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'The Office,' 'Revolution,' 'Castle,' 'Game of Thrones': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Happy Hump Day, readers. 

Sorry I don’t have much time to chat; I’m working on a super secret project that I have to keep super secret just a little while longer before sharing it with you. But definitely keep an eye on my Twitter account for some upcoming exciting news.

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When Erin first came on the scene at the Office, I was convinced they were setting her up to be Mrs. Andy Bernard. But their romance has certainly unfolded differently than I expected, especially in the last few weeks, as we saw Erin break it off with Andy so she could be with Pete.

But will the two find their way back to each other before the end of the season? READ FULL STORY

'Castle': First Look at 'Rear Window'-esque 100th episode -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

In Castle’s 100th episode, everyone’s favorite writer is down for the count after a bad skiing accident, and after two weeks stuck at home in a cast, he’s got a little cabin fever.

“He’s not bed ridden but certainly apartment-ridden,” says Nathan Fillion, who calls the hour one of the show’s classic, lighter-toned episodes. “He’s two weeks into being incapacitated, and it’s all he can do just to stay sane. [Then] he witnesses a murder across the street, and he’s having a hell of a time convincing everyone he’s not just stir crazy and seeing what he wants to see.”

So what’s the truth? Our money is on murder — since these things have a way of gravitating toward Castle and Co. But you’ll have to tune in April 1 to find out for sure.

Meanwhile, Fillion says there’s another reason fans should consider this milestone episode a can’t-miss hour: “Let’s say that we get an opportunity to see just how well Beckett knows Castle,” he teases.

See the full First Look photo below: READ FULL STORY

'Person of Interest,' 'Revenge,' 'Scandal,' 'Castle': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Afternoon, Roomies! Happy…what is today? I hate three-day weekends. (That’s a lie: I love them.)

Anyway, check out today’s offerings; I hope it’s enough to feed your inner scoop-hungry beast. Next week: PaleyFest kicks off in Los Angeles! I’m excited and you should be too. Make sure you send me all your questions for the casts of Once Upon a Time, Walking Dead, Community, Revolution, Parenthood, Arrow, and more! (Email is

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'Castle' two-parter preview: Boss Andrew Marlowe teases Castle's 'harrowing' journey

Tonight’s Castle kicks off a two-part episode that will find Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) in the worst position any parent can imagine.

While he and Beckett (Stana Katic) are investigating a case of a missing college student, they make a terrifying discovery: Alexis (Molly Quinn) was with the girl at the time she was kidnapped — and she’s missing, too.

“It’s different when your kid’s at stake,” executive producer Andrew Marlowe says of Castle’s unhinged emotions in the episodes, airing tonight and next Monday. “It’s different when you have nowhere to turn, and I gotta say for Nathan Fillion fans, they should not miss these two episodes.”

For more details on the episodes, check out our conversation with Marlowe:

You always say that you try to do your two-part episodes different each time. So tell me how the idea for this one came about.
ANDREW MARLOWE: Well, last year we got close to destroying the world. The year before that it was a dirty bomb that was going to take out New York, and the year before that it was a serial killer who blew up Beckett’s apartment. We had been getting increasingly bigger and I wanted to pull it back to something that had scope and scale but also had a deep personal investment. And I’ll tell you this, the journey that Castle goes through in this is harrowing and phenomenal. Nathan did an unbelievable job. And we see the character in ways we have never seen the character before.

Tell me about Beckett’s role in this one, where she has to be both a support system to a troubled father and a detective.
It’s incredibly tough to have somebody that you care about going through something harrowing and trying to walk the line between being supportive and doing the job. This is a woman who wants to do everything she can to make sure that they get Alexis back safely. Emotions are running incredibly high with both of them and she’s doing everything she can to support Castle. There’s some really tremendous scenes between the two of them — really tender and emotionally tough scenes between the two characters that I think, hopefully, audiences will dig.

How do Martha and the rest of the team at the precinct cope?
The choice that Martha makes and who she thinks she has to be in this situation I think reveals a depth of character about her. I think we’ve seen moments of it before. But for the folks at the precinct, everybody is invested. This is kind of one of their own. READ FULL STORY

'Once Upon a Time,' 'Castle,' 'Big Bang Theory,' 'Following': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Lots of good stuff here so I won’t waste your time with foreplay — unless you like that sort of thing. Wink. Kidding. Sorry. Must be all these Valentine’s-themed episodes I’ve been watching that are making me all saucy.

Speaking of which, happy early Valentine’s Day to you all! Show me your love by sending more questions:

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Mr. Gold is off on an adventure into a terrifying land he’s never been before — New York. And while Henry certainly enjoys the trek to NYC in this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, Mr. Gold’s journey to find his son definitely is not going to go smoothly, according to executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. “I would say that ‘Manhattan’ is going to be the showdown that everyone wants to [see],” says Kitsis, referring to Mr. Gold’s reunion with his son. (Also, there are some amazing flashbacks that explain at least one major burning question fans have Gold for a very long time and the ending of the last flashback will send a chill through your spine.)

