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'The Vampire Diaries' panel at Comic-Con: We live blogged it!


Update: Read a full rundown of the panel below!

Sebastian Roche is in the audience. People are running over to take photos!

3:33 p.m.
Remember, people: The new season premieres Oct. 11! Reel about to be shown…

3:36 p.m.

Reel touts: “To feed? Or not to feed? That is the question.” The ending kicker: “Death becomes her.”

3:37 p.m.
Panel is here: Steven R. McQueen, Zach Roerig, Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, EP Julie Plec, Michael Trevino, and EP Kevin Williamson, who is moderating. READ FULL STORY

'Community' season 4: Find out what class the gang is taking! (Not really!) -- VIDEO

BREAKING: The Community cast spilled some major scoop during a stop at the EW studio at San Diego Comic-Con: For season 4 of the NBC comedy, the study gang will be taking classes in…Homoerotic Asphyxiation.

(Yeah, they were probably kidding.)

What we did learn: This cast can sing! We also heard their thoughts on the show’s new Friday night timeslot.

Check out our chat with Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs, Alison Brie, Joel McHale, and an elephant in the room below: READ FULL STORY

'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' Comic-Con panel: Twilightlicious!

Behold the power of magical friendship: A majestic, brightly hued fleet of ponies — and bronies! — packed into Room 23 for Friday’s Comic-Con panel moderated by Hasbro VP of Development Mike Vogel. The crowd’s enthusiasm for the Hub’s surprise hit My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic visibly overwhelmed the voice actors, who kept interrupting their answers with delighted shout-outs to the audience. “I just can’t believe how beautiful and colorful everyone is!” said Tabitha St. Germain, who voices Rarity and Princess Luna.


'Once Upon a Time' panel at Comic-Con: Captain Hook is coming! (Watch first-look teaser here)

Magic is coming! And what the heck does that mean? Once Upon a Time producers and cast members teased season 2 at Comic-Con this morning.

The Panel: Jennifer Morrison, Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin, Lana Parrilla, Megan Ory, Emilie de Ravin, Adam Horowitz, and Edward Kitsiss

The Big Revelations:

+ Captain Hook is coming! READ FULL STORY

'666 Park' Comic-Con panel: Is Terry O'Quinn playing the devil?

The cast of 666 Park made their Comic-Con debut today, following a screening of the pilot to a packed crowd. The crowd’s most burning question after it aired? What’s up with Terry O’Quinn’s character?

[Spoiler Alert!] READ FULL STORY

Stars from 'Walking Dead,' 'True Blood,' more take the stage at EW's Women Who Kick Ass Comic-Con panel

As a big supporter of strong women, Entertainment Weekly brought together some of entertainment’s most bad-ass females for a panel during San Diego Comic-Con. Moderated by EW’s Lynette Rice, the Women Who Kick Ass panel featured Kristin Kreuk (Beauty and the Beast, Smallville), Nikki Reed (Twilight, Breaking Dawn), Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead), Anna Torv (Fringe), Kristin Bauer van Straten (True Blood), and surprise guest Lucy Lawless (Spartacus) for a wide-ranging chat about stereotypes, the challenges that come with playing a tough woman, and…going to jail?! Read on for the highlights:

+ FREE LUCY Lawless, who was arrested in February after she and other activists protested aboard an oil-drilling ship in New Zealand, told the crowd that she’s not sure what will go down at her sentencing on Sept. 12, but admitted, “I am guilty — of trying to save the environment!” Massive cheers erupted. READ FULL STORY

'Walking Dead' Comic-Con Panel: Michonne, the Governor, Woodbury...and Merle!

The Panel: Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori), Norman Reedus (Daryl), Laurie Holden (Andrea), Steven Yuen (Glenn), and Laura Cohan (Maggie) were joined onstage by new cast members Danai Gurira (Michonne) and David Morrissey (The Governor), along with Walking Dead comic book co-creator/emergent geek god Robert Kirkman, exec producers David Alpert and Gale Ann Hurd, exec producer/zombie makeup maestro Greg Nicotero, and showrunner Glen Mazzara.

The Big Revelations: Dead finally has a premiere date for its third season: the show is returning on Sunday, Oct. 14th, at 9 p.m. Most of the broad strokes of the new season were already revealed before the panel, so fans were excited to get a look at the season’s two new settings: The survivor colony-town Woodbury, and a zombie-infested prison. READ FULL STORY

'Arrow' Comic-Con panel: China White cast!

Green Arrow fans are in for a treat.

At the Comic-Con panel for CW’s forthcoming drama Arrow, executive producer Marc Guggenheim announced that villain China White will appear on an upcoming episode. She will be played by X2‘s Kelly Hu.

Meanwhile, producers said Katie Cassidy, who plays Oliver Queen’s old girlfriend Laurel (the alter ego of Black Canary), will eventually be seen rocking her black fishnets. But it will happen “not as soon as you want but a lot sooner than you think.”

Other tid-bits from the panel?
+ Star Stephen Amell was the first person to audition for the role.
+ While producers had rave reviews for Justin Hartley’s portrayal of Oliver Queen on Smallville, they felt like that version of the character was not what they wanted for Arrow. “It’s part of the nature of vigilante. You want to do a dark story. You want to have a dark hero,” said Guggenheim. “You want to be able to explore those things and I don’t think with the tone that was established on Smallville we would have been able to go as dark as we went.”

Arrow premieres Oct. 10 on The CW.

'Bones' Comic-Con panel: Booth to go ballroom dancing!

Bones may have had a small panel of only three people, but they proved quantity doesn’t equal quantity. Read a rundown of the fun that went down during the Bones panel in Ballroom 20.

