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'Revolution': Elizabeth Mitchell teases aftermath of last week's shocking ending

[Spoiler alert!]

Last week’s Revolution ended with a shot heard ’round the world — or at least in Willoughby, Texas — when Monroe (David Lyons) put a bullet in the back of Texas Ranger John Fry (guest star Jim Beaver) to initiate a war between the rangers and the Patriots, leaving Miles (Billy Burke) shocked and speechless.

But Elizabeth Mitchell, who stars on the show as loving-mother-turned-resourceful-badass Rachel Matheson, says her character knew it was coming. “My immediate response was, ‘I told you so!'” Mitchell tells EW.

It’s an understandable reaction: Monroe may appear to have changed his villainous ways since the destruction of the Eastern seaboard in the first season finale, but Rachel remembers him as the militia leader who imprisoned her for eight years and ordered the deaths of her husband and son. Plus, Mitchell says, he’s a “loose cannon,” and his actions at the end of the last episode have only looped the gang into entering what will inevitably be a costly — and bloody — war.

'Revolution': A man from Miles' past returns

[Spoiler alert!]

The power may have returned on Revolution, but Miles (Billy Burke), Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), and Aaron (Zak Orth) are anything but powerful under the watchful eye of the Patriots.

That struggle only intensifies in this week’s episode, “One Riot, One Ranger,” with the appearance of Jim Beaver as John Fry, the titular ranger who, despite sharing a shaky past with Miles, may just be the key to defeating the Patriots.

“It’s not a very comfortable history [with Miles], but there are circumstances that will force them to work together,” Beaver says. “They used to know each other years before, and Fry is convinced that Miles betrayed him in a very nasty way.” READ FULL STORY

'Revolution': Watch the first 8 minutes of tonight's episode -- VIDEO

”We have light, power, we have everything.. and it’s time to let everyone know it,” declares Monroe ominously in this sneak-peak of tonight’s Revolution.

After a long hiatus the show returns at 10 p.m. and to get fans pumped NBC released the first 8 minutes of tonight’s episode ”The Stand.” Charlie, Miles, Rachel and the gang face off with Monroe’s helicopter and there’s a huge explosion within the first minute. Judging from Monroe’s plan, thing are about to get interesting.

In ‘The Spoiler Room’ executive producer Eric Kripke told EW, ”If the first half of the season was to find Danny, the second half of the season, this war really begins.”

Watch the first 8-minutes below: READ FULL STORY


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