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'Being Human' stars Sam Witwer and Meaghan Rath tease season 4

Being Human returns Monday night (9 p.m. ET on Syfy) for its fourth season, and with it, the kind of strange set conversations Meaghan Rath, who plays ghost Sally, and Sam Witwer, who’s vampire Aidan, have come to expect: “Interesting conversations come from nudity scenes,” Rath says. “It’s always like, ‘Cover your nipples with this hand, and then dip your other hand in the blood.'” “‘But then also with the blood,'” Witwer continues, “just caress his face and make it look natural.'”

Asking them for Season 4 teases might be easier: Rath says the theme is, “Everything happens for a reason.” We’ll find out why Aidan, Sally, and werewolves Josh (Sam Huntington) and Nora (Kristen Hager) were meant to find one another and why they’re stronger together.  While new fans can jump in, Witwer says there’s also a payoff for longtime viewers. “There are things that happened in season 1 that we don’t really get around to explaining until season 4, which is really fun. That’s a fun thing to do to reward the audience like that. And there’s a whole plotline heavily involving Sally that if you’re a fan of season 1, you’re gonna love the hell out of it.”  READ FULL STORY

'Being Human' renewed for season 4, more Syfy programming news

Get ready for more adventures of your favorite ghost/vampire/werewolf trio. Syfy has renewed Being Human for a fourth season.

The announcement is particularly welcome news for fans of the supernatural drama who were left with some tantalizing cliffhangers when Being Human‘s third season aired its finale earlier this week. The show is based on the British series of the same name, which recently aired its series finale on BBC Three.

Syfy had several announcements about upcoming programming today surrounding the cable network’s New York upfront presentation. Check out more Syfy news below. READ FULL STORY

'Teen Wolf,' 'Person of Interest,' 'Elementary,' 'Being Human,' The Following': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room


No time for a flowery preamble today, friends. So let’s get to your weekly scoop-a-palooza.

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'Being Human' First Look: Josh and Nora get married! -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Nora and Josh are getting married!

In next week’s episode of Being Human, everyone’s favorite goofy werewolf and his lovely lady make it official, and EW has two exclusive pictures! READ FULL STORY

BBC series 'Being Human' canceled

British supernatural series Being Human has been canceled, BBC announced Thursday. The show will wrap up its fifth and final season (or series as our friends across the pond call them) later this year on BBC Three.

Series creator Toby Whithouse promised an “epic, thrilling and shocking finale” in a post on the show’s official blog. Hal, Tom and Alex will face off with their most fearsome adversary yet: the Devil himself.

About a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living under the same roof, the format was adapted to an American series of the same name, which is currently airing its third season on Syfy.

The six-episode fifth season kicked off earlier this month on BBC Three. An air date for the finale has not yet been scheduled.

[CORRECTION Feb. 8 4:47 p.m. ET: An earlier version of this post stated that season 5 of Being Human had begun airing on BBC America. The fifth season has in fact not begun airing in the U.S., and a premiere date has not been set by the network, EW has confirmed.]

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Sam Witwer breaks down 'Being Human' season premiere, teases what's to come

By the end of last night’s episode, Sally escaped limbo but only after being de-ghosted (new verb!) by Sam, Donna was about to do something with Ray’s body (resurrection?), and Aidan was on the floor dying.

To breakdown the action, EW hit Sam Witwer with a few of our burning questions: READ FULL STORY

'Being Human,' 'NCIS,' 'Elementary,' 'Grimm,' 'Big Bang': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

There’s no shortage of reasons to stay indoors and watch TV this week, people.

If you, like all the stars at the Golden Globes, have the super flu, you should probably remain locked in your batcave to avoid infecting others, and if you don’t have the super flu, well, why risk it?

If you need more motivation than that (why would you?) check out this week’s column for teases on some of the fun stuff in store on your favorite shows. Your fave not here? Make sure you send in your questions! (

See you next week.

'Being Human' exec producer Toby Whithouse talks 'The War Child'

We said goodbye to several characters in last night’s finale. Some we already knew had to go. Mr. Snow (Mark Gatiss) was blown to smithereens. Milo (Michael Wildman) disappeared. Cutler (Andrew Gower) melted—then got staked for good measure. The Old Ones are seemingly gone forever. But if you claim to have guessed that Annie (Lenora Crichlow) was going to murder Baby Eve along with Snow and co., and then walk through her door and off into the white light, I simply don’t believe you.

