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'Community': Are these season 3 pictures from a dream sequence or the craziest episode ever?

I can’t fathom how the following two promo pictures from Community‘s season premiere are connected. I’m going to go with dream sequence, but with this show, you never know.

At first glance, this photo of Joel McHale from the season premiere of Community seemed mildly inappropriate. (Or am I the only one with a filthy mind?) But upon closer inspection, the only implication being made by this interestingly positioned ax appears to be that Jeff is about to use it on someone. (Look at those crazy eyes!)

Meanwhile, Shirley, dressed in the shiniest ensemble I’ve seen since my evening on the Vegas strip, descending a randomly placed staircase in the middle of the study room. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

First James Spader 'The Office' promo -- VIDEO

Want to see James Spader match wits with Dwight Schrute on The Office?

That’s just one scene in this extended NBC fall comedy preview that’s going to be screening in movie theaters this weekend (hey, it definitely beats those ads). Aside from teasing The Office (could Craig Robinson be the new manager?), the first-online EW exclusive clip reel also includes moments from Parks & Recreation, a first look at John Goodman on Community, along with moments from new shows Up All Night starring Christina Applegate and Will Arnett, Free Agents with Hank Azaria, and Whitney starring Whitney Cummings. It’s all below here: READ FULL STORY

'Fringe,' 'Sons of Anarchy,' 'Castle,' 'Community': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Did you know the first 100 words of this column are the last 100 words I write every week? I say this for two reasons: 1) If you’ve ever noticed the coherency of this column increases as you work your way through it, you now know why. 2) You now also have an incentive to click to the second page of this column. (Yes! I’m paginated now! << I don’t know if that statement is the “Spoiler Room” speaking or yours truly. I’m going to say it’s the “room” since I, in fact, am not paginated.)

At any rate, take note of the little number “2” because it’s your path 2 more scoop. (See what I did there.) Hey, I warned you just one paragraph ago…

Remember to send scoop requests to (note to the two smooshed “r”s) and follow me on Twitter for more things that don’t make a lot of sense and a few things that do (like TV scoop!). @EWSandraG READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries,' 'Bones,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' 'NCIS,': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

It’s beginning to look a lot like fall TV time! And I’m so excited, I could scream! But that would be really awkward for the person in the office next to me, I imagine.

Instead, I’ll sit here and wait for your questions to pop up in the Spoiler Room inbox (

Clearly my brain is fried. So I’ll leave you to read. Remember to send in your inquiries and follow me on Twitter for more awkward thoughts (and maybe some scoop): @EWSandraG.


We wouldn’t wish suffering on anyone… except for maybe The Vampire Diaries’ Matt Donovan. But that’s only because actor Zach Roerig guts us when he gets teary. TVD exec producer Julie Plec almost got our eyes wet describing how Matt will figure into the season 3 story line that has Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) seeing the ghosts of his dead exes — including Matt’s late sister Vicki (Kayla Ewell). READ FULL STORY

More 'Community' bloopers from season 2, featuring booger checks and Betty White

Last week, we treated you to a batch of bloopers from season 2 of Community. This week? We’re totally pulling a last week on you. That’s right, here is a second reel of gaffes, goofs, and good cheer from the NBC comedy’s second season DVD (out Sept. 6) that screened last weekend at Comic-Con. If you’ve ever wanted to see Chevy Chase (Pierce) struggle to explain something technical to Donald Glover (Troy), Danny Pudi (Abed) give Gillian Jacobs (Britta) a nostril examination, and guest-star Betty White use the term “closet cougar,” then you have oddly specific wishes that we just might able to fulfill. So hit that play button!


John Goodman joins 'Community' for six-episode arc

Give a big Greendale welcome to John Goodman: The Roseanne vet has enrolled in Community for a six-episode guest stint, EW has confirmed. (Vulture first reported the news.) Goodman will play Vice Dean Laybourne, a distinguished, confident administrator who runs the school of Air Conditioning Repair at Greendale Community College — and one who locks horns with Dean Pelton (Jim Rash). At Comic-Con this weekend, the NBC comedy announced that Michael K. Williams (The Wire) will guest star in three episodes as Prof. Kane, a new biology teacher who clashes with Jeff (Joel McHale). Both Goodman and Williams appear in the season 3 premiere, which airs Sept. 22.

Comic-Con 2011: Forget the 'Glee' cast. Guess who's graduating on 'Community'?

Community creator Dan Harmon made it clear during today’s panel at Comic-Con: Jeff Winger will be graduating. “There is a four-year story happening that we promised in the pilot,” Winger said. “Joel McHale’s character is there to get his degree. He either has to get that or not. We want the show to last forever, but we need to respect it. He’s got to get his degree and complete his journey.”

So how would Community survive after graduation? Harmon mentioned the key will be learning who the characters are outside of school. “We need to meet their families before the end of season 4 because what if we need the show to go on forever? We need to know these people are.”

