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'Criminal Minds' sneak peek: Shirtless Morgan gets put on doggie duty -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Criminal Minds is showing us a new side of Derek Morgan in this exclusive clip from tonight’s new episode — and no, we’re not talking about his shirtless torso. We’re referencing the first peek at Derek Morgan: Attentive boyfriend.

“It’s about time!” jokes Shemar Moore of the introduction of Morgan’s previously mentioned — but never seen — new girlfriend Savannah, played by Rochelle Aytes of Mistresses. “I joke all the time that Derek’s the most sexually repressed character on TV.”

Not anymore, though. And Moore says he’s more than happy to explore that side of the often intense character. “Over the last eight seasons, you’ve learned about Morgan’s family and childhood, but nothing about the romantic side of him. Now, we get to see another side of Morgan.”

Moore says they hope to have Aytes back before the end of the season, but “there’s no need to plan a wedding or anything as we’ve only been dating a few months.”

Take a look at a clip below!

'Criminal Minds' surprise: Paget Brewster to return in 200th episode

Emily Prentiss is coming back to the BAU…for one (very special) episode.

CBS announced today that former Criminal Minds star Paget Brewster, who exited the series last year, will return for a guest appearance in the show’s upcoming 200th episode.

“Our 200th episode is going to be a special show,” executive producer Erica Messer said in a release. “We can’t imagine telling this story without Paget being present.”

As previously reported, the milestone hour takes a glimpse into the past and sheds light onto what happened to JJ Jareau (A.J. Cook) during her year away from the BAU. It will also prove valuable in the team’s efforts to solve a present day case.

The episode will air later this season.

'NCIS,' 'Supernatural,' 'NCIS: LA,' 'Sons of Anarchy': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Howdy, Roomies!

It’s that time of the week again. Excited? You should be! I am. I’ve also had a lot of caffeine this week while covering the Television Critics Association press tour with my colleagues, so … this should be interesting.

As always, send your questions to

I hear ya, NCIS fans. The departure of Cote de Pablo is an unfortunate turn of events, to say the least. NCIS EP Gary Glasberg was “saddened” by the situation, too, telling me earlier this week during CBS’ annual bash for television critics that “it’s the last thing we planned on.” That said, he promised, “At the end of the day, I’m really happy with what we came up with. Everyone has to watch the first two episodes.”

Why? Well, for one, he teased, the episodes were completely reworked in order to accommodate this curve ball. “I literally had to lock myself away and everything I was planning on had to be blown out and I had to start all over again,” he says of the news, which came after plans for the season had already begun. “Again, it’s not what we had hoped for. This family — this NCIS family that exists between [the characters] — is so special and so unique, and this was Cote’s decision and we have to respect that … but some really fantastic work is going to come out of what occurred. We have some really terrific stuff planned for the year.”

So what ARE those plans? For one, Ziva will be “prominent” in the second episode of the season and “it’s a really touching, emotional story and I promise the viewers will not be disappointed — especially the Tiva fans, as we say. I hope it’s everything they want it to be.”

He adds: “I want some of it to be a surprise, but I think people will be pleased at the end of the day with where it’s left both emotionally and psychologically — and not only for Tony, but Gibbs, Abby, and everybody. That’s a big part of what I was taking into consideration — really understanding how the people and the fans are so connected to our characters. You really have to honor that.”

Who’s already crying?

'Grimm,' 'Criminal Minds,' 'Teen Wolf,' 'Downton Abbey': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Happy early Fourth of July, friends.

It’s that time of the week again! But before you dive in, a reminder to keep sending in those questions. ( Also, watch my Twitter for some fun announcements about a few Comic-Con panels I’ll be moderating this year and for more on EW’s overall plans for the four-day festival of frantic fun.  READ FULL STORY

'Criminal Minds' season finale: Hotch and Beth's reunion interrupted by [spoiler] -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

All season long, Criminal Minds has been teasing the arrival of The Replicator, and this Wednesday on the two-hour season finale, we’ll finally be able to put a face to the name. But first, the Hotchner brothers are going to find themselves dealing with a tricky situation.

As you can see in this exclusive preview from the episode, Hotchner is called away from a seemingly lovely reunion with Beth (guest star Bellamy Young of Scandal) after receiving an urgent call from his younger brother, Sean, who may have gotten himself mixed up in a crime. (Per the episode description, Sean’s predicament will likely tie into a string of ecstasy-related deaths.)

Watch that below: READ FULL STORY

'Criminal Minds' preview: Shemar Moore on revisiting Morgan's past

It’s been six years since Criminal Minds viewers first delved into Morgan’s dark past as a victim of sexual abuse, and in tonight’s episode, he’s forced to face it once again.

