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How 'The Big Bang Theory' scored Billy Bob Thornton for a surprise guest spot

The Big Bang Theory moved back to Thursday night with nothing short of a miracle: The show was able to keep a surprise cameo under wraps ahead of airing, an act that’s nearly unheard of in an age where spoilers freely leak long before episodes debut.


Billy Bob Thornton post-'Fargo' Emmy nomination: 'I need a job'

Fargo villain Lorne Malvo was one of the most intimidating, fascinating characters of the 2013-14 television season. Fittingly, actor Billy Bob Thornton has received a best actor in a miniseries Emmy nomination for his portrayal of the cold-hearted hit man. He’s honored—but now that the season is over, the veteran actor says he’s also unemployed. We’re guessing that won’t last long.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Congratulations! How did you find out about the nomination?
BILLY BOB THORNTON: Well, I was asleep, so when I woke up I had a message from my publicist that said that I got a nomination. And I was thrilled, humbled by it. It’s a really exciting time, you know. During awards season, it’s like the holidays with a family. It’s like your entertainment family kind of all gets together, you know what I mean? [Laughs] And you kind of see some old acquaintances you haven’t seen in a while. It’s a real exciting time. It’s like Christmas for actors.

Did you reach out to your fellow castmate nominees this morning?
I have to a couple of them, but [my publicists] kind of put me on the phone quickly. But I have communicated with Allison, and Martin’s in England so I’m gonna… I guess it’s probably a good time, I’ll get Martin here in a little bit, and Colin. I think Colin’s like I am—he’s not real big on mornings. [Laughs] READ FULL STORY

Billy Bob Thornton talks 'Fargo,' 'Entourage,' and why he'll never direct again

Billy Bob Thornton has played some devilish characters, but never one as frightening and fascinating as Fargo‘s Lorne Malvo. Malvo is a mysterious grim reaper of sorts who lives by a strict code of malevolence — one that has a way of rubbing off on the innocent souls around him. In the premiere of FX’s new series, which airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET, a chance encounter with pathetic pushover Lester Nygaard (Sherlock‘s Martin Freeman) leads to some very bad things in the small town of Bemidji, Minn. READ FULL STORY

Watch the first seven minutes of FX's 'Fargo' -- VIDEO

Aw, jeez — there’s trouble in Minnesota again. And FX is giving us a sneak peek of what’s brewing.

The network’s hotly anticipated new anthology series Fargo – a dark comedy inspired by the Academy Award-winning Coen brothers film of the same name — isn’t set to premiere until April 15. Thankfully, the network has released the first seven minutes of writer Noah Hawley’s adaptation of the cult hit, which features a new story and characters.


FX's 'Fargo' teaser: Kate Walsh sings for her dead husband, Martin Freeman has quite the day -- VIDEO


“Ya don’t say?” FX has released another teaser for its new limited series Fargo, inspired by the Coen Brothers’ 1996 film of the same name, and it looks just as full of ice, accents, and crime.

The preview begins with Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Sherlock) — who plays insurance salesman Lester Nygaard, looking like he has been punched in the face — Billy Bob Thornton, who plays mysterious drifter Lorne Malvo, sitting together in a hospital waiting room. “What a day,” Lester says, in that classic Midwestern drawl. Among the clip’s highlights is Private Practice alum Kate Walsh, playing former stripper and mother Gina Hess, creepily smoking and singing with pleasure about her dead husband.

Though it’s unrelated to the film and features several new characters and plots, the TV series touches on the same core themes. Its cast also includes Colin Hanks as police deputy Gus Grimly, Oliver Platt as Stavros Milos, Adam Goldberg as Mr. Numbers, and Comedy Central’s Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as FBI partners Bill Budge and Webb Pepper, respectively. Check out the preview below: READ FULL STORY

FX's 'Fargo': First look at Billy Bob Thornton in action -- VIDEO


Billy Bob Thornton is battling the Polar Vortex in a brand-new video from FX’s Fargo, which premieres April 15.

Thornton plays drifter Lorne Malvo in the adaptation of the 1996 Coen brothers classic. While Joel and Ethan Coen are back as executive producers, the 10-episode series has a new story and new characters. In addition to Thornton’s Lorne, there’s Colin Hanks as police deputy Gus Grimly and Martin Freeman as insurance agent Lester Nygaard.

In the new clip below, Thornton’s character embarks on his daily car-window scraping, as The Ames Brothers’ “It Only Hurts for a Little While” plays on the radio. But this isn’t just about removing ice and snow. As the FX caption below the video reads: “This April, Lorne Malvo has a few things to clear up.” READ FULL STORY


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