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Robert and Sarah enjoy an overnight date on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

On Bachelor in Paradise, love can change in an instant. But now that Sarah and Robert have officially survived her brief flirtation with the idea of Brooks, the couple is stronger than ever.

In an exclusive look at tonight’s episode, Robert and Sarah get to take their relationship to that “next step” that always stands for an overnight date. As Sarah puts it, “Tonight is his perfect opportunity to get to know me in every way possible that he can get to know me off-camera.” Hey, remember when these two were too nervous to even kiss? Good times.


'Bachelor in Paradise' preview: Ashlee is making Graham uncomfortable


With the Rose Ceremony behind them, the tropical love shuffle that is Bachelor in Paradise can begin in earnest, as attractive new monkey wrenches are thrown into promising pairings. Michelle Money is the newest addition to the show, and she’s got her sights set on Marquel.

This week’s episode also features the plight of Graham, who would very much like to date both Clare and Ashlee, but Ashlee is moving way too fast for him. Click through for the preview.


Marquel Martin takes a milk bath to prepare for 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Marquel Martin will not be remembered as a controversial contestant or as someone who left Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette with regrets. He was simply the nice guy who didn’t really share a connection with Dorfman but shared a very intense connection with accessories—and, of course, cookies.

On night one of his stay in the Bachelorette mansion, Martin impressed Dorfman with a cookie tasting. From there, he never got a one-on-one, but he always seemed sweet enough. Now, Martin will bring his cookies to Mexico, where he’ll attempt to find love once again.

Below, watch an exclusive deleted scene from tonight’s Bachelor In Paradise premiere, in which Martin re-introduces himself to viewers by way of a milk bath.


Clare Crawley talks Juan Pablo in 'Bachelor In Paradise' deleted clip

Bachelor fans know Clare Crawley well. After all, she was often the center of attention in one of the show’s most controversial seasons, featuring Bachelor Juan Pablo. From her late night/early morning swim with Juan Pablo to her feud with his eventual pick, Nikki Ferrell, Clare made her presence known. But will she do the same on Bachelor In Paradise?

We’ve got an exclusive deleted clip from the Bachelor In Paradise premiere, in which Clare talks about putting Juan Pablo’s “bullsh–” behind her and still believing love is waiting for her. READ FULL STORY

Ben Scott calls 'Bachelor In Paradise' his 'redemption story' in deleted clip


Ben Scott will forever be remembered in Bachelorette history as the guy who brought his kid to the first rose ceremony. And after that, he’ll be remembered as the guy who said hello to “Hollywood” on his exit limo ride, adding that the show had missed its shot at the perfect Bachelor. After all, he is a single dad from Texas, and does it get any better than that? Well, probably.

Regardless, Scott is now on his way to Bachelor In Paradise, and we’ve got an exclusive look at his introductory package, which was cut from the first episode. The biggest takeaway: He considers his time in paradise to be his shot at redemption.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Monday, August 4 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

'Bachelor in Paradise' cast revealed

If you’re still mourning the loss of Bachelor Pad, we have some good news: Although that specific Bachelor spin-off isn’t making a return, there’s another headed your way, and this one promises even more shirtlessness.

ABC has officially announced the cast of Bachelor in Paradise, the network’s latest reality TV endeavor, during which contestants will travel to Mexico and live together for seven weeks in an “isolated romantic paradise.” For seven episodes, we will get to watch all of their romantic explorations. We can’t promise kissing competitions, but ABC’s press release did mention something about “new twists, shocking surprises, unexpected guests, and some of the most unlikely relationships in Bachelor history.” Let’s all just hope none of that means Kasey is going to show up with a new tattoo.

Check out the full cast list below (with the Bachelor/Bachelorette season they appeared on in parentheses): READ FULL STORY


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