In “Restoration,” the BAU finds itself in Morgan’s old Chicago neighborhood on the trail of an unsub who is targeting middle-aged men and may have a connection to Carl Buford, the man who molested Morgan as a child. “I am proud of [the episode] as far as what I got to do as an actor but I’m more proud of what the [episode] represents — the subject matter and…just the delicacy of what we were portraying,” Shemar Moore says. READ FULL STORY

'Criminal Minds' preview: Ken Olin turns to Hotch and Co. for help -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

On this week’s Criminal Minds, Hotch and Co. will head to the eastern shore of Maryland where a father (Ken Olin) needs the team’s help to search for his two teenage daughters. The twist in this tale? The girls’ mother went missing exactly a year before.

“The idea is what’s going on with the father? Is he a serial offender or is he the unluckiest man on the planet and the victim of a serial offender?” executive producer Erica Messer says of the episode, which she wrote and was also the first episode of the show to be directed by star Thomas Gibson, who Messer says “rose to the occasion” on his first outing.

“I think it was great for Thomas who’s, obviously, been with us from day one, to sit in the meetings we sit in 24 times a year to make these episodes and to really see the behind the scenes,” says Messer of Gibson, who previously directed two episodes of his previous show, Dharma & Greg. “Of course he’s seen it for 180 episodes on this series and on others, but it’s a totally different thing to be in that seat where, as a director, you’re responsible for every single thing on that screen. That means there’s a lot of questions on your way and a lot of responsibility and a lot riding on your decisions and choices.” READ FULL STORY

'Bones,' 'Criminal Minds,' 'Office,' 'New Girl,' 'Supernatural': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

I sometimes forget to stop and think about the weirdness that is the Spoiler Room photo blend. I mean, how hilarious/weird/awesome would it be if Dwight, Morgan, and Brennan were on the same show? I mean…wow.

Sorry, can you tell I just got off a Red Eye?

Anyway, enjoy your scoops below, and keep sending questions. I like questions — they give me the same feeling that I got whenever I’d get mail as a kid. That was pretty much euphoria, right?

CBS defends 'Criminal Minds' against violence slam


CBS defended its oft-criticized gory crime drama Criminal Minds in the wake of the recent school shooting in Connecticut.

Talking to a huddle of reporters at the network’s press tour session in Pasadena on Saturday, CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler was asked about violent content on the long-running show. Specifically, one reporter referenced NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt saying last weekendCriminal Minds is worse than [Showtime's] Dexter ever was” in terms of violence.

“It’s a much-maligned show,” Tassler said of Minds. “I happen to enjoy the show. It’s not for everybody. It’s an adult show. It’s a suspense thriller. And within that it’s also a character crime procedural. It’s given an appropriate rating. I don’t let my [14-year-old] kid watch it. I do. It’s a genre show … I think we’re making a huge mistake — and I’d say it to Bob to his face — to let any of the [violence] conversation devolve into ‘my show vs. your show.’ This is a much bigger issue.” READ FULL STORY

'Criminal Minds' star Matthew Gray Gubler previews tonight's episode: Viewers will see Reid 'in a way you’ve never seen before'

Tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds marks the fourth time star Matthew Gray Gubler has stepped behind the camera for the show — and he’s happy to report that these days, he’s quite comfortable sitting in the director’s chair.

“It sounds like I’m cocky — I’m not a cocky fella — but they’ve all been really easy in that I like directing and I know what I’m doing, so it’s great,” says Gubler.

And he enjoys the process even more when in the chance to do something unique with his episode — as he did in this one, which features the team on the tail of a killer with strange “ritualistic” tendencies. “The ones before have been off the beaten path and worked. So [this time] we had even more opportunity to be unique, which made it fun,” says Gubler, who will direct another episode later this season. READ FULL STORY

'Pretty Little Liars,' 'Supernatural,' 'Scandal,' 'Sons of Anarchy,' 'Grey's Anatomy': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Hope your holidays are filled with glee (and Glee?) so far, Roomies.

Thanks as always for your great questions and keep ‘em coming! ( And while you do that, I’ll continue working on my application to be the Royal Nanny. #dreams


'Criminal Minds' boss teases emotional Rossi episode and [spoiler!]'s return

Bones isn’t the only one putting the spotlight on veterans this November.

On next week’s episode of Criminal Minds, Joe Mantegna’s Rossi is going to take centerstage in an episode that will find Rossi reconnecting with someone from his military past and will flash back to his days in Vietnam. “[We tell] the origin story of Rossi — not as an FBI profiler — but as the man we know today,” says executive producer Erica Messer of the episode. “It’s a special episode for Joe. He’s been asking us to do a story on homeless veterans, and we’ve never had the real estate to do it [until now].”

