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Buzzy, bizarro British series 'Black Mirror' serves up Christmas Hamm

Drop the name Black Mirror into a conversation, and you’ll likely get one of two reactions: “Oh my God, that’s one of favorite shows!” or “Oh my God, what are you talking about?” READ FULL STORY

New 'Doctor Who' teaser: Is Davros back?


While the colonists were celebrating freedom yesterday, the ol’ Redcoats were up to no good: The BBC dropped a threatening new Doctor Who teaser trailer on everyone’s heads.

And tease it does. Clocking in at under 20 seconds, the latest clip features a familiarly menacing voice that may or may not belong to the villainous Davros, creator of the Daleks and speaker of ominous things like “I see into your soul, Doctor; I see beauty, divinity, hatred.”

Sounds like he’s already familiar with Peter Capaldi’s work! Check out the new trailer for Doctor Who‘s upcoming eighth season below:


Queen of England to visit 'Game of Thrones' set

Game of Thrones is about to get a visit from a real queen.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh will tour the Belfast studios where the HBO series is filmed during their visit to Northern Ireland next week. The news was announced Wednesday by the British Monarchy’s official Twitter feed and confirmed by other sources. READ FULL STORY

BBC America orders first original comedy-reality series 'Almost Royal'

America just can’t get enough of the royals.

BBC America has ordered Almost Royal, the network’s first original comedy series about two young British aristocrats traveling to America for the first time. Ed Gamble and Amy Hoggart will play Georgie and Poppy Carlton respectively, heirs to the Caunty Manor estate in Norfolk, England.

According to the network’s description, Georgie and Poppy, as distant descendants to the British Royal Family, leave their privileged lives behind to allow a camera crew to follow them on their unofficial royal tour of the U.S.  — which will also serve to commemorate their late father. The two, who have never done anything for themselves, try to evolve on their journey. Georgie tries to become more “manly” and live up to his Father’s legacy, while Poppy pursues a career of finding fame any way possible.

Almost Royal will “not be a straight sitcom,” according to the network, as it will feature the actors interacting with real Americans who are not actors. And there will likely be some mistaking the lookalike royals for another famous British couple with a crown, though baby George is nowhere in sight.

Almost Royal will premiere Saturday, June 21 at 10 p.m. ET following the Orphan Black season 2 finale.

Almost Royal is produced by Burning Bright Productions and distributed by BBC Worldwide. BBC America’s other comedies include British imports Absolutely Fabulous, Twenty Twelve, The Inbetweeners, The Thick of It and The Office.

Edward Snowden to address Brits in Christmas program


Britain’s Channel 4 says National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden will speak directly to Britain in its annual “Alternative Christmas Message,” a slot typically reserved for provocative or offbeat addresses.

The television channel said Tuesday that the appearance would be Snowden’s first television broadcast since he arrived in Moscow, where he has been granted temporary asylum following his exposure of the NSA’s secret domestic surveillance apparatus. Snowden’s revelations have prompted a global debate over the limits of surveillance and the value of privacy.

The queen delivers Britain’s “Royal Christmas Message,” but Channel 4 has used its parody version to give a platform to people as diverse as Iran’s then-President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad in 2008, and fictional characters including Ali G and Marge Simpson in 1999 and 2004, respectively.

Spice Girl meets 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' in new teaser clip -- VIDEO

Newsflash: Geri Halliwell, a.k.a. Ginger Spice, is making a comedy show in the proud vein of Tori Spelling’s So NoTORIous, Kirstie Alley’s Fat Actress, and Christine Lakin’s Lovin’ Lakin. You know, the “quasi-celebrity plays version of herself for laughs” genre — sort of like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but a little sadder and a lot less funny.

In this first NSFW teaser for the series — evidently titled Geri: Life Sucks — the Girl Power guru lies in bed with a hunky dude. Everything seems perfect… until he reveals that he’s been working toward a certain icky goal ever since seeing Spice World 15 (!) years ago.


British cult hit 'The IT Crowd' to return for finale special

Another TV show is coming back for its final say — this time from across the pond.

The IT Crowd, a British show about computer guys and their misadventures, ended in 2010 but has gotten a reprieve on its untimely demise. Rumors have been swirling for several years about a fifth season, to give the characters closure and end things on the note that creator Graham Linehan (Father Ted) always wanted. He tweeted in 2012 that he had written a script but was waiting on the cast members’ schedules to open up.

And now they have.

