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Midseason and summer premieres on cable: When to look for 'True Blood,' 'Pretty Little Liars' and 'Weeds'

UPDATED, 4/1: We’ve updated our list to reflect the return of Deadliest CatchEntourage and The Closer. Or maybe you are just dying to know when Toya: A Family Affair bows on BET! Here are some debut dates for many basic and premium cable shows through July: READ FULL STORY

'Big Love': An appreciation from a 'Big' fan

There have been tons of unique families in TV history, but none quite as interesting as the Hendricksons of Big Love. Before Sister Wives, this was television’s most riveting examination of plural marriage. For me, it’s one of television’s most underrated dramas and I’m still a little annoyed that it ends its run tonight having never received the high ratings or critical acclaim of HBO’s other series (No Emmy wins?!? Really?!?!).

While Bill Paxton’s Bill was the patriarch of the family, I’ve always felt the series was truly about the sister wives: Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn), Nicki (Chloe Sevigny), and Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin). I’m not sure there was another show on television that featured such complex, layered female characters or a more sterling trio of actresses. Sevigny was always the revelation, in the way she took an initially abrasive character and somehow turned her into the heart of the show, particularly in her struggle to balance her home life with her ties to the compound. But then Love was also blessed with a heaven-sent cast of supporting characters, including Harry Dean Stanton’s terrifying Roman and Amanda Seyfried’s rebellious Sarah.

The series hit its creative and emotional peak with its season 3 road trip episode, “Come, Ye Saints.” It climaxed with one of Big Love’s most moving and powerful moments, delivered without any dialogue: the Hendrickson family comforting daughter Sarah after she lost her unborn baby. Tonight, Big Love airs its final episode and I will definitely miss being part of this family.

'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Nikita,' 'Big Love,' 'White Collar': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Spoiler-Room_510.jpg Image Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC; David Giesbrecht/USA; Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW; Isabella Vosmikova/HBOAs promised, Spoiler Room is now twice a week! So keep those questions about your favorite shows coming in. With our new programming schedule, I have a chance to get to a bunch more of them — hopefully yours snuck in here this week. If not, keep harassing me at or on Twitter @EWSandraG.

Also, I gladly accept your insider tips if you’re a well-connected human being, your praise if you like building egos (specifically mine), and your tips on how to keep Spoiler Room best serving you. See you Friday! READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural,' 'Fringe,' 'NCIS,' 'Good Wife': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Spoiler-Room-FringeImage Credit: Liane Hentscher/Fox; Cliff Lipson/CBS; David M. Russell/CBS; Jack Rowand/The CWFirst, a little thank you to everyone who has been sending in questions to Spoiler Room. Your thoughtful, energetic, and sometimes incredibly lengthy inquiries are both entertaining and motivating.

That said, start sending more because Spoiler Room is (trumpets) going TWICE a week. Yes, Roomies, starting next week, you’ll get double scoops of…well…scoop! So keep those questions coming. And look out for the first Tuesday edition of the column next week.

If this was a bar, I’d slip this to you on a napkin, but this will have to do: contact for spoiler requests or ask your questions on Twitter (@EWSandraG). READ FULL STORY

'Big Bang Theory,' 'Glee,' 'Bones,' 'House': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Spoiler-Room-11311Image Credit: Richard Cartwright/CBS; Ray Mickshaw/Fox; Adam TayEditor’s note: This week’s Spoiler Room is rated PG-13 for references to male reproductive organs and discussions about Neal Caffrey’s upcoming philandering on White Collar. You’ve been warned — and likely enticed to continue reading because your filthy mind sustains itself on risque scoop. (One of us! One of us!)

For the PG set, we also have Bones scoop straight from executive producer Stephen Nathan, a relationship-related Glee tease, much more.

Send all scoop requests and complaints about decency standards to or Tweet them to me at @EWSandraG.

The first thing to escape Mayim Bialik’s mouth when asked about The Big Bang Theory’s upcoming Jan. 20 episode, “The Love Car Displacement,” is a soft giggle. READ FULL STORY

'Community,' 'Big Love,' 'Castle,' 'White Collar': Find out what's happening next in the Spoiler Room!

EW-Spoiler-RoomImage Credit: David Giesbrecht/USA; Paul Drinkwater/NBC; Michael Desmond/ABC; Isabella Vosmikova/HBOHappy New Year, Roomies! (Today is the 7th, officially the last day you can wish people a good new year without sounding weird. Whew. Just made it.) In this first 2011 edition, we chatted with Matt Bomer about the return of White Collar (and his upcoming nudie dance), have great scoop on the last season of Big Love (weeping begins now), and some Castle info that’s going to make soap fans seal-clap in happiness. And if you’re a soap fan who seal-claps when you’re happy, please send mockable videos of you doing so to

Oh, and send scoop requests there, too. Or for the least possible effort in your effort to obtain scoop on your favorite shows, ask me on Twitter (@EWSandraG).


'Big Love' trailer: 'Everyone's coming after us'

Big Love comes back January 16, and with it, a terrifically chic bob for Chloe Sevigny. Oh, and drama! So much drama. Can’t you hear the pounding drums? It’s like a Battlestar Galactica scene in this promo: READ FULL STORY

'Big Love' casting alert: Hello, Grant Show!

