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'Community' premiere clip: Welcome to 'The Hunger Deans!' -- VIDEO

A long, long time ago — back when we all thought Community would really return to NBC on Oct. 19, 2012 — EW gave you a first look at the sitcom’s fourth season premiere, which features an elaborate tribute to The Hunger Games. Now NBC has finally released a preview clip from the episode itself, complete with a snarky introduction by Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, and Jim “The Dean” “Also an Oscar Winner, How Weird Is That” Rash.

As the video explains, Greendale is facing a quandary: Too many students have signed up for a class called The History of Ice Cream. The solution? “The Hunger Deans,” a tournament testing strength and agility. Those who win its events will also snag a spot in the ice cream course. (The losers, presumably, will just have to go home and eat ice cream by themselves.) Spoiler alert: The Dean makes an excellent Effie Trinket. Grab a spoon and tune in below:


'Community' could 'absolutely' get 5th season


With all the changes on Community this past year, is the cult fav on its final stretch?

Not necessarily. NBC’s entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt told reporters Sunday that the modestly rated comedy could “absolutely” get a fifth season. “Absolutely,” he said. “We’re always hopeful for a show to continue. And we co-own it. I’d love nothing more than to see it continue.”

Community‘s showrunner Dan Harmon stepped down last year and co-star Chevy Chase is on his way out (Chase will appear in all but two episodes this season). “Actors come and go on a lot of shows and this is a big ensemble,” Greenblatt said of Chase’s exit. “I don’t think that’s going to be a big negative about the future of the show.”

Greenblatt added that fans will see basically the same show during the upcoming fourth season which gets underway next month. “You’re going to see relatively the same show you’ve seen before and I hope that’s a good thing,” he said. “Maybe there’s a little more heart built into it, but we didn’t fundamentally change it.”

The executive was also asked whether Steve Carell might return for a cameo in the series finale of The Office. “I’m hopeful but I don’t think he will. He left in the way that he wanted that character to leave and I think he and [executive producer] Greg Daniels have talked about it. There’s a little Hail Mary pass on a cameo. But I think the decision is he’ll go out without compromising his exit.”

As for the rest of NBC’s executive session, check out the link below.

UPDATE: NBC gets cocky: ‘We don’t have our heads up our asses’ unlike rivals

'Community': Jason Alexander to guest-star

By George, Costanza’s coming to Community! Or at least the actor playing him. Jason Alexander will guest-star in an upcoming episode of the NBC comedy. The network confirmed his appearance on Tuesday, though not with any details of his role. Earlier in the day, the Seinfeld vet tweeted: “Filming a crazy episode of COMMUNITY this week. Can’t say much about it but it’s a fun one.” READ FULL STORY

Best of 2012: Episodes we can't erase from our DVR

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of an episode of television. Maybe it marks a decisive turning point for a series you love. Maybe it makes you laugh uproariously (or cry shamelessly) every time you watch it. Maybe it’s just plain cool. Below are the five episodes or television we just couldn’t delete from our DVR’s memory banks months after they first aired.

5. Daniel Radcliffe, Watch What Happens Live
When we need to remind ourselves that stars can still be candid, we revisit this February chat where the always entertaining Radcliffe outdid himself telling Andy Cohen about his creepiest stalker and losing his virginity (“Yes, it was Maggie [Smith],” he joked. “She was gentle”), and showcasing his special skills (rotating his arms 360 degrees, contorting his tongue, and naming the periodic table of elements).


Chevy Chase exiting 'Community'

Community will be losing a cast member, and it’s… the one that you were thinking: Chevy Chase. The 69-year-old actor, who stars as the wealthy, blundering and bigoted Pierce Hawthorne, is exiting the NBC ensemble comedy by mutual agreement, sources close to the show confirm. (Deadline first reported the news.)

It’s not exactly shocking news, as Chase has endured a rocky relationship with the series that he does not always speak warmly about. He engaged in a feud with series creator Dan Harmon that went public last year over an expletive-laced voicemail message that Chase left Harmon. (Harmon was dismissed from the show last spring.) Last month, production was interrupted when Chase, reportedly unhappy with the material he was shooting, used the N-word in an outburst while trying to make a point about the direction of his racist character. READ FULL STORY

'Community': Season 4 gets premiere date

The timeline just brightened: NBC has finally announced the premiere date for the fourth season of Community, and it is… Feb. 7 at 8 p.m. READ FULL STORY

Adult Swim orders full season of Dan Harmon's animated series

Community creator Dan Harmon is returning to TV: Adult Swim has given a 10-episode order to his animated series Rick and Morty, which revolves around the exploits of a gifted inventor and his not-so-gifted grandson. Harmon — the former Community showrunner who is also developing sitcoms at CBS and Fox — created the show with Justin Roiland (Disney Channel’s Fish Hooks). READ FULL STORY

Chevy Chase uses n-word on set of 'Community' while protesting character's racism

Chevy Chase plays a bigot on NBC’s cult fave sitcom Community, and he doesn’t think it’s very funny. Especially right now.