Kitsis adds that Gold’s confrontation with his son won’t be the only emotional turmoil we should expect in this week’s hour. “Emma is going to be dealing with a lot of emotional baggage [in the next few episodes], I’ll say that,” Kitsis says. “There are a lot of things she needs to get through.”

In related Once news, as I told you this week, August will make a reappearance later this season, and says Horowitz, “We can’t wait for you to see the next phase of his story.” But the rest of the season won’t just be returns from favorite characters. Two words: —i- -o–.

'Castle' scoop: ABC orders additional episode

Get ready for a little extra Castle and Beckett.

EW has learned that ABC has picked up an additional episode of Castle, bringing its season 5 order to 24 episodes. The additional episode is expected to allow the series to air another new episode in April, rather than a repeat.

Castle, which this season made good on its promise to have Beckett and Castle in a romantic relationship, has seen a slight dip in ratings in recent weeks, but it remains a strong performer. In all likelihood, the next bit of good news for fans of the series will be official word on season 6. Networks usually start making announcements about renewal ahead of the fast-approaching May Upfronts.

‘Castle’ sneak peek: Will Beckett get her revenge on Sen. Bracken? — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

'Castle' sneak peek: Will Beckett get her revenge on Sen. Bracken? -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Tonight’s episode of Castle marks one of the most highly anticipated character returns of this season.

Since the season 5 premiere, Beckett (Stana Katic) has had her sights on Jack Coleman’s Sen. Bracken, the man she learned was responsible for her mother’s murder. And while he may have slipped through her fingers the first time around (technically, she let him walk as part of a “deal”) it looks like Beckett is ready to take him down.

In the exclusive clip below, Beckett declares to Castle (Nathan Fillion) that she has no intention on missing her chance to get justice. Castle, meanwhile, doesn’t seem thrilled about the idea. Watch and make sure to catch the episode, tonight at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. READ FULL STORY

'Castle': Is Ryan going to put the moves on...? -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Det. Ryan is a married man, but that doesn’t stop him from trying have a little swagger when in the company of attractive, young music stars — like the ones the team encounters in tonight’s episode of Castle.

In the episode, airing tonight, Beckett and co. find themselves investigating the death of a popular DJ, and, as a result, they end up face-to-face with some of the most popular names in music. And one of them in particular has Ryan pretty excited…

Check out an exclusive clip from the episode below. READ FULL STORY

'Castle' sneak peek: 'Scandal' star returns to crash Castle and Beckett's sleepover -- EXCLUSIVE

Tensions are going to run high on Monday night’s all-new episode of Castle.

In the episode, Darby Stanchfield reprises her role as Castle’s ex-wife, Meredith, who reappears to help care for her daughter (Molly Quinn) after the college student is stricken with a bad case of mono. That in itself isn’t so bad, right? Well, it is when you consider the fact that the former Mrs. Castle decides to stay over at Castle’s on the same weekend as Beckett, whose is sleeping over while her home is being fumigated.

Can’t wait for a taste of this disaster in the making? See an exclusive sneak peek from the hilarious episode below, and tune in to a new episode of Castle Jan. 7 at 10 p.m. ET. READ FULL STORY

Thanksgiving day TV marathons to be thankful for: Your viewing guide

Image Credit: Everett Collection

There’s not much you can do when that inevitable turkey coma sets in today so instead of fighting those couch potato urges, indulge in some Thanksgiving TV. Fortunately, there are plenty of TV marathons to be thankful for this year. Whether you’re craving something manly, in a nostalgic state of mind, or schadenfreude is the name of the game, there’s something to feast your eyes on. READ FULL STORY

'Castle': The team walks into a documentary. But who's the biggest ham of all? -- EXCLUSIVE CLIP

When Castle, Beckett, and Co. walk into a film crew’s documentary in Monday’s episode of Castle, some of the gang are going to ham it up.

Unsurprisingly, Castle seems to lead the pack of attention-seekers in this exclusive clip from the episode, titled “Swan Song.” Also not surprising? Beckett’s unfazed by the camera’s presence. (In fact, she almost seems downright shy!)

“It’s a great chance for our characters to speak straight to camera and break the fourth wall so to speak, and they have a lot of fun with it,” executive producer Andrew Marlowe told EW recently. “It’s behind the scenes at the 12th precinct…They really can let their guard down.”

And if you think you’ll know how each character will behave when the cameras start rolling, think again. There will be some surprises. “Jon Huertas is particularly terrific in that episode,” says Marlowe. “His character starts off not really liking the cameras around and a few scenes in, he starts becoming the biggest ham. It’s really great.”

Check out a clip below! READ FULL STORY

'Castle,' 'Criminal Minds,' 'American Horror Story,' 'Arrow': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

It is trying times for some here on the east coast, but as many have said much more eloquently this week, we soldier on.

