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'Being Human' exec producer Toby Whithouse talks about 'A Spectre Calls'


Every ghost can’t be a goodie. Evil people die, too. Hence, Being Human got its first wicked apparition last night: Kirby (James Lance), the ’70s era serial killer. His weapon: mind games. His victims: Annie (Lenora Crichlow), Tom (Michael Socha), and Hal (Damien Molony). His goal: murder Baby Eve. He was eventually thwarted by a raging, terrifying Annie, who made him disappear—but not before he did some serious mental damage and some very impressive disco dancing. And, most importantly, he indirectly caused Tom to get werewolf blood on Hal. Thus, burning the vampire’s arm and making him look a lot like the nemesis that the skin scroll predicts will kill Eve.

Below, Being Human creator and executive producer Toby Whithouse tells us more about Kirby — as well as Annie’s taste in men, Tom’s taste in women, and Hal’s taste for babies.


Sam Witwer on Darth Maul's 'Clone Wars' Resurrection: 'He's going to be around for a little bit' -EXCLUSIVE

Last week’s episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “Brothers,” featured a canon-shattering revelation: Darth Maul had survived being cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi and was hiding out on the garbage planet Lotho Minor. His reentry into that galaxy far, far away is one of the creepier things we’ve ever seen from the Star Wars saga, not just because of the spider legs Maul’s somehow conjured for himself from the dark side of the Force, but because his shattered mental state hinted at the deepest, murkiest kind of psychological darkness.

Who better to play that than Sam Witwer? He’s already literally embodied the dark side with his character The Son on The Clone Wars’ third season and voiced Darth Vader’s secret apprentice Starkiller in The Force Unleashed videogames. Not to mention that he plays sexy vampire (do they come any other way these days?) Aidan on Syfy’s Being Human and portrayed the decidedly unsexy tank zombie that Rick kills in the pilot episode of The Walking Dead. In a far more awesome alternate universe, he was also the star of Frank Darabont’s ambitious original idea for the Walking Dead Season 2 premiere.

EW caught up with Witwer about Maul and what exactly his resurrection means for the future of the Star Wars saga as we know it. He’ll also be joining us, along with Obi-Wan voice actor James Arnold Taylor, for our live chat of The Clone Wars Season 4 finale starting at 7:40 p.m. ET/4:40 p.m. PT tonight. READ FULL STORY

'Being Human' exec producer Toby Whithouse talks about 'The Graveyard Shift'

Just when you think you know a guy, he turns up in mid-19th century England with a mustache, no shirt on, and human blood running from his chin to his waistline. This week’s episode of Being Human certainly gave us a glimpse at the old, non-reformed vampire Hal (Damien Molony) and it wasn’t pretty. Oh, and we also learned that he’s an Old One—that sect of super ancient, super nasty bloodsuckers whom everyone fears. Not exactly the kind of monster you’d want taking care of a baby, especially the savior of the world. Below, Being Human creator and executive producer Toby Whithouse dissects the real Hal and the rest of “The Graveyard Shift.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: That flashback at the beginning of the episode was gruesome. Now that we know what a bad, bad vampire Hal was, he seems erratic or unpredictable.
TOBY WHITHOUSE: I wouldn’t say it makes him erratic, but it makes him seem very dangerous—that he’s somebody to whom malevolence and rage are always lurking just under the surface. And you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until you see episode 7.

When did you decide that he was going to be an Old One?
That was part of the storylining process. We felt that Hal’s defection back to humanity would be all the more difficult if he was somebody who has been part of the supernatural world for centuries as opposed to decades.

How much should we read into Regus screaming, “Oh my God, it’s you!” when he first noticed Hal?
A lot. It’s hinting at Hal’s hinterland and background. One thing we’ve set up right from the beginning of the season is the gradual approach of the Old Ones, who will be arriving at the end. We wanted to tee Hal up for that nicely, so that you know when they arrive his relationship with them will not necessarily be straightforward.