Production on the show’s fourth season was interrupted on Friday after the star lost his temper over material he found objectionable. Chase’s character, Pierce Hawthorne, is prone to saying outrageously insensitive statements. According to sources familiar with the situation, the actor has become increasingly uncomfortable with how Pierce expresses his unique brand of racism, and this frustration boiled over on Friday during an outburst in which Chase said the n-word while making a point about what Pierce might be asked to say next.

The incident was first reported by

It remains unclear how producers will address the matter. NBC and Sony, which produces the sitcom, have yet to issue comments.

This is not the first time Chase has had creative issues with Community’s creative direction. Tension between the actor and Community’s creator and ousted showrunner Dan Harmon turned ugly last year. In a recent interview with EW, Community’s new exec producers David Guarascio and Moses Port said they had a good working relationship with Chase.

The premiere date for the fourth season of Community remains to be determined.

'Community': 'Troy & Abed in the Morning' addresses the show's delay -- VIDEO

Six seasons and a movie? Sure, that’d be nice, but right now fans of Community are simply trying to find out when season 4 will finally air. There’s no word on that this morning, but NBC’s underdog comedy is addressing the delay of the premiere, originally scheduled for Oct. 19. It comes to you in the form of a “Troy & Abed in the Morning” segment, and features the whole cast in character. There are plenty of mind-expanding jokes about the date that is more than a spot on a calendar (“Whenever a kitten tries to crawl into a cardboard box on YouTube, that’s Oct. 19″), as well as playful jabs at the “illogical” scheduling decision and Crystal the Monkey’s other (fallen) show. Watch it below. And Happy Oct. 19! READ FULL STORY

'Community': New exec producers David Guarascio and Moses Port reveal season 4 details

You’ll now have to wait a little longer than Oct. 19 to see the season 4 premiere of NBC’s Community (not cool, not cool, not cool), but you don’t have to wait another minute to read all about the upcoming action from the new men in charge, executive producers David Guarascio and Moses Port. The two showrunners — who created the short-lived CW comedy Aliens in America, served as exec producers on Just Shoot Me, and most recently worked as consulting producers on ABC’s Happy Endings — have a considerable challenge ahead of them: Replace ousted Community creator/mad comedy scientist Dan Harmon at the helm of his ambitious, idiosyncratic, self-reflexive, and obsessed-over cult comedy. EW asked Guarascio and Port (pre-postponement) to share their thoughts on joining America’s favorite community-college-set show under tricky circumstances and discuss their plan for the fourth and possibly final season (which most definitely involves Inspector Spacetime.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Before taking this gig, how big of a Community fan were you, on a scale of one season to six seasons and a movie?
DAVID GUARASCIO: I would say four and a half seasons. I remember seeing the pilot and being like, “God, wow! This guy nailed it.” READ FULL STORY

NBC postpones season 4 premiere of 'Community'

Cancel your plans to cancel your plans for Friday, Oct. 19: NBC has decided to delay the season 4 premiere of Community. The season 2 debut of Whitney, which is also scheduled for that Friday night, will be postponed as well. The network has not indicated new return dates for the two comedies. READ FULL STORY

'Community': James Brolin to play Jeff Winger's dad in Thanksgiving episode -- EXCLUSIVE

Jeff Winger should have a Thanksgiving to remember this year on Community, because it also will double as a sort of Father’s Day. That’s right, Jeff (Joel McHale) will finally come face-to-face with his estranged dad, William Winger, and William will be played by… James Brolin. Community‘s producers tell EW that the Emmy winner (Marcus Welby, M.D., Hotel), spouse of Streisand, and father of Josh, will guest-star in the NBC comedy’s Thanksgiving-themed episode, titled “Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations.” In the episode, which airs in November, Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) hosts an awkward gathering at her place with the study group, while Jeff  winds up at the house of his father, whom he hasn’t seen since he was a kid, and a different kind of discomfort ensues.

Brolin has popped up in recent years on such shows as The Defenders and Psych. Community returns for a 13-episode fourth season on Oct. 19.

'Community': A 'Hunger Games' tribute in the season 4 premiere -- FIRST LOOK

Joel McHale knows what you’re thinking. “Fans will see these pictures and go, ‘Dammit, they’ve tried to make this show mainstream! They’re trying to steal the Two and a Half Men audience!’” quips the Community star who plays Jeff Winger. “They’re going to be like, ‘What — is this an episode of The Middle?’”

That’s about as likely as, say, Dean Pelton entering a room in low-key fashion. Despite the exit of series creator Dan Harmon and the changing of the guard, Community apparently will still strive to be weird, surprising, and… you know, Community. In the season 4 premiere (NBC, Oct. 19), you will be treated to a parody of — or shall we say, tribute to — The Hunger Games. When the Greendale student records seem to be lost, the Dean (Jim Rash) stages a Hunger Games-like competition to determine enrollment in a class called The History of Ice Cream. (Which raises the question: There’s actually a class at Greendale called The History of Ice Cream? “Ice cream is something that people eat every day and they probably don’t know its origin story,” deadpans McHale. “F— you and your elitist I-don’t-need-to-know-about-my-frozen-treats-and-where-they-came-from attitude.”) READ FULL STORY


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