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Shipper Nation: A Valentine's Day treat for 'Fringe' lovers and a salute to TV's most romantic, creative (and arguably strangest) fans

Last Friday, Fringe fans were treated to an instant-classic installment of the Fox sci-fi series, one that significantly advanced the season’s defining storyline: Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) — marooned in a new rendering of history in which he has not existed since he was a child – trying to return home to his own timeline. Yet for one particular, peculiar subset of loyal Fringe viewers, “Welcome to Westfield” was nothing short of an early Valentine’s Day gift. They’re the fans for whom the dream sequence spectacle of Peter and Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) making love was a dream come true. They’re the fans that got goosebumps when Olivia planted a kiss on Peter, as if this “reboot” version of his ladylove had suddenly reverted back to the original iteration of her. They’re fans known as ‘shippers, and if you’re a Web-chatty TV watcher or pop culture aficionado who tends to fixate on romantic relationships in your favorite fiction or fantasize about the mere possibility of amorous activity between your favorite make-believe people, then you’re probably one of them.

In the current issue of Entertainment Weekly, we explore how the shipper phenomenon — which began with The X-Files and until recently has been more associated with sci-fi and fantasy fandom — has gone mainstream and how shippers themselves can impact the creative process. An added bonus for Fringe fans: Exec producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman tell EW that an episode scheduled to air next month, entitled “A Short Story About Love,” will be a shipper milestone. READ FULL STORY

Before I go...

ausiello-ew-finaleImage Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Kirsty Griffin/Starz; Art Streiber/NBC; Paul Drinkwater/NBC…here are my top 10 favorite EW memories, with a few exclusive scoops and spoilers mixed in.


Ausiello TV: The Series Finale (Part 2)

atv-finaleNo fancy introductions, just the cold, hard truth: Part 2 of the Ausiello TV series finale is embedded below, and, if the reaction from test audiences is any indication, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll debate the hidden symbolism — not to mention the morally ambiguous final scene — for all of six seconds before carrying on with the rest of your day. For your convenience, we’ve linked both halves of the video in case you either missed part 1 or just want to watch the whole thing together. Oh, and for the record, I’m really sad, and I don’t understand why no one is running over to hug me. [Beat] That’s better. Almost.


Ausiello TV: The Series Finale

ausiello-files-finaleI’ve been parked in front of the tube long enough to know that it really only takes three things to make a series finale work: shameless stunt casting, at least five game-changing twists, and, ultimately, a satisfying narrative wrap-up. I’m here to tell you that the Ausiello TV swan song has all those things and then some. Below you’ll find part 1 of the endgame. Come back tomorrow at 10 a.m./ET sharp for the shocking and occasionally emotional conclusion. READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' Scoop: Pauley Perrette confirms 'big Abby story coming'

Getting scoop out of the casts of NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles can be tricky. But at Friday’s 2010 Entertainment Weekly and Women in Film pre-Emmy hootenanny, I gave it the old college try, grilling Pauley Perrette and Barrett Foa to within an inch of their lives. What did I find out? Former Avenue Q denizen Foa revealed what he and new on-screen sidekick Renee Felice Smith get up to in his trailer when they’re not theatre-geeking out, and Perrette all but confirmed that this is the season Abby’s elusive backstory will take center stage. READ FULL STORY

'Glee' Scoop: Jayma Mays, Mike O'Malley talk 'Wemma,' Kurt/Finn, and The Boss

glee-will-jaymaImage Credit: Michael Yarish/FoxJust how crazy did things get when I caught up with Glee’s Jayma Mays and Mike “Kurt’s Dad” O’Malley at the 2010 Entertainment Weekly and Women in Film pre-Emmy bash? Let me put it to you this way. Before we were done, she got a little too close to my, ahem, microphone while discussing her upcoming on-screen affair with John Stamos, and he persuaded me to use a Springsteen classic to make my world premiere as a singer right here on Ausiello TV. Or did he? Press play to find out! READ FULL STORY

Cobie Smulders on the big 'How I Met Your Mother' wedding twist: 'I was [spoiler]'

