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'Catfish': Tears are flowing in the season 3 premiere -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching, which means it’s totally time for new romance to blossom. Or at least for you to realize that the sweet little daisy you’ve been IM’ing and emailing online is actually a wicked weed. But never fear, Catfish is here to help you. And, yes, to document it for all of America to see. MTV’s cringe-causing docuseries — in which hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph traverse the country to help confused young adults figure out if the love of their life truly is at the other end of that Internet connection — returns for a third season on Wednesday at 10 p.m.

In the season premiere, you’ll meet Craig, whose sister introduced him to a hottie named Zoe on Facebook. It felt like fast love at first, but then Zoe started hacking into his accounts and terrorizing his sister and friends online. But poor Craig just can’t seem to let go of her, and he wants to find out if it’s possible that she could somehow be the one for him. Things don’t appear to be headed anywhere in that direction in this clip from the episode, as Kayln explains to Craig how Zoe posted nude pictures of her. Click below to watch the clip — and remember: If you start chatting online with someone supposedly amazing, meet this individual before falling in love. Oh, and ask for eight forms of ID, just to be safe. READ FULL STORY

Is this week's 'Catfish' really rapper Bow Wow? -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Catfish: The TV Show has built its reputation on twisted tales of love, friendship, and the Internet, some crazier than others. Hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph travel the country to connect two people who have a relationship — but have never met in person. This week’s episode features Keyonnah, a young woman, who believes she has been in contact with 106 & Park host and rapper Bow Wow. (Yup, that Bow Wow.) They met when the 19-year-old single mom messaged a Bow Wow fan page on Facebook. Now, they text and talk on the phone, even discussing starting a life together with their children. “Bow Wow” has even sent her over $10,000 throughout the months of their correspondence.  A love story this bizarre must be true…right?

Check out exclusive sneak peeks from this celebrity special episode of Catfish: READ FULL STORY

'Catfish': Nev Schulman says season 2 features first 'success stories'

Not since Googling became a thing has a noun-turned-verb entered the public lexicon as prominently as Catfishing. And Nev Schulman couldn’t be happier about it. It’s made his job, chronicled on MTV’s docuseries Catfish, a little easier.

“There’s a whole new element in how we interact with these people because they’ve seen the show,” he says of those who contact him for help investigating possible instances of catfishing. “They know the things they can and should be doing to help themselves, and yet, for any number of reasons, they still need our assistance. So we have an ability now to sort of cut through the fat and really attack the issues without having to explain what we’re doing. It gives us a chance to dig deeper and hit a little harder when it comes to the questions we’re asking and the emotions we’re dealing with.”

'Catfish' reunion: She 'called me a dumb ho' on Facebook -- EXCLUSIVE CLIPS

Next week,  Catfish: The Reunion Show brings together the catfishers and their catfishees for a sit down with stars Nev Shulman, Max Joseph and MTV’s Suchin Pak. In two exclusive clips, we see that Sunny still has some issues with Chelsea’s trickery, and we revisit the Mhissy-Jasmine conflict. Watch the videos below. READ FULL STORY


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