Is it significant that Fergus said Mr. Snow was the only Old One who was not afraid of Hal?
Yes, it is.

Having the Old Ones travel to Europe on a boat is so old school Dracula movie. Was that on purpose?
Yes, because it’s classic Dracula.

Why did you choose to have Tom and Hal work in a café?
To be honest, this slightly sums up the difference between the U.K. show and the U.S. show. I don’t mean this in a pejorative sense about the U.S. show, but in the U.K. show our theme has always been that our characters want to live under the radar. So they will find anonymous jobs and live lives that are inconspicuous. A café seemed a really good setting for that.

Did you shoot in a real café that was decorated with a New York City motif or did you create it?
It’s real. It does exist and it’s there to this day. You could eat there. Knowing the fans, they’ve probably besieged the place constantly ever since.

That brings me to Michaela. She seemed like the classic Goth fan girl to me.
Not necessarily. She’s more one of those people that we’ve all met that thinks they are far more interesting than they actually are.

Tom mentioned again that he wants to build a backyard pool. Is that important?   
You have to wait until episode 8. That will be paid off. It isn’t just the ramblings of my confused mind.

Okay, while we’re on that, how badly are the characters misreading the skin scroll?
Well, they are correctly interpreting the information that they’ve got, but there is one crucial piece of the scroll missing.

I’ve been comparing the vampire’s voice on the radio in post-apocalypse 2037 with every male character that comes on the show.
There are much better ways of spending your time.

So I’m not on the right track at all?
[Laughs] No.

Argh. Have you had the war child plotline planned since Nina got pregnant last season?
No. Every time we sit down to storyline a new season the first question we ask is, “Okay, [what actors] have we got?” When we sat down to storyline season 4, the answer was hardly anyone. But what we did potentially have was Nina and George’s baby. And so gradually, over the course of many frustrating and barren meetings, we came up with the idea of the war child.

I was stunned that Annie would leave Tom to run off with Baby Eve. Abandoning Hal seemed fine. But abandoning Tom seemed cruel.
There is a shift in Annie this season. She is becoming aware of her power, but I also think that she’s been given this mission to protect the baby and she takes that incredibly seriously. And that will be tested many times over the rest of the season. It will prompt her to do things that would have previously been considered out of character for her.

At the end of the episode, when Tom, Annie, and Hal watch TV, why did you have them pick Antiques Roadshow?
That was to mark the change in the show. There’s this moment before that—which was writer Jamie Mathieson’s idea—where they deliberately switch over from The Real Hustle which was the trademark program for Mitchell, George, and Annie. Antiques Roadshow is also the kind of parochial show that would appeal to Tom and Hal, because being that one is a werewolf and the other is a vampire, they really venerate the mundane. I personally can’t bear the Antiques Roadshow. Even the theme music breaks me out in hives because it reminds me of long boring Sundays when I was a kid.

You know the speech Tom gave about how vampires should have huge bank balances because they’ve been alive so long? I’ve been pondering something like that: How do vampires know what they look like when they get dressed in the morning?
Blimey, that’s a good question. I’ve always said that vampires can’t be seen in your traditional silver-backed mirrors, but as any eagle-eyed viewer will be able to tell you, you will have caught glimpses of our vampires in windows and reflections on glass. So, I imagine they might occasionally be able to catch a glimpse of themselves in a shop window.

That makes sense.
But I should point out that’s more to do with that we don’t have the budget to paint box out reflections in everything—so we stick to mirrors and photographs.

Who cares, we’ve solved it now, accidentally.
There you are. Yes. Agreement. We’ve done it.

