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Ralph Waite: 'NCIS,' 'Bones' casts honor late actor

Actor Ralph Waite died Thursday at the age of 85, and though he was best known for for his portrayal of stalwart father figure John Walton on The Waltons, which ran from 1971-81, in recent years, he had recurring roles on Bones, NCIS, and Days of Our Lives. And after news of Waite’s passing, cast and producers from those shows honored the actor. READ FULL STORY

Olympic champ McKayla Maroney previews 'Bones' guest spot -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


McKayla Maroney might be in big trouble on this week’s episode of Bones.

In the episode, airing Friday, the gold medalist finds herself on the wrong end of one of Booth and Brennan’s investigations after a fellow gymnast meets her end. In the exclusive preview below, Maroney, who was part of the 2012 gold medal-winning U.S. women’s olympic gymnastics team and brief Internet sensation, admits to her Bones obsession and talks about her day on the set. READ FULL STORY

'Bones' sneak peek: Brennan's belated, biker-filled bachelorette party -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

While Friday’s episode of Bones features a murder reminding us why we don’t eat dinner watching this show — the ground remains of a food scientist are mixed into cans of stew served in a school cafeteria — there is another memorable visual in the upcoming hour: Brennan’s post-wedding bachelorette party. Watch a sneak peek below. READ FULL STORY

'Bones' sneak peek: Inside Brennan and Booth's wedding rehearsal -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS

David Hornsby’s reaction to being asked to preside over the marriage of his wife, Emily Deschanel, to another man is probably not what you’d expect it to be.

One reason is probably because the marriage is going to take place in the world of fiction. Another? He seems to be as big of a fan of Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Deschanel) as the rest of us!

In an exclusive behind the scenes video interview, Hornsby (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) talks about how he jumped at the chance to take part in the long-awaited Bones and Booth wedding, airing Oct. 21 on Fox, after creator Hart Hanson offered him the role of priest, saying at the time, “Well, I have to do that!”

“I’m a proud husband marrying off his wife,” he jokes.

Check out the behind the scenes sneak peek at the nuptials below. READ FULL STORY

'Bones,' 'Arrow,' 'NCIS: LA,' 'Vampire Diaries': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Scoop on the Bones wedding (and honeymoon)! Fresh Arrow dish that hits the target! And some answers on how NCIS: LA will deal with a real-life baby twist. All that and more in this week’s Spoiler Room.

Enjoy. Consume. Be merry. And send all follow up questions to! READ FULL STORY

David Boreanaz talks post-wedding 'Bones' and rumors it's his last season ('There's no truth to that')

Rumors that David Boreanaz is planning his exit from Fox’s Bones, which is now in its ninth season, have once again been greatly exaggerated. “There’s no truth to that,” he told EW Radio of the report that surfaced this week claiming he’s planning on this being his last season on the show.

In his talk with EW Morning Live hosts Dalton Ross and Jenna Morasca, he also addresses how the season will proceed after Booth (Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) finally wed in the Oct. 21 episode. “Now you have more conflict than you think: I still have got to plan a bachelorette party that she never had. We have to go on our honeymoon. We got to deal with, really, how to live with each other as a married couple. So there’s a lot of conflict that we’re going to be bringing to the show. It’s gonna be fun,” he said. “The dynamics will change… and it will still be solving crimes.”

Listen to more of his interview below.


'Bones' sneak peek: The team is out to outsmart Pelant -- EXCLUSIVE

Christopher Pelant won’t be on the lam for much longer.

The Jeffersonian Team is ready to smoke him out by staging a killing (with a cadaver) that will make innocent bystanders believe the crazy murderer has struck again. Meaning, they’re going to take what Pelant loves the most — the spotlight!

Will it work? Maybe. But not before Pelant has a chance to kill someone close to a member of the team…

Find out who bites it — and whether or not the team finally get their hands on one of the most elusive villains they’ve ever encountered — by tuning into Bones on Monday at 8 p.m. ET. But first, watch an exclusive clip from the episode: READ FULL STORY

'NCIS,' 'The Mentalist,' 'Hawaii Five-0,' 'Castle': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Happy end of the week, roomies! This week’s spoiler helping is jam-packed, so grab a drink, grab a snack, then dive in. I think we’ll have a lot to discuss in the comments.

You can also send me your thoughts/questions personally by writing to If you’re favorite show isn’t represented here, drop me a note. I’ll be happy to look into it for you. (Also, I’m on-call this weekend. Send mail to help entertain me while I’m stuck by my computer, please. Thanks.)

P.S. – Holy hot Spoiler Room collage, Batman! I can’t be the only one who had this thought… READ FULL STORY

'Bones' post-mortem: Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz talk Brennan's big leap of faith, tease next week's episode -- EXCLUSIVE

Bones and Booth have decided to give peace a chance in last night’s season premiere of Bones. Thank goodness!

But even though Brennan has agreed to give Booth a pass for breaking off their engagement (she told him that she knew he has his reasons for retracting his acceptance of her proposal and he didn’t have to explain) it doesn’t mean their troubles are over. Next week, the pair heads to a couple’s retreat for an undercover mission and, as Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz teased in our exclusive chat prior to a screening of their premiere at the SAG Foundation, their getaway won’t be all fun and relaxation. There will, however, be sweating! READ FULL STORY

'Bones' season 9 premiere: David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel preview 'miserable' Bones and Booth -- EXCLUSIVE

Can’t wait for the premiere of Bones? Well, the wait is almost over.

But first, check out our tease-filled chat with Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz,  with whom we spoke exclusively before the show’s season premiere screened at the SAG Foundation in L.A. In the video, the pair talks about Bones and Booth’s unsettled relationship, this season’s theme, and banter in the way only these two can.

Make sure to return for more from the duo after the premiere. READ FULL STORY

'Bones,' 'Chicago Fire,' 'Suits,' 'How I Met Your Mother': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Vacation is over. Time to kick off the Fall TV season in style!

Step one: Pick up this monster of an issue. Step two:  Program DVR(s). Step 3: Enjoy the scoop below! Step 4: Send me your burning questions (


+ Tease a cute Bones/Booth moment! — Rita
The end of the premiere is very touching. Watching Bones deal with her hurt feelings throughout the episode is hard (especially since Emily Deschanel is so good!) but it’s worth it for the ending.

+ Anything you can tell me about Pelant’s demise? — Cassie
Here’s what I can say: In the premiere, you don’t SEE Pelant, but his presence is so foreboding that a paranoid person might start looking at every piece of electronics in their house with a raised eyebrow. Meanwhile, anyone looking to buy some electronics?

+ How much do we see Freddie Prinze Jr. in the premiere? Did you like him? — Farrah
He doesn’t have a huge amount of screen time in the first episode, but we are introduced to the character, knowing he’ll be back at some point. (By the end of the hour, he owes Booth a favor!) And with such a small amount of screen time, it’s hard to read this character, but I like what I see so far. He’s almost seems like alt-Booth — almost how I imagine Booth had he not found Brennan and the Squints. If that makes sense.

+ Any teases for episodes beyond the premiere or the wedding? — Val
In the second episode — which, as previously reported, takes place at a couples retreat — there’s a sweat lodge scene. #thankyouproducers As for the wedding, this affair won’t be rushed. We’ll see a reception. There’s lots of returns. (Ryan O’Neal! Ty Panitz! Cyndi Lauper!) And, duh, a ceremony! 


Chicago Fire fans should be excited about the season to come. Why? I’ll give you FIVE reasons…

+ The episode takes place on Casey’s first day back after taking a trip to clear his head. He’s still struggling with the death of Hallie but he’s not as bad as when we last saw him depressed and disheveled. So are things looking up for him? Not exactly. By the end of the episode, he’s going to find himself very close to a situation that promises more headache-inducing situations. Can’t this guy catch a break?

+ One of the firefighters betrays his colleagues in what they believe to be a big way. It’s actually more hilarious than serious.

+ Michelle Forbes is deliciously evil in the role of Gail McLeod, a ball-busting consultant who is charged with keeping an eye on the firehouse. Gail is also the lady charged with deciding which firehouses are due for closure because of budget cuts. Her first interaction with Boden will leave you worried about Firehouse 51.

+ We learn one of the characters is being targeted! Like, someone-wants-you-dead targeted.

+ One of the crew is going to run for union president! I love the character the writers picked to lead this storyline. Guesses?


This season of Suits has been a rollercoaster ride of the best kind — both in terms of the relationships on the show and in terms of the larger arc about the firm as a business. And if Sarah Rafferty is to be believed, the finale will be a fitting ending to a twist-filled season. In the episode, airing Tuesday, the firm will still be reeling from the divorce with Darby, and on top of that, dealing with the lawsuit brought against them by Ava Hessington. “For better or worse, everyone has to come together and deal with that,” teases Rafferty.

But it’s not all drama, she says. “I can tell you there are some surprising, warm moments,” she says, “but just when you’re sinking into that great feeling of warm fuzziness, you’re kind of slammed with a bit of a revelation that you’re going to have to wait to find out [more] about in the winter premiere.” That’s right, there’s a cliffhanger. Surprise! (Not really.)

Elsewhere, look for Donna to have a really great scene with Stephen Huntley that takes place in prison, as seen in the promo. “You get a chance to see Donna have a little bit of closure,” she says.


Mindy Kaling, Zooey and Emily Deschanel have each other on speed dial... sort of -- VIDEO

Fox just made our alternate-TV-universe gal-pal dreams come true. Haven’t you ever imagined what would happen if your favorite female protagonists crossed over into each other’s shows? And what it would be like to have Mindy Kaling on relationship speed dial?

Fox is rolling out a series of character mash-up videos called Smash Chat in which Dr. Mindy Lahiri (Kaling, The Mindy Project) intercepts a phone call between Danny (Chris Messina, The Mindy Project) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel, The New Girl) and girl-crushes on Dr. Brennan (Emily Deschanel, Bones).

In the first video, see the queens of quirky-cute, Mindy and Jess, in a not-so-cute missed connection call.

'Bones,' 'Chicago Fire,' 'Teen Wolf,' 'Revenge': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Happy Spoiler Room day, friends. Hope this week has been kind to you. Mine’s been pretty darn good (see page 2 for details on a pretty amazing day I had on one of my favorite sets this week) and the weekend promises even more good things to come (Saturday’s my birthday!). No, you don’t have to get me anything, but I will take some of your questions! Send them along to Consider it my gift to you.

Have a good one and see you next week. READ FULL STORY


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