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Megan Mullally caught 'Breaking In' to EW offices, posing with our Ron Swanson artwork: PHOTOS


The addition of Megan Mullally to the cast of Fox’s Christian Slater comedy Breaking In (Tuesdays, 9:30 p.m. ET) is making the series more of an office-set show, so it seemed only fitting to invite her to visit our own New York offices. She chose to accept two missions while on EW turf: Tease upcoming story lines (look for her in a future Spoiler Room column), and “break in” to a handful of staffers’ offices and tell us the one thing she’d steal from each of them.

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'Breaking In' fails to break out, yet 'New Girl' tops

Fox launched its four-show comedy block Tuesday night, with mixed results.

The network moved Raising Hope to 8 p.m., returned I Hate My Teenage Daughter  to 8:30 p.m., put the popular New Girl as the anchor at 9 p.m., and then had the season premiere of Christian Slater’s Breaking In at 9:30 p.m. This is the first time in at least a decade that Fox has attempted a two-hour sitcom block.

Raising Hope (4.8 million viewers, 2.1) managed to remain steady despite opening the night. Teenage Daughter (3.8 million, 1.6) was down 20 percent from its last telecast (which had a stronger X Factor lead-in, but still… ). New Girl (6 million, 3.0) was admirably steady and ranked first in the adult demo for the night. Breaking In (3.6 million, 1.7) was down sharply from its American Idol-fueled premiere and the average of Raising Hope in the slot.

Still, with CBS and ABC airing plenty of repeats, Fox ranked No. 1. Also Tuesday: Cougar Town (4.4 million, 1.5) was down 6 percent and The River (4.2 million, 1.5) was unchanged. NBC’s Biggest Loser (5.7 million, 1.9) was down 5 percent to a season low.

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Fox's comedy 'Breaking In': What will season 2 with Megan Mullally look like? -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

After being canceled last May and then revived in August, Fox’s comedy Breaking In is finally returning for its second season on March 6 at 9:30 p.m.

There are changes afoot for the show’s reappearance: Most notably, Will & Grace alum — and comedy MVP this season, thanks to turns on series like Parks and Recreation, Up All Night, and Happy Endings — Megan Mullally has joined the cast as the new head of Contra Security. There are changes to the story, too: New episodes of Breaking In focus less on the capers that defined the first season and more of the antics in and around Contra, making the show more of an office comedy.

Getting impatient for its return? Lucky for you, EW has an exclusive first look video that delves into what’s happening in season 2, as explained by castmembers Mullally, Christian Slater, Bret Harrison, Alphonso McAuley, and Erin Richards. Enjoy here:


Fox TCA round-up: 'Bones' creator says 'oh hell yes' to 8th season

Rest easy, Booth and Brennan fans. Bones creator Hart Hanson told reporters at the TCA press tour today that he is “very confident” that there will be an 8th season of the fan favorite Fox series. “Putting Booth and Brennan together, raising a child, we feel reinvigorated the series,” added Hanson, who feels there are an “infinite” number of murder stories available for Booth and Brennan to investigate.

Hanson was actually speaking to the TCA press about his Bones spin-off, The Finder — albeit via Skype, due a motorcycle accident on Tuesday that left him with a broken ankle. (At one point, one of the Finder panelists who was present on stage at TCAs — including stars Geoff Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan — asked Hanson if he was wearing pants. He wasn’t.) After a reporter commented that “The Finder” was a pretty “flat” title, Hanson and fellow exec producer Barry Josephson essentially conceded the point by admitting that they couldn’t find a better title — other options included Lost and Found and The Locator, “which sounded to me like a real estate show,” joked Hanson.

Here are the other highlights from other Fox mid-season panels for Naploeon Dynamite, New Girl, Raising Hope, and Breaking InREAD FULL STORY

Fox reviving Christian Slater's 'Breaking In'

Fox looking to bring back Breaking In after basically canceling the show earlier this year.

The network is working on a 13-episode order of Christian Slater’s sitcom, which started strong in the ratings then dropped off during midseason and didn’t receive a second-season order. The decision is part of a larger deal with the show’s co-creator Adam F. Goldberg, who’s also working on a sitcom about growing up in the 1980s that sources say the network wants, but studio Sony Pictures TV is bundling the new project together with a revival of Breaking In (sort of like how you can’t get The Godfather box set without being stuck with Part III). The news marks the latest development in Slater’s TV comeback, which finally gets the actor a second season on a show. He started with NBC’s My Own Worst Enemy, then went to ABC’s The Forgotten, and then to Fox’s Breaking In.

'Breaking In': Christian Slater and tonight's guest star, NASCAR champ Jimmie Johnson, talk Contra Security, racing, and sabotage

On tonight’s episode of Fox’s Breaking In, five-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson guest stars as himself, a childhood friend of Christian Slater’s Oz who needs his Contra Security team to investigate interference on his race-day radio frequency that cost him a win. Slater and Johnson, who have a bit of history themselves, phoned EW for a quick chat.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Christian, I know producers were looking for a case that would bring Michael Rosenbaum’s Dutch more into the fold, and this one requires his expertise. But how did Jimmie’s name come up?
 When I heard about the possibility of doing something with NASCAR, the first person I thought of was Jimmie Johnson, who I recommended immediately. We met at a Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien taping [in 2009], and we actually did a race. Conan had it all set up. I don’t think I was actually supposed to even participate. They didn’t have enough helmets for all us. [Johnson laughs.] We partnered up, and then we beat him. So I liked Jimmie from that moment on. READ FULL STORY

'Breaking In' promo: Funny! (By association to 'Sunny'?)

The latest promo for Fox’s new comedy, Breaking In, which premieres in April and stars Christian Slater as the head of a high-tech security firm that gives clients a sense of security by first ripping it away, is exciting for two reasons: 1) it makes the show look good, and we’re hoping the third time’s a charm for Slater after NBC’s My Own Worst Enemy and ABC’s The Forgotten and 2) that alley looks exactly like the one they use for exteriors on FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. That’s because it is the same one. But don’t get too excited, Sunny fans: We’re told the Breaking In cast begins production today on a different lot. At least Slater should get to keep that swiveling chair. Watch the promo below.  READ FULL STORY


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