'Being Human' Q&A: Michael Socha, Lenora Crichlow, and Damien Molony bite into season 4 -- EXCLUSIVE


Image Credit: Touchpaper/BBC

No one was singing "Ding-dong Mitchell’s dead" at the end of Being Human’s third season,
when the complicated Irish vamp was killed off so that actor Aidan Turner could depart the show for New Zealand and Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. So it was a stake in our hearts to find out that between then and yesterday’s fourth season premiere... [If you haven’t watched last night’s Being Human on BBC America, teleport out of here immediately if you don’t like spoilers]

…werewolf Nina (Sinead Keenan) — mother to fellow lycan George’s human daughter — had been beaten to death. And then, by the time the episode was over, George (Russell Tovey) had sacrificed himself to save his newborn — whom we now know is also the “war child” (i.e., the human who will wipeout vampires). READ FULL STORY

Who's going to Comic-Con: 'Glee,' 'Game of Thrones,' 'Spartacus,' more

Guess who’s going to Comic-Con this year?

Here’s an early list of shows we’re told will be presenting panels, plus more that are looking likely to join the fun in San Diego July 21-24:


True Blood (HBO)
Game of Thrones (HBO)
Spartacus: Vengeance
(Starz — hey, it’s a new name for season two!)
Torchwood (Starz)
Terra Nova (Fox)
Fringe (Fox)
Alcatraz (Fox)
Glee (Fox)
Once Upon a Time
Grimm (NBC)
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
Person of Interest (CBS)
Walking Dead (AMC)
The Vampire Diaries (The CW)
The Secret Circle (The CW)
Eureka (Syfy)
Dexter (Showtime)
Shameless (Showtime)
Homeland (Showtime)
Warehouse 13 (Syfy)
Being Human (Syfy)
Sanctuary (Syfy)
Supernatural (The CW)
Nikita (The CW)
Ringer (The CW)
Chuck (NBC)
Alphas (Syfy)
Mythbusters (Discovery)
Penn & Teller Tell a Lie (Discovery)
The Simpsons (Fox)
Family Guy (Fox)

Check back for updates!

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'Being Human' finale best for Syfy since 'Battlestar'; 'Borgias' viewership slips

The first season finale of Syfy’s Being Human rose 17 percent to deliver 1.7 million viewers (1 million adults 18-49). That makes Being Human the network’s best winter series since Battlestar Galactica in 2005.

While over on Showtime, The Borgias grip on Sunday nights loosened a bit for the Showtime drama’s second episode. The historical series starring Jeremy Irons dropped 33 percent, delivering 1 million viewers across two epiosdes (700,000 for the premiere, 300,000 for the first encore). Last week’s premiere totaled 1.5 million across two airings.

Showtime points out its drop is in line with other Showtime freshman shows during their second weeks — Dexter and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire both dropped 31 percent.

'Being Human': Sam Witwer on tonight's 'brave' finale

Being Human closes out its freshman season tonight on Syfy, and if Sam Witwer’s (pictured, right) warnings are true, it stands to change a big part of what fans have come to know about the show during its 13-episode season. And considering the various predicaments in which we last left our trio of other beings (Aidan was dying, Josh was on his way to being a were-daddy, and Sally’s door is open) there’s no telling where this is headed.

In a chat with EW, Witwer talks about the show’s future as it preps for a second season and addresses how the cast dealt with the inevitable comparisons to the British series this season.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Retrospectively, has the volume of positive reaction come as a pleasant surprise to you, considering people were ready to tear it apart? READ FULL STORY

'NCIS,' 'Community,' 'Smallville,' 'House': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

The best way to start the weekend is with a big serving of Spoiler Room, so grab your fork and dig in below.

Quick thanks to everyone sending in scoop requests, comments, and random (sometimes inappropriate-but-hilarious) TV comments to me at Keep them coming — especially as we head toward sweeps! You can also harass me on Twitter (@EWSandraG). See y’all Tuesday for more! READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural,' 'Being Human,' 'Chuck,' 'Gossip Girl': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Happy Tuesday, all! I come with freshly picked intel, completely pesticide free.