Below, exec producer Toby Whithouse chats about Lenora’s shocking exit, the addition of Kate Bracken’s Alex to the main cast, the death of Baby Eve, and that short glimpse we got of next year’s likely villain, the fixer Mr. Rook.


'Being Human' super-baddie Mark Gatiss primes us for tonight's finale

He’s a mean one, Mr. Snow. He’s so scary that even Hal (Damien Molony) shakes in his presence. And he’s finally arrived in Barry—with plans to takeover (and eat) the entire world. So what better man to play him than actor-writer-producer (and Being Human creator Toby Whithouse’s friend) Mark Gatiss, who besides penning Doctor Who episodes and co-creating Sherlock (in which he also plays Mycroft), spawned the BBC series A History of Horror? Below, Gatiss tell us where Being Human fits into the timeline of scary flicks, why he might be on Team Twilight, and what we need to know about Mr. Snow and Hal before tonight’s explosive finale.


'Being Human' exec producer Toby Whithouse talks 'Making History'

Hal did a bad, bad thing. Actually, he did a lot of bad things, but killing Cutler’s wife and tricking him into drinking her blood must be in the top 10 somewhere between eating a baby and scaring the bejesus out of 17th century England. We learned a lot about Hal last night. He once preferred double-breasted suits. He had two freaky henchmen. He’s Cutler’s maker. And he should have killed Baby Eve as soon as he got to Cardiff, because according to the missing piece of the skin scroll, she doesn’t save the world from vampires by growing up, she does it by dying. Oops. Perhaps it’s a good thing that evil Mr. Snow and the Old Ones have finally arrived to kill everybody anyway.

Below, Being Human creator and exec producer Toby Whithouse talks about the big mix-up, Cutler’s backstory, Baby Eve’s future, and what it all has to do with next week’s finale.

'Being Human' baddie Andrew Gower talks 'Puppy Love'

, and why he’s determined to expose the existence of werewolves. These three reveals will have such an impact on the upcoming season 4 finale, that we connected with Cutler himself, 23-year-old Andrew Gower, to dissect last night’s ‘Puppy Love.’

We’re finally going to find out Cutler’s deal. Did the notoriously super-secretive Whithouse let you in on it from the beginning?
I was told that Cutler was a solicitor. But we even had to keep a bit of his backstory a secret from the rest of the cast. I knew that he wasn’t your conventional vampire, and that he was obsessed with bringing vampires into the 21st century. And then later on, I found out the big twist and exactly why he is as he is. It was quite a big surprise for me when I did find out. I was a bit like, “Ooh, that is nice.” READ FULL STORY

BBC renews 'Being Human' for a fifth season

The BBC and BBC America are conjuring up another season of Being Human for 2013. The show — which hinges on a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost living together — lost two of its original leads following season 3, leaving only ghost Lenora Crichlow. But promoting frequent guest werewolf Michael Socha (This is England) to the main cast and adding unknown Damien Molony as the new vampire turned out to be less of a Hail Mary than a successful reboot. The fourth season opener on BBC3 attracted 1.2 million viewers in the U.K. — quadruple the number that watched True Blood’s British premiere, which aired the same night. “It’s always very sad when we lose characters,” creator-exec producer Toby Whithouse tells EW. “But it’s never terminal. To use our own mythology: As one door closes, another door opens.”

So what’s in store for the new season? Well, that depends on who makes it to and through the big bang of a finale — which also introduces a possible new baddie — on BBC America on Apr. 14, and even that isn’t a guarantee. “The future of Being Human is always slightly in a state of flux,” adds Whithouse. “Who knows what it holds for any of us.”

Update: In a BBC America press release sent out on Monday, Whithouse confirmed that Michael Socha and Damien Molony have already signed on for season 5. 

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'Being Human' vampire Craig Roberts talks 'Hold the Front Page'

Time for a break from the skin scroll, the arm burn, the War Child, and that looming visit from the Old Ones. Teen vampire Adam returned to Being Human last night with his new fiftysomething girlfriend, succubus Yvonne. They were on the run from the British press, who simply couldn’t understand the love between a graying seductress and a bloodsucking child with the soul of a 47-year-old man. So, what better place for them to hide than in Barry alongside the sacred Baby Eve?

Adam, with his crude jokes and even cruder gestures, proved a welcomed comic relief from a season-long plot that hinges on the murder of an infant. Below, his real life alter ego, Craig Roberts (Submarine), tries “to keep it as normal as possible” while discussing yesterday’s show.



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