Other panel highlights after the jump: READ FULL STORY

Sneak a peek at 'Community' bloopers from the season 2 DVD -- VIDEO EXCLUSIVE


The last thing you want to do in the middle of summer is to think about school. Unless, of course, that school is Greendale Community College. Then you want to think about it a lot. Let us gather for today’s lecture about the NBC comedy Community, titled “Bloopers and Blunders: Failing Is Funny.” Your instructors include but are not limited to: Donald Glover (Troy) and Danny Pudi (Abed), who sample a questionable liquid from a Troy and Abed in the Morning mug; Alison Brie (Annie) and Chevy Chase (Pierce), who show you how to beat up a beat; and Jim Rash (Dean Pelton), who demonstrates the art of a buzzy entrance.

More bloopers — along with deleted scenes, commentary tracks, and a paintball finale featurette — can be found on Community: The Complete Second Season DVD, which is being released on Sept. 6. If you prefer to laugh up close and personal with the cast, head down to Comic-Con on Saturday, when Joel McHale & Co. will appear on a panel. Watch the blooper clip below.
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'Haven,' 'True Blood,' 'The Big C,' 'Leverage': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Vacation = over. But I’m not weeping. All it means is that I’m back at work and so are your favorite shows, which means you can expect a slow, but steady, leak of scoop for the return of many fall shows!

So enjoy this mix of scoop on summer faves and a few bits on the fall slate! If you have a specific scoop request, question, musing, nerdy thought, or even a follow-up scoop question, send an email to or Tweet me @EWSandraG.

See you next week!!


'Community' creator Dan Harmon on tonight's finale and big changes in season 3. Plus, how he's taking a cue from 'The Hangover'


Image Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Tonight, with the second part of the
two-part Community finale, NBC proved that it really is "More Colorful" as the members of our favorite study group painted Greendale Community every shade of the spectrum. Tonight's episode capped off a sophomore season filled with stunt guest appearances, too many meta gags to count, and an epic episode that began as a Pulp Fiction spoof but morphed into an homage to My Dinner with Andre. In a chat with EW, creator Dan Harmon recaps the madness/genius of the season and teases what's in store for one of network TV's most fearless comedies. [SPOILER ALERT]

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY So you ended the season with a bit of a cliffhanger, as to whether Pierce will come back. There’s been a lot of Pierce drama this year—were you building up to that moment all season?
For the last two seasons, with a few rare exceptions, I’ve never really planned anything more than six episodes in advance because I just was never confident enough to do so. In TV, you’re always roughly six weeks ahead of the all-important experience of watching the show along with the audience. It wasn’t until the paintball episodes that we actually talked about ending the story in that particular way.

Will season 3 begin by addressing his return? READ FULL STORY

'Community' scoop: Watch Joel McHale and Donald Glover butt heads from tonight's season finale -- VIDEO

You know what they say: It paint over ‘til it’s over. Well, tonight… it’s over. In just a few short hours — at the stroke of 8:00 p.m. ET — NBC’s Community will unveil the conclusion to its two-part paintball season finale. Who will emerge victorious? Who will get splattered? And who will get to the bottom of this ice cream company conspiracy? (Pistol Patty, you looked tasty, but I never trusted you.) Last week, we saw Josh Holloway’s Black Rider shake up the game before getting Pierced. This week, according to series creator Dan Harmon, “the Western motif falls away and an out-and-out war happens. There’s a kind of an epic, wartime, band-of-rebels-against-a-larger-force Star Wars feel to the second one.” All right, enough wordballs. Time for paintballs. Click below to see Jeff and Troy argue over the master plan, take notice of a few folks in the background of the photo above (Cougar crossover!), and then lock in your prediction: How does it all end tonight?  READ FULL STORY

'Community': Guest star Josh Holloway and creator Dan Harmon on the paintball season finale

Slap on some goggles and peer out cautiously from behind the corner: It’s almost time for Paintball: The Sequel! A year after Community’s splendid splatterfest “Modern Warfare,” the NBC comedy aims to outdo itself with a two-part season finale (airing May 5 and 12). The first half, titled “A Fist Full of Paintballs,” features a special guest star, Lost’s Josh Holloway, who plays a “mysterious, serious” paintball player named Black Rider. Holloway and series creator Dan Harmon spoke with EW about the big game. READ FULL STORY

'Criminal Minds,' 'Supernatural,' 'Castle,' 'NCIS: LA': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room


Lords and ladies of the Royal Spoiler court, your TV scooper has taken a break from her shameless obsession with the Royal Wedding to bring you a spot of TV scoop fit for Royals and commoners alike.

Quick programming note to all the lovely readers who contacted me thinking I was dead/injured/buried alive on Tuesday when you were hoping for a Spoiler Room: We are on summer schedule, meaning you’ll get the column once a week until fall season. But perhaps I’ll pop in on some Tuesdays with special treats (“perhaps” = “of course!”). And as always, keep a close eye on ITV for daily scoopage.

On to the fun! As always, you great people can send your questions to and @EWSandraG on Twitter. See you next week!


With some key cast members of Criminal Minds still without contracts for next season (i.e., Shemar Moore and the beloved Thomas Gibson), exec producer Erica Messer has penned a cliffhanger for the May 18 finale that will nod to the team’s shaky future — but not with guns and explosions. It will tackle the financial realities of crime fighting — and possible cutbacks in BAU. “It’s a more authentic version of ‘Our team is in jeopardy,’ ” she says. “This instead is, ‘There could be big trouble here, hopefully not,’ but we need to at least acknowledge that it’s on the horizon.” READ FULL STORY


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