The Panel: Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz and executive producer Stephen Nathan

The Big Revelations: Many! Here’s a rundown:

Dancing king? An undercover episode is being planned that will find Booth ballroom dancing! “Will I be wearing a tight, shiny, one-piece suit?” Boreanaz asked, mildly concerned.

Cam’s (not so new) love: Cam’s getting a boyfriend — and it’s someone we know! “[It will be someone] who will be very interesting to see her with,” says Nathan.


'Firefly' Comic-Con panel live blog: Joss Whedon tears up, reveals how series would have ended

Browncoats, get ready to read about a great Firefly reunion panel. Below is’s live blog of Science Channel’s Firefly session, which includes how the cult favorite would have ended if creator Joss Whedon knew Fox was set to cancel the show, and a closing question that might be this year’s most emotional moment at the fan convention. Also, see our Firefly reunion photos here.

Let’s take off:

12:44: This is the loudest Ballroom 20 crowd I’ve ever joined and the Firefly team hasn’t even taken the stage yet! About 10,000 people reportedly lined up to get in, with many camping overnight. Whedon himself stopped by in the middle of the night.

12:48: Late start. Cast is introduced. Screaming galore. Smiles, hugs. The whole panel could just be them standing there getting applause.

12:50: EW’s own Jeff Jensen moderates the panel. He asks Joss what it means to be here today. “Means I’m running on fumes, let’s face it,” he jokes. “We always knew from the very beginning we were doing for the right reasons, in the right way, the right  way … and had the best cast I ever worked with — and we also have Alan [Tudyk]. Vindication came a long time ago. It goes to a place of transcendence that I cannot describe without becoming a girly-man.”

12:51: Star Nathan Fillion gets the same question: “If I get though this without crying, I’ll look a lot cooler. Nobody would give me a chance to be other than No. 5 guy, the lead girl’s ex. ‘He’s good but we don’t know if he can carry a show.’ Joss Whedon was the guy. He gave me the best character I ever played.” READ FULL STORY

'Big Bang Theory' panel at Comic-Con: Raj will get a gal pal!

The panel: Exec producers Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady, Steven Molaro, Mayim Balik, Jim Parsons (via satellite from New York), Kaley Cuoco, Kunan Nayyar, Simon, Melissa Rauch.

No show: Johnny Galecki, whose flight was delayed.

Unintentionally funny discussion: The writers and cast started talking about when Stephen Hawking made a cameo and whether he shook hands with everyone. (Yes he did, with the help of an assistant who would lift his hand). And how does he laugh? By typing LOL, Helberg said.

Season 5 teasers: Raj will get a romance! “But don’t cheer yet,” says Lorre. “Wait til you see it.”

Best fan questions: Boy, there were a lot of them because that’s pretty much all that occurred during the panel, held for the first time in Hall H. One little kid with a mohawk asked why Sheldon likes the Flash. (Because he was picked on as a kid so he relates to a superhero who can run away fast). Another asked why they eat takeout so much. (Parsons said it was because “we are busy thinking and creating things and changing the world around you so we don’t have time to cook.”) Someone asked Helberg for a primer on how to wear tight clothes. “There are wardrobe ladies I actually have to call up to my dressing room to help get my pants off. Nice job for them because they are getting to take my pants off. I don’t get much out of it.”

Where was everyone’s parents? A sea of kids lined up to ask absurd questions, prompting Lorre to joke (we think) about screening the questions. “These kids are young to be so drunk,” added Helberg. The crowd roared.

Should Helberg go to space? The actor was offered a free trip on a new shuttle-like ship that travels three times the speed of sound. (No joke). Helberg wouldn’t commit, so a lucky fan named Mercedes got a golden ticket, instead. “Big Bang Theory going where no sitcom has gone before.”

'Community' panel at Comic-Con: Time to go home with Pierce!

The panel: Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Joel McHale, Yvette Nicole Brown, and too many dang writers to name here.

The much-deserved thank you: “There wouldn’t be a season 4 without you guys,” McHale told the fans in Ballroom 20. “Your blood sacrifice — all those things culminated into the greatest fan base a show has ever had. If we do get canceled after 13 episodes — I blame you.”

No shows: Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong, Donald Glover, Jim Rash

Season 4 teases: “This is senior year, a very emotional time,” says new exec producer David Guarascio. “That’s giving us the opportunity to explore new relationships. One might involve the dean and Jeff. We are also getting to visit places. We will see Pierce’s mansion and the twisted world where he lives.” The cast will also attend an inspector’s space time convention — much to the delight of the fans. And we will finally see Jeff’s dad.

Dan Harmon who? There was no mention of the ousted showrunner but Guarascio talked about the awesome responsibility he and Moses Port now face. “Like no other show, the fans influence what actually happens on screen.” When one of the actors mentioned Harmon’s name later, it did get some cheers.

Footage screened: Favorite seasons from last season (like when Pierce drinks ink), a gag reel from the DVD coming out Aug. 14, and a clever video/music video promoting how the comedy is moving to Friday nights. It almost takes away the pain of having such a depressing new time slot. Almost.

Best fan question: If this were the last season, where would everyone be?

Best cast answer: From Jacobs, who says Britta would offer pro bono psychology.

'Nikita' Comic-Con panel: Casting scoop! Plus... a Mikita shower scene?!

The Panel: Melinda Clarke, Aaron Stanford, Lyndsey Fonseca, Shane West, Maggie Q, and executive producer Craig Silverstein. Moderated by HuffPo’s Laura Prudom.

The Big Revelations: Many! The only way to break it down is by subject.

+ Owen’s ‘agenda’: Devon Sawa, who was recently promoted to series regular, will return in the fourth episode of the new season and all of the audience’s burning questions — like why he didn’t participate in the raid on Division — will be answered. “He’s going to come back with a mystery and an agenda,” said Silverstein. READ FULL STORY

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