If you see your favorite show missing, remember to put in a request at or send me a Tweet (@EWSandraG). Also, as always, feel free to include heaps of praise, your general TV musings, and mythology theories so good I’d like to claim as my own! See you again Friday for more!

Holy cow, Humans! Last night’s penultimate episode of Being Human on Syfy not only included a few nail-biting cliffhangers (Please don’t die, Aidan!), but it also left us on a great note going into the season 1 finale. Lucky for you, Sam Witwer spilled many a secrets about next week’s wicked finale to help ease the pain of the wait.

“There are actually a few cliffhangers, and there are a few provocative questions, primarily with Josh and Aidan,” Witwer says. And some of those new questions are likely to be raised in the flashback scene to two years ago that “explains something that Josh did earlier this season,” Witwer teases. “There’s a vengeful move that Josh does at the urging of [Josh’s jerk were-buddy] Ray. We learn a little bit more about why he did that. And we’re also catching Aidan right as he’s about to pull away from the vampires; he’s already starting to feel quite alone and isolated. So that, more than anything, allows him to identify Josh as someone else who has the same problem.” READ FULL STORY

Midseason and summer premieres on cable: When to look for 'True Blood,' 'Pretty Little Liars' and 'Weeds'

UPDATED, 4/1: We’ve updated our list to reflect the return of Deadliest CatchEntourage and The Closer. Or maybe you are just dying to know when Toya: A Family Affair bows on BET! Here are some debut dates for many basic and premium cable shows through July: READ FULL STORY

'Smallville,' 'The Vampire Diaries,' 'Justified,' and 'House': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

First, can we take a moment to acknowledge today? No, I don’t mean April Fool’s. I mean that today will forever be known as the day with the most attractive Spoiler Room photo ever. Hope you’re not a vegetarian, because that’s a lot of beef, that photo.

Okay, that’s out of the way.

Now, the scoop! I know it’s April 1, but I assure you there are no jokes here. I take scoop seriously, and when you read today’s column, you’ll see why! Also, let’s take a moment to welcome Mandi Bierly, who makes her Spoiler Room debut with some delicious Vampire Diaries info!

As always, I invite your feedback/questions/musings. Send them all to or touch base with me on Twitter @EWSandraG. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural,' 'Fringe,' 'NCIS,' 'Good Wife': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Spoiler-Room-FringeImage Credit: Liane Hentscher/Fox; Cliff Lipson/CBS; David M. Russell/CBS; Jack Rowand/The CWFirst, a little thank you to everyone who has been sending in questions to Spoiler Room. Your thoughtful, energetic, and sometimes incredibly lengthy inquiries are both entertaining and motivating.

That said, start sending more because Spoiler Room is (trumpets) going TWICE a week. Yes, Roomies, starting next week, you’ll get double scoops of…well…scoop! So keep those questions coming. And look out for the first Tuesday edition of the column next week.

If this was a bar, I’d slip this to you on a napkin, but this will have to do: contact for spoiler requests or ask your questions on Twitter (@EWSandraG). READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl,' 'Good Wife,' 'Supernatural': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Spoiler-RoomImage Credit: John Paul Filo/CBS; Giovanni Rufino/The CW; Jordan Nuttal/The CW; Adam Taylor/CBSWhat is it about Leighton Meester that makes her so incredibly pair-able with others? Whether she’s standing beside Chuck or Dan (or Minka Kelly, for that matter), she simply oozes chemistry. Well, whatever “it” is, it makes for great TV (and perhaps also movies that you really want to see despite a fear of losing self respect). This week, I talked chemistry and more with Blair Waldorf’s amazing puppetmasters, Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran, who dish about what we can expect next from our favorite schemer and the rest of the gang. I also spoke with Matt Czuchry (insert tiny cartoon hearts here) about The Good Wife, dug up some dirt on Supernatural‘s (now postponed) return, spoke with Rachelle Lefevre about Off the Map, and much more. READ FULL STORY


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