Finding moments of lightness — and touching stories — under the blanket of grizzly murder cases is not always easy, but Messer says revels in the opportunities. Case in point: In tonight’s episode, resident genius Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) steps out of his comfort zone to help Morgan (Shemar Moore) after the FBI’s softball team finds itself one man down. (Hint: He’s recruited as a bench-warmer but likely won’t stay one…) “Any time we can do those moments, I love it,” she says. “And the cast enjoys it too because it’s not a regular thing for us.”

What’s more common is seeing the team take on the country’s most gruesome foes. And yes, there’s plenty of that coming up, too. (Who ordered the bus full of high school-aged hostages? That one airs right before Thanksgiving.)

But the biggest burning question among fans as of late: When will the Replicator, who made his debut in the season premiere, make another appearance? Messer reports: “You’ll see him sprinkled until episode 16, but when that one rolls around, it’s game on.”

More immediately, look for another unmasking to happen soon: As EW told you earlier this week, there will be major reveals about Reid’s mysterious lady friend before the end of the calendar year — and that includes her true identity.

Read more Criminal Minds scoop here.

‘Criminal Minds': Michelle Trachtenberg stalks guest role — EXCLUSIVE
‘X Factor,’ ‘Criminal Minds’ scare up wins on Halloween

'Castle,' 'Criminal Minds,' 'American Horror Story,' 'Arrow': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

It is trying times for some here on the east coast, but as many have said much more eloquently this week, we soldier on.

Here’s some scoop. I hope it makes you smile no matter where you live.

Castle is doing its first Christmas episode! And while I was chatting with executive producer Andrew Marlowe about Castle’s slate of November episodes, I made sure to ask him about this hotly anticipated hour, which will be the show’s last new episode of 2012 (aka: midseason finale).

Per the boss, the “charming and heartfelt” episode will chronicle Castle and Beckett’s first Christmas as a couple. “We’ll see the pressures of that and what each of their personal traditions are and how those might clash — and complement each other,” says Marlowe. Meanwhile, fans to see Christmas through the eyes of lots of our precinct faves. “[We’ll see] what Esposito is doing for Christmas, what Lainey is doing for Christmas — and what they may or may not be doing together, and Ryan is having a little Christmas crisis of his own,” he says.

There’s also a Santa falling from the sky (Marlowe jokes that we should not to watch with Santa-loving children “unless you want to have to explain some stuff”) and a gift exchange to remember. Oh, and those of you claiming it’s time for the Ryan family to expand? “We certainly plant some seeds about that in the Christmas episode,” he teases.

You learned earlier today that Michelle Trachtenberg is going to go crazy on Criminal Minds! (You’re welcome.) But what I’m sure especially caught your eye was the tidbit where I told you that the episode would delve deep into Reid’s mystery woman. An additional nugget? It’s one of TWO upcoming episodes that will introduce us to this yet-unseen woman a bit more. (The identity of the actress is still a technical secret, but I can tell you that I have seen correct guesses.)

Executive producer Erica Messer tells me that episode 10 and 12 — the latter has Trachtenberg — will both inform audiences about who this woman is and show us a bit more of her unique relationship with Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). (Also, she will be unmasked!) “Episodes 10 and 12 are the really big ones for [audiences] to see this character who we all know and love actually feel emotion for another person in a way that is not typical of him,” she says. “I think what we’ve all promised you guys is that it’s not going to be a typical love story or anything we’ve seen on this show. And I think Matthew would argue that you haven’t seen a story like this at all.”

In both episodes, she adds, the show will follow up in the information audiences learned in episode 4 — that the mysterious character is “running from someone and something.” And naturally, Messer teases, “her journey collides with the team.”


Guys, I just can’t with AHS. I mean, I can. I do. I watch. I love. But last week almost made me sick.

Luckily, there’s a little less gross-out in the next two episodes and a lot of developments. (Mind you, there are still some gross-out moments.) For a taste of what’s to come: Who’s up for a game?

+ This week, [character] will [spoiler] with [character] in the kitchen.
+ Did we know that [character] knows about [character]’s evil deeds? I don’t think we did…
+ [Character] is going to try to [spoiler] [character]!! [Her or she] might succeed…
+ Two patients will be outside Briarcliff’s walls sooner than we think. But there’s a twist…
+ As EW told you first, this week, you’ll be introduced to a character named Anne Frank (Franka Potente). (Don’t scoff, watch.) Along with making crazy accusations about [character], she’ll have [character] questioning [his or her] sanity.


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