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'Community': Dean Pelton has a whale of a plan to help Greendale -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Tonight on Community (NBC, 8 p.m.), the gang is going whaling. But not in a boat. On dry land. Trying to pad Greendale Community College’s coffers by recruiting an affluent prospective student, a.k.a. a whale, Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) taps Jeff (Joel McHale) and the study group to help him in his quest to land his Moby Rich. Not happy about this: Incumbent whale Pierce (Chevy Chase).

Also in this episode, you will see Troy (Donald Glover) and Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) in a class called Physical Education Education. This isn’t a typo.

Press play on the video below to see the Dean sharpen his harpoon. Plus, potato chips! READ FULL STORY

'Community': New producers give you character teases for season 4, talk Chevy Chase and finale

“October 19th” has finally arrived.  After the ouster of creator Dan Harmonthe hiring of new showrunners a 16-week delay, a change in scheduling from Friday back to home on Thursday, and news of a star’s departure, Community returns for its fourth (and possibly-but-also-maybe-not-final) season tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC. As you can imagine, the new guys in charge, executive producers Moses Port and David Guarascio (Aliens in America, Just Shoot Me), are a wee bit antsy to finally kick off the year after this extended hiatus. “Given all the change with the show, meaning us coming aboard, it would’ve been nice to be airing episodes while we’re making them, to cross that threshold of, ‘Hey, world, here it is, take it or leave it, whatever you think!'” says Guarascio. “There is so much anxiety about how people will react to it, because we’re all so invested in getting everyone to embrace the show. On the other hand, we feel like we’re on a night we’d much rather be on….The fact that we’re back on Thursday has also helped increase the anticipation a little bit. It’s why dessert comes at the end of the meal, it’s the anticipation that helps make it so satisfying.” READ FULL STORY

Chevy Chase shops at Old Navy and you... do, too

If you’re really missing Community on NBC these days, why not ease off the fast-forward button on the ol’ DVR and feast your eyes upon Chevy Chase in the latest batch of Old Navy commercials! Said nobody, because these commercials are kind of sad. But check them out for yourselves…  READ FULL STORY

Chevy Chase exiting 'Community'

Community will be losing a cast member, and it’s… the one that you were thinking: Chevy Chase. The 69-year-old actor, who stars as the wealthy, blundering and bigoted Pierce Hawthorne, is exiting the NBC ensemble comedy by mutual agreement, sources close to the show confirm. (Deadline first reported the news.)

It’s not exactly shocking news, as Chase has endured a rocky relationship with the series that he does not always speak warmly about. He engaged in a feud with series creator Dan Harmon that went public last year over an expletive-laced voicemail message that Chase left Harmon. (Harmon was dismissed from the show last spring.) Last month, production was interrupted when Chase, reportedly unhappy with the material he was shooting, used the N-word in an outburst while trying to make a point about the direction of his racist character. READ FULL STORY

Chevy Chase uses n-word on set of 'Community' while protesting character's racism

Chevy Chase plays a bigot on NBC’s cult fave sitcom Community, and he doesn’t think it’s very funny. Especially right now.

Production on the show’s fourth season was interrupted on Friday after the star lost his temper over material he found objectionable. Chase’s character, Pierce Hawthorne, is prone to saying outrageously insensitive statements. According to sources familiar with the situation, the actor has become increasingly uncomfortable with how Pierce expresses his unique brand of racism, and this frustration boiled over on Friday during an outburst in which Chase said the n-word while making a point about what Pierce might be asked to say next.

The incident was first reported by

It remains unclear how producers will address the matter. NBC and Sony, which produces the sitcom, have yet to issue comments.

This is not the first time Chase has had creative issues with Community’s creative direction. Tension between the actor and Community’s creator and ousted showrunner Dan Harmon turned ugly last year. In a recent interview with EW, Community’s new exec producers David Guarascio and Moses Port said they had a good working relationship with Chase.

The premiere date for the fourth season of Community remains to be determined.

From the EW Archive: 'He's Still Chevy Chase (And You're Not),' August 2004

SNL‘s first breakout star struck comedy gold with Caddyshack, Fletch, and Vacation, but then he crashed and burned. This week, as an angry voicemail Chase left for Community producer Dan Harmon went public, it looks like he might be heading down that path again. Can the funnyman come back from this serious misstep? We look to his 2004 interview with EW’s Daniel Fierman to see how he rebounded last time…

Chevy Chase recalls the precise moment he hit bottom. It happened in front of unflinching television cameras, as he sat alone on a dais with his eyes masked by tinted sunglasses. Offered a hundred grand by Comedy Central to do a televised Friars Club roast, Chase was introduced to his place in history. And it was brutal. READ FULL STORY


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