Here’s some scoop. I hope it makes you smile no matter where you live.

Castle is doing its first Christmas episode! And while I was chatting with executive producer Andrew Marlowe about Castle’s slate of November episodes, I made sure to ask him about this hotly anticipated hour, which will be the show’s last new episode of 2012 (aka: midseason finale).

Per the boss, the “charming and heartfelt” episode will chronicle Castle and Beckett’s first Christmas as a couple. “We’ll see the pressures of that and what each of their personal traditions are and how those might clash — and complement each other,” says Marlowe. Meanwhile, fans to see Christmas through the eyes of lots of our precinct faves. “[We’ll see] what Esposito is doing for Christmas, what Lainey is doing for Christmas — and what they may or may not be doing together, and Ryan is having a little Christmas crisis of his own,” he says.

There’s also a Santa falling from the sky (Marlowe jokes that we should not to watch with Santa-loving children “unless you want to have to explain some stuff”) and a gift exchange to remember. Oh, and those of you claiming it’s time for the Ryan family to expand? “We certainly plant some seeds about that in the Christmas episode,” he teases.

You learned earlier today that Michelle Trachtenberg is going to go crazy on Criminal Minds! (You’re welcome.) But what I’m sure especially caught your eye was the tidbit where I told you that the episode would delve deep into Reid’s mystery woman. An additional nugget? It’s one of TWO upcoming episodes that will introduce us to this yet-unseen woman a bit more. (The identity of the actress is still a technical secret, but I can tell you that I have seen correct guesses.)

Executive producer Erica Messer tells me that episode 10 and 12 — the latter has Trachtenberg — will both inform audiences about who this woman is and show us a bit more of her unique relationship with Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). (Also, she will be unmasked!) “Episodes 10 and 12 are the really big ones for [audiences] to see this character who we all know and love actually feel emotion for another person in a way that is not typical of him,” she says. “I think what we’ve all promised you guys is that it’s not going to be a typical love story or anything we’ve seen on this show. And I think Matthew would argue that you haven’t seen a story like this at all.”

In both episodes, she adds, the show will follow up in the information audiences learned in episode 4 — that the mysterious character is “running from someone and something.” And naturally, Messer teases, “her journey collides with the team.”


Guys, I just can’t with AHS. I mean, I can. I do. I watch. I love. But last week almost made me sick.

Luckily, there’s a little less gross-out in the next two episodes and a lot of developments. (Mind you, there are still some gross-out moments.) For a taste of what’s to come: Who’s up for a game?

+ This week, [character] will [spoiler] with [character] in the kitchen.
+ Did we know that [character] knows about [character]’s evil deeds? I don’t think we did…
+ [Character] is going to try to [spoiler] [character]!! [Her or she] might succeed…
+ Two patients will be outside Briarcliff’s walls sooner than we think. But there’s a twist…
+ As EW told you first, this week, you’ll be introduced to a character named Anne Frank (Franka Potente). (Don’t scoff, watch.) Along with making crazy accusations about [character], she’ll have [character] questioning [his or her] sanity.

'Castle' boss previews tonight's episode: Is 3XK gunning for Castle?

After a fun and flirty season so far, Castle takes a darker twist tonight with an episode that will find Castle (Nathan Fillion) fighting off murder suspicions after mounting evidence leaves him implicated.

The biggest question fans have: Does Sen. Bracken (Jack Coleman) or the 3XK killer have something to do with this? While executive producer Andrew Marlowe did confirm that we haven’t seen the last of Bracken, he was mum on the scope of tonight’s case. However, he did say there were definitely “larger undertones” to the story. “It’s fun for the fans to speculate,” says Marlowe. “[We like for them to wonder] to what extent Castle is involved and to what extent Beckett really knows this guy.” (Meanwhile, he confirms we have not seen the last of Bracken.)

And Beckett’s (Stana Katic) not the only one who will be asking questions. After becoming privy to Beckett and Castle’s relationship, Ryan’s (Seamus Dever) knowledge of the situation will “affect Ryan’s perception of Beckett’s performance” during the investigation, says Marlowe, who also hinted that someone else might learn the secret by the hour’s end. “There will be some movement in that tonight when there are some broader stakes hanging over the crew,” he says. ” We’ll see a little more about the secret tonight and how folks deal with it. But it’s something more people will find out as time goes on.”

In all, Marlowe said the episode plays an important part in the season as a whole. “For me, I always advertise this as a much more fun season, but we don’t want to lose the sense that sometimes we are in life and death situations and when you’re investigating murder, it’s not all fun and games,” he says. “We thought it was important to ground the season around this time.”

Though some networks have opted out of airing new Monday night programming tonight, at time of publication, Castle is still scheduled to air as planned. “Hopefully it will be edge-of-the-seat viewing for those who are who are able to watch it. If people get to see it, great,” he says. “[But] you know, on a day like today our with the folks in the path of Sandy…if they don’t, hopefully they get to see it later. We hope everyone stays safe.”

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