Cobie Smulders knows the identity of the bride and groom getting hitched on How I Met Your Mother this season, and she’s… unfortunately not squealing. Bummer. She is, however, sharing her thoughts on the top-secret nuptials, which we’ll sneak a peek at in the Sept. 20 season premiere. The actress—whom I caught up with at last night’s 2010 Entertainment Weekly and Women in Film pre-Emmy bash—also previews the next chapter in the Robin Sparkles saga, hinting that the follow-up to “Let’s Go to the Mall” and “Sandcastles in the Sand” will be “loaded with sexual innuendo,” and proposes a new nickname for her Emmy-winning costar Neil Patrick Harris. The video’s after the jump!  READ FULL STORY

EW Emmy party video: 'Lost' nominee Michael Emerson responds to 'Office' gossip

emerson-240.jpgThe short list of possible successors to Steve Carell’s Office throne seems to get longer with each passing day, but one name has emerged as the clear choice among fans and professional TV watchers alike: Michael Emerson. And yes, the Lost Emmy nominee has heard the talk. Even better, he’s interested in the job—and he told me so at Entertainment Weekly‘s pre-Emmy bash last night. Emerson also weighed in on the recently released Ben-centric Lost epilogue and the possibility of joining his real-life bride Carrie Preston on True Blood. “I could play the mild-mannered accountant that gets torn limb by limb by supernatural beings,” he suggested. “People could pick up my gooey mess and put it in a bowl.”


EW Emmy Party video: 'True Blood' newlyweds Paquin and Moyer 'mourn' Lorena

emmy-party-2010Less than a week after becoming husband and wife, True Blood super couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer made their first public appearance together at the 2010 Entertainment Weekly and Women in Film pre-Emmy soiree last night in West Hollywood. Naturally, the main topic of conversation on the red carpet was… the savage yet inevitable death of Bill’s maker, Lorena. Hot topic No. 2? The real story behind that bloody spectacular knock-down, drag-out fight scene between Sookie and Debbie Pelt. READ FULL STORY

EW Emmy Party video: Connie Britton previews acceptance speech, teases final 'FNL' scene EVER

emmy-party-2010What was Connie Britton’s reaction upon learning that I pegged her as the dark horse to win the lead actress Emmy? “That’s just silly,” she guffawed at Entertainment Weekly‘s pre-Emmy bash last night in West Hollywood. Silly or not, the radiant Friday Night Lights all-star confessed that she has given some thought to what she would say should her name be called out Sunday night. (I’ve given some thought to what I’d say too, and it goes something like this: Sweet Jesus almighty, God is good!) Britton also handed me some scoop on her final FNL scene and the latest on those Prime Suspect ‘talks.’ READ FULL STORY

ATV Spoiler Alert: A hot 'House' quadrangle, a super 'Smallville' twist, and more!

ausiello-tvImage Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW; Michael Yarish/FoxThis just in: A new episode of Ausiello TV has been uploaded to my blog (see video player below), and it features some serious scoop. Seriously. Herewith are the highlights:

* House: For the first time in recorded history, House and Wilson will be involved in serious relationships simultaneously. What impact will that have on TV’s most popular bromance? Exec producer Katie Jacobs offers a preview.
* Smallville: Find out who’s been tapped to play legendary Egyptian goddess Isis. (Hint: You’ll never guess. Trust me.)
* Human Target: Another female character is being added to the cast, and she has ties to [spoiler alert].
* Glee: A lost interview with one of the show’s biggest stars finally sees the light of day.

I told you it was serious. I also told you the episode was embedded below, so what the heck are you waiting for? READ FULL STORY

First Look: Fox's seductive 'Lone Star' promo

This fall’s best new drama can now claim bragging rights to one of this season’s most provocative promo campaigns… 

Exclusive First Look: 'Gossip Girl' season 4 trailer!

gossip-girl-premierThe time for teasing is over. The très magnifique Gossip Girl trailer—the one I raved about at press tour a few weeks back—is finally going viral. First stop: The Ausiello Files! Warning to all you spoilerphobes: Stop now if you don’t want to know what goes down between Blair and Serena (new f**d?) and Blair and Chuck (re*n*t*d?) in Paris. READ FULL STORY


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