David Brent lives! Ricky Gervais revives 'Office' boss -- VIDEO

Steve Carell may have no interest in bringing back Michael Scott — but his counterpart across the pond apparently has no such qualms.

The Office creator Ricky Gervais has revived David Brent — the obnoxious, needy boor at the center of the show’s original British incarnation — for a short “mini episode” called The Office Revisited. “It has been 10 years since we last saw David Brent,” Gervais explained in a statement. “I thought it was time to revisit my most famous comedy creation to find out what he’s been up to for the last decade and most importantly what he’s up to now.” Check out a teaser for David’s triumphant return below:


Julian Fellowes may leave 'Downton' if his NBC drama gets picked up

Still reeling over Downton Abbey‘s heartbreaking third season finale? If so, you may take comfort in knowing that the man who — spoiler alert! — killed Matthew Crawley may exit Downton‘s grounds after season 4 if NBC picks up his nascent period drama Gilded Age.

The key word there is “may.” Nothing is certain yet, not least because Gilded Age is still little more than a twinkle in the Downton creator’s eye. “You have to write the pilot, they have to decide they’re going to make it, they have to decide whether they want to pick it up. So it’s a line of ditches that lies between me and the series,” he explained to the New York Times in an interview this week. READ FULL STORY

BBC series 'Being Human' canceled

British supernatural series Being Human has been canceled, BBC announced Thursday. The show will wrap up its fifth and final season (or series as our friends across the pond call them) later this year on BBC Three.

Series creator Toby Whithouse promised an “epic, thrilling and shocking finale” in a post on the show’s official blog. Hal, Tom and Alex will face off with their most fearsome adversary yet: the Devil himself.

About a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living under the same roof, the format was adapted to an American series of the same name, which is currently airing its third season on Syfy.

The six-episode fifth season kicked off earlier this month on BBC Three. An air date for the finale has not yet been scheduled.

[CORRECTION Feb. 8 4:47 p.m. ET: An earlier version of this post stated that season 5 of Being Human had begun airing on BBC America. The fifth season has in fact not begun airing in the U.S., and a premiere date has not been set by the network, EW has confirmed.]

Read more:
‘Being Human’ exec producer Toby Whithouse talks season 4 finale
Sam Witwer breaks down Syfy’s ‘Being Human’ season premiere, teases what’s to come
BBC America’s ‘Orphan Black': See the first teaser trailer and key art — EXCLUSIVE

'Merlin' returns for final season tonight: Watch 5 minutes of the premiere! -- EXCLUSIVE

The fifth — and final — season of breakout U.K. import Merlin premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on Syfy, and we’ve got the first five minutes of the premiere for you exclusively right here!

In the opening scenes of the new season, which jumps three years into the future from the fourth season finale, King Arthur (Bradley James) is addressing his knights around the Round Table about the disappearance of Sir Gwaine (Eoin Macken), while Queen Guinevere (Angel Coulby) — yep, she’s a queen now — and his faithful servant Merlin (Colin Morgan) look on.

Meanwhile, Morgana (Katie McGrath), is plotting how she might take over Camelot once again (of course), and she’s got an entire army trying to locate the key that will unlock the secret to destroying Arthur. Arthur’s Bane is the title of the action-packed, two-part episode.

Check it out below, and stay tuned to for a chat with Bradley James about the final season of the show coming soon. READ FULL STORY

Ricky Gervais in 'Derek' -- Watch the trailer for the new comedy series

Sometimes it seems like England gets all the cool stuff — The Beatles, texting, Downton Abbey — just a little bit earlier. Back in April, the UK got a glimpse of Ricky Gervais’ new series Derek when a pilot episode aired on England’s Channel 4. Written and directed by Gervais, the mockumentary-style comedy about a nursing home caretaker drew mixed reviews and no small amount of criticism for Gervais’ portrayal of a learning disabled character. Still, the boundary-pushing project got a 2013 series order from Channel 4 and was preemptively picked up by Netflix for Gervais’ US fans — who can finally get their first look at it in a new teaser trailer that the comedian tweeted out yesterday.


'Mr. Selfridge' trailer: Starring Jeremy Piven's mustache

“We’re giving them style, glamour, razzmatazz!” says Jeremy Piven in the new trailer for Mr. Selfridge, an ITV/PBS series set to run in the new year. Piven plays Harry Gordon Selfridge, the American founder of the British department store Selfridges, who was responsible for popularizing the phrase “the customer is always right,” a decidedly un-Ari Gold sentiment.

Click past the jump to take a look at the upbeat trailer, set to “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing).”



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