Big-Love-Grant-ShowGreat news for fans of Grant Show: Anyone who loved seeing the Melrose Place alum recently in Accidentally on Purpose (and Scoundrels, and Private Practice, and Swingtown) can get another fix come Jan. 16 when he makes a surprise appearance in the premiere episode of HBO’s Big Love.

Show plays a spiritual marketing guru who shows up just as Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin) is having a meltdown over her jewelry business. “That’s a major part of [Margene’s] story, that whole multilevel marketing that he’s involved in becomes part of her story,” Creator Will Scheffer tells EW. “So we see him big time in the middle and late season.” Adds creator Mark V. Olsen, ” They’ve got great chemistry and oddly enough he and Bill have great scenes together when they go toe-to-toe.” -With reporting from Tim Stack

For more on Big Love:
Big Love exclusive: First Look at the HBO series’ final season poster

'Big Love' star Chloe Sevigny on starring opposite Katie Holmes on Broadway, her dream TV job, and the comedian who spoofs her online

Big Love fans were sad to learn that this will be the final season of HBO’s family drama (spoiler alert: I’ve seen the premiere episode and it’s great) but star Chloe Sevigny, who plays the manipulative Nikki, is already thinking about her future gigs. The actress’ name has been mentioned as potentially starring opposite Katie Holmes in a Broadway revival of the play Extremities. Sevigny confirmed that she has indeed been considering a role in the revival . “I was reading it and I’m kind of seeing how the cast is gonna pan out,” she says. “I know the director is great but I feel like the cast has gotta be real strong. And it’s such a commitment.”

Meanwhile, she’s not ruling out a return to a TV series but is very specific about what she wants out of the project, namely, that it’s shot on the East Coast. Says the actress, ” I’m not opposed to another series but I don’t think I’d do one in Los Angeles. I’d like to do a half-hour comedy on a cable network in New York where I play someone really glamorous and really goofy. That’s my dream job!” she says, laughing.

But the question everyone wants to know (or maybe just me and my EW colleagues Tanner Stransky and Henry Goldblatt) is what does Sevigny think about comedian Drew Droege and his hilarious series of viral video spoofs of the actress? “I met him the other day,” says Sevigny. “I feel like he doesn’t dress like me, he doesn’t talk like me! I feel like there’s zero connection. I don’t even understand how he can say it’s me. And then the things he references are sooo not me. He was very charming and very nervous. He thought I hated him. Of course not! I’m flattered. But it’s just not me at all!”

Watch Droege’s latest “Chloe” spoof, “Holidays,” below…

'Big Love' exclusive: First Look at the HBO series' final season

big-love-finaleImage Credit: HBOReady or not, here it comes! The final season of HBO’s Big Love is upon us, and with Jan. 16 inching closer, we have your exclusive first look at the beginning of the end.

So ponder with me TV insiders: What’s next for Senator Henrickson and his trio of wives following last season’s cliffhanger? Will Big Love stop introducing crazy plotlines and strip down for its last bow? And where can I buy Ginnifer Goodwin’s entire look from head to toe?

Big Love‘s season 5 premieres Jan. 16 at 9 p.m. ET.

On Twitter: @EWSandraG

Midseason premieres (on cable!): When to look for ‘Big Love’ and ‘Justified’
Bye-bye, ‘Big Love’

Breaking: 'Big Love' to end after season 5

big-love-paxtonImage Credit: Lacey Terrell/HBOHBO is getting a divorce from Big Love. The cable net announced that the polygamy drama’s fifth season — premiering Sunday, Jan. 16 — will be its last. READ FULL STORY

Exclusive: 'Big Love' activates Terminator Robert Patrick for major arc

robert-patrickImage Credit: Chris Hatcher/PR PhotosBig Love just got a little bigger: Onetime Terminator Robert Patrick has just signed on to appear in multiple episodes of the show’s upcoming fifth season. READ FULL STORY

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Glee,' 'Gossip Girl,' 'Castle,' 'Burn Notice,' 'HIMYM,' and more!

ask-ausielloImage Credit: Carin Baer/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/CBS; Giovanni Rufino/The CW; Glenn Watson/USA NetworkGot a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the above to

Question: Any Glee scoop? —Ines
I’m hearing a major character (a series regular!) will find himself/herself in a literal life-and-death situation in this season’s third episode. In possibly related news (I say possibly because I honest-to-goodness don’t know), Chris Colfer’s Emmy-nominated TV dad Mike O’Malley tells us that episode 3 will be “another emotional, emotional episode” for father and son. The actor goes on to hint that the show will revisit the complicated dynamic between Burt and Kurt’s crush, Finn. “The last time I was on the show, [Burt] threw Finn out of the house. There [may] be some resolution there. One of the things I think is really important in life and for human beings is to forgive and be able to rise up from our mistakes. I’m hoping that Finn and Burt are able to cross that chasm.”

Question: I seem to recall you said that Chord Overstreet (a.k.a. Glee‘s newest stud) wouldn’t turn out to be Kurt’s new boyfriend. Jane Lynch tells it differently. —Ashley
Actually, Jane Lynch tells it exactly the same way I did. Snap.

Question: Will Glee ever cast Rachel’s “two gay dads”? Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are my top picks! —Kim L
Series creator Ryan Murphy sounds doubtful. Though “people always ask me to do that…I don’t know that we ever will.” Maybe he’ll go with Lea Michele’s idea. Says the boss, she suggested “we see them in season 3, like a shot of Elton John cheering her on in an audience. I haven’t decided how I’m going to do that.” READ FULL STORY


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