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'Pretty Little Liars,' 'Castle,' 'Fringe,' 'Glee,' 'Bones': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

True story: The other day, I spent three hours planning my TV schedule for fall. Yes, three hours. And yes, I took into account the fact that I have two DVRs. (Work and home!)

Like any good athlete, I’ve prepared and am ready for battle. THIS IS OUR TIME, fellow couch potatoes. Join me!

And now that we’re all motivated, I invite you to channel that excitement into some questions! Send all burning questions to And if you’ve already submitted one, maybe it made this week’s Spoiler Room column… READ FULL STORY

'NCIS,' '90210,' 'Bones,' 'Grimm,' 'Nikita': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Fall TV is coming! Fall TV is coming!

Sound the alarms. Set the DVRs. Alert your friends of impending hermit-dom. And send your spoiler q’s to Sandra: Or Tweet her @EWSandraG


The NCIS team has been through a lot of tough times together — but could the aftermath of last year’s finale explosion include some deep emotional and psychological consequences? That’s what one guest star will be tasked with finding out in the second episode of the upcoming tenth season. “A head-shrinker is coming to assess the mental status of our people,” star Michael Weatherly reveals. “And I don’t think anyone on this team should ever get looked at too closely by a psychiatrist.” READ FULL STORY

'Criminal Minds,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' 'NCIS,' 'Teen Wolf,' 'Castle,' 'Dexter': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Happy Friday, nuggets! (Don’t ask; it just felt right.)

Ready for some more neat infos I gathered while in Los Angeles for TCA? I’ll take your silence as a resounding YES! Thanks as always for your questions. Got as many as I could in this week and everyone else should check back next week!  And if you didn’t send any, tisk. Get with it: or find me on Twitter: @EWSandraG. (Tonight, most tweets will be Olympics related. Just a warning.) READ FULL STORY

'Breaking Bad,' 'Bones,' 'Grimm,' 'Teen Wolf,' 'Supernatural': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

What a crazy few weeks it’s been! Pre-Emmy speculation! Comic-Con! Emmy noms! And now the Television Critics Association Press Tour is upon us! That’s where I’m headed this weekend, in fact. There, I will run into all your favorite stars and the ones you don’t know you like yet (aka: people from new shows!) So make sure you stay in touch via Twitter (@EWSandraG). And I don’t mean “stay in touch” in the way people say it insincerely in yearbooks. I mean it for real. Tweet me! And I’ll be tweeting what I see, hear, and pictures I take while being impatient.

Also, send me your burning spoiler questions to Summer fun is over, TV watchers. WE’RE GOING BACK TO WORK!

The end of last week’s premiere of Breaking Bad, Skyler found herself on the receiving end of Walt’s “forgiveness.” But the fear we saw in her eyes as he approached her was anything but fleeting, according to EMMY NOMINEE Anna Gunn. “She’s really scared of him right now,” she says. “She’s living with somebody now who terrifies her, and she can not predict what he’s going to do. And she’s truly so in terror for her children.”

Backed into a corner, Gunn teases that Skylar will begin to crack. “That’s what this season is about for her. She’s no longer able to pretend that she can control it. She knows now that it’s out of her control and it’s just her desperate. Every minute is a desperate thought. What do I do for my children and how do I protect them?” READ FULL STORY

'Bones' Comic-Con panel: Booth to go ballroom dancing!

Bones may have had a small panel of only three people, but they proved quantity doesn’t equal quantity. Read a rundown of the fun that went down during the Bones panel in Ballroom 20.

The Panel: Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz and executive producer Stephen Nathan

The Big Revelations: Many! Here’s a rundown:

Dancing king? An undercover episode is being planned that will find Booth ballroom dancing! “Will I be wearing a tight, shiny, one-piece suit?” Boreanaz asked, mildly concerned.

Cam’s (not so new) love: Cam’s getting a boyfriend — and it’s someone we know! “[It will be someone] who will be very interesting to see her with,” says Nathan.


'Bones' creator Hart Hanson responds to David Boreanaz's tweets about series' possible end

Bones creator Hart Hanson went on a Twitter hiatus after the show’s May finale, but he says “about 400 e-mails” alerted him to comments star David Boreanaz made on Twitter Wednesday night about next month’s San Diego Comic-Con appearance “quite possibly” being the show’s last. Boreanaz also included comments about being “a free agent” come next spring, noting “you must always keep your options open.” Are the show’s producers, who returned to the writers’ room on Monday, plotting season 8 as though it’s the series’ last? No, Hanson tells EW exclusively. “We are in no way planning for it to be the last season. I mean anything can happen in a complicated world,” he says, “but we’re very, very confident in having at least a season 9, and I can see as far as season 10 before my eyes get misty.” READ FULL STORY

Yikes? David Boreanaz teases possible end to 'Bones' on Twitter

Will the eighth season of Bones be its last? That’s what star David Boreanaz was implying on Twitter late Wednesday. The actor who plays Special Agent Seeley Booth posted a series of tweets teasing a possible end to the FOX cult fave, including how he’ll become a “free agent” after next spring so “the Bones fair (sic) well tour is in full-swing.”

He goes on to say next month’s Comic-Con in San Diego “should be a blast and quite possibly the last for Bones Farewell tour? Look forward to seeing everyone there” before adding “you must always keep your options open and ready for new challenges. The fear is the unknown and that’s exciting.”

Needless to say, he panicked more than a few fans.

Is it really time to sound the death knell on the aging drama? One key insider told EW that it’s not dead, while another said Bones’ studio, 20th Century Fox TV, hasn’t even had discussions about what will happen beyond season 8. Meanwhile, the show averaged more than 9 million viewers in season 7. Though it didn’t perform as well as it did in season 6, when it lured more than 11 million, the audience was certainly large and dedicated enough this year to earn it a spot on Fox’s Monday lineup this fall.

Stay tuned.

For more:

‘Bones’ creator talks season finale
Fox 2012-13 fall schedule revealed

'Bones' creator Hart Hanson talks season finale and what's next for Brennan, Booth, and Pelant

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched last night’s Bones season finale (read our recap), stop reading now. Below, creator Hart Hanson discusses Pelant’s tour of Booth and Brennan’s home, Brennan’s decision to go off the grid, and what we’ll see in the season 8 premiere.  READ FULL STORY

'America's Got Talent' ratings lower despite Howard Stern


Surprise: NBC’s America’s Got Talent premiered lower in the ratings this year despite the high-profile addition of Howard Stern as the show’s new judge.

Monday’s two-hour Got Talent returned to 10.3 million viewers and a 3.6 rating, down 16 percent from last year. EW’s Ken Tucker suggested Stern’s performance was almost too nice.

Before everybody points fingers at Stern, however, here’s a big mitigating factor: Last year Got Talent premiered at the very end of May and was paired with The Voice. This year, Got Talent faced a full boat of competition from rival networks, so the talent competition might have returned lower in the ratings due to the scheduling change. NBC points out last night’s rating matches Got Talent‘s performance two years ago. At 10 p.m., NBC’s Smash (6.1 million, 1.8) finale was steady. [NBC, ABC and Fox's 2012-13 fall schedules posted here]. READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother,' 'Private Practice,' 'Good Wife,' 'Bones': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

It’s finale season, so much like in my personal life, I don’t have time for foreplay. (Dear God, I’m going to stop typing now.)

E-mail all requests to or find me on Twitter. See you next week — and hopefully by then I will have seen a professional about my severe case of word vomit.


'Bones' returns tonight: What to expect when Brennan's expecting

After a three-month hiatus, Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) are back on a new night (Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox) and with a new addition — their baby girl. Originally, producers thought Brennan would run off to South America to give birth with a tribe whose ritual she admired, and Booth would spend tonight’s episode trying to find her. “Even for Brennan, that’s a little bit insensitive,” creator Hart Hanson tells EW.

Then, they sketched out an idea for a home birth, which would allow the Jeffersonian gang to be there. But once they hit on the idea of Booth delivering the baby himself, they realized the moment should be Brennan’s and his alone. “It’s an incredibly emotional sequence, and we wanted to keep it that way,” executive producer Stephen Nathan says. “We wanted to give the fans the essence of that moment.”

So, look for Brennan to go into labor while the duo is investigating a murder at a prison — “One of the greatest images I’ve ever seen on Bones is pregnant Brennan walking through a prison riot,” Hanson laughs — and for Booth to deliver the baby in an unexpected location.  READ FULL STORY

Fox renews 'Bones' for eighth season

Fox has made its first drama series renewal for the fall: Bones will be back for an eighth season.

“Over the past seven seasons, Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan and the incredible Bones cast and crew have redefined the traditional crime procedural with an irreverent and adventurous sensibility and I’m really happy to have this distinctive, fan-favorite on our schedule for another season,” said Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly.

Next season, Bones will hit its 150th episode. Bones returns for seven more episodes starting Monday, April 2.

'Bones,' 'Supernatural,' 'NCIS,' 'Game of Thrones': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Hey y’all. It’s a busy day here in the Spoiler Room, so I’ll take just a beat to say thanks for your questions this week. I hope you enjoy everything (and be sure to check out the special treat for 90210 fans on page 2).

If yours didn’t get in, make sure you’re following me on Twitter, where I often Tweet a mid-week treat of some sort. (See: awesome Supernatural exclusive!) Or just keep trying me at See y’all next week!


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