (Parenthood) as the boys’ pal April O’Neil; Hoon Lee (Royal Pains) as the Turtles’ sensei and father figure Master Splinter; and Kevin Michael Richardson (Penguins of Madagascar) as nemesis Shredder.

Tanner on Twitter: @EWTanStransky

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Nickelodeon’s ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ reboot: See the show’s trailer here! — EXCLUSIVE
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Nickelodeon acquires Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Nickelodeon's 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' reboot: See the show's trailer here! -- EXCLUSIVE


EW gave you an exclusive first look at Nickelodeon’s new and improved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series last year. But now, as the series’ TBD fall launch nears, we’ve got another special treat for you: an exclusive look at the show’s official trailer.

Natch, the trailer quickly goes into the origin story of the Turtles. “They were created by accident,” the voice in the trailer tells us. “They were kept a secret. They were trained for battle. And now, when their city is under siege, the fate of humanity is in the hands of these four…turtles!” And it continues: “When evil threatens our universe, these four brothers are destined to save the world!” Then it takes a few moments to introduce each of the four green guys: Leonardo, “the leader”; Donatello, “the brains”; Raphael, “the muscle”; and Michelangelo, “the wild one.” However, there seems to be no sign of Splinter or April in this trailer, unfortunately.

EW recently spoke with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles executive producer Ciro Neili, who explained how this iteration of the characters fits into the Turtles universe. “I tried to boil it down and get to really what’s at the core of it,” Neili says, “which is this sense of brothers and camaraderie. Everything grew out of that. It’s like a band. You want a Beatles thing.”

The trailer — which you can find embedded below — will premiere on tomorrow and Nickelodeon this Saturday, June 23, during the season 1, book 1 finale of Legend of Korra, which is an hour-long TV event featuring two back-to-back episodes.


'Futurama': Bender impregnates a soda machine! -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Ever procreated with a beverage machine? No, of course you haven’t. We leave that kind of stuff to Bender. The feisty robot will explore fatherhood in ways we never imagined in the season 7 premiere of Futurama, the 31st-century set animated comedy that returns to Comedy Central on June 20 at 10 p.m. (A second episode will air at 10:30 p.m.)

In “The Bots and The Bees,” the crew gets a new soda machine, which Bender finds a way to impregnate. “If that sounds confusing, don’t worry, there will be an explanatory film within the episode that explains the robot reproductive cycle,” exec producer David X. Cohen tells EW. READ FULL STORY

'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Season 5 trailer: Darth Maul, Death Watch battle over the galaxy -- EXCLUSIVE

Even legendary prequel naysayer Simon Pegg has made up with Star Wars. Why?

The Clone Wars. Making Star Wars cool again, twenty minutes at a time,” he tweeted in February, shortly before voicing Empire Strikes Back bounty hunter Dengar in an episode. But you don’t have to take Pegg’s word for it. Instead, check out Darth Maul and the Death Watch battling for galactic supremacy in this dark, kinetic new trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ fifth season, set to debut on Cartoon Network this September. Cynical as you may be about the franchise, it’ll make you feel like your 12-year-old self clutching a Boba Fett lunchbox in no time. Or as the series’ supervising director Dave Filoni tells EW, “There’s a lot of payoff coming.” READ FULL STORY

Daniel Tosh's animated 'Brickleberry': Who's in the cast? What does it look like? -- EXCLUSIVE

After bringing you the finest commentary on asinine goofs and oofs, Tosh.0 host Daniel Tosh is branching out into the world of animation on Comedy Central: Brickleberry (seen here on the left) will chronicle the exploits of a ragtag group of forest rangers at a second-tier national park. READ FULL STORY

'Family Guy' to Emmy voters: 'Come on, you bloated, overprivileged Brentwood Jews'

Another year, another headline-grabbing Family Guy Emmy campaign. In 2009, the animated juggernaut tried swaying voters with a threatening overdub of one of its most violent viral moments. In 2010, it cast Peter Griffin as the title character in Precious and told TV Academy members that if they didn’t vote for the show, they were racist. And last year, Seth MacFarlane and co. tried a softer approach, appealing to voters’ sense of fairness and the guilt anyone feels when looking at a sad baby.

But this spring, Family Guy is up to its old, purposefully offensive tricks. Emmy voters received a mailer of the show decorated with the controversial image at left — which boldly invokes old stereotypes about Jewish folks running the entertainment industry from their mansions in western Los Angeles.


Seth MacFarlane talks 'Flintstones' reboot at SXSW

Yabba dabba do not screw this up!

There are quite a lot of expectations for Seth MacFarlane’s upcoming TV reboot of The Flintstones, and the Family Guy creator confronted them head-on at South by Southwest (it’s not just for movies and muzak!) on Sunday morning.

“It’s still in the early stages. I’m finishing a rewrite on the pilot,” said MacFarlane, who was at SXSW to publicize his feature directorial debut in the upcoming Ted, starring Mark Wahlberg. “We’re trying to, essentially, stay true to what that show is. There’s something cool to me about, in 2013, turning on your TV and seeing The Flintstones and having it look like The Flintstones.” READ FULL STORY

'Ultimate Spider-Man' Exclusive First Look: Hey, Nick Fury!


Disney XD is preparing to launch a programming block on April 1 called Marvel Universe, which will focus on iconic Marvel Comics superheroes (a few of whom are, coincidentally, starring in major motion pictures this summer.) The centerpiece of the programming block will be Ultimate Spider-Man, which will follow the adventures of Peter Parker as a superpowered high schooler. The series’ creative team includes comic-friendly names like Brian Michael Bendis, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Batman: The Animated Series co-creator Paul Dini. (Drake Bell, of Drake & Josh fame, will play Spidey.) Check out an exclusive clip from the series, featuring an appearance by Nick Fury